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About Us

RAINMAKERS BUSINESS SOLUTIONS is lead by RBC CANADIAN WOMEN ENTREPRENEUR AWARD nominee Jackie Rainforth, an experienced & certified training facilitator who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business & Communication. She has been successful in corporate sales positions, leadership & business development management and was also the owner/operator of successful owner of a highly successful Sales Agency.  The team she trained are still some of the most sought after Sales People in the Industry.

Being a Sales Superstar at every company ever worked at, having managed and been responsible for results, not only as a Business Owner, but in a number of Sales Management and Executive Management positions, the last being  Director of Sales & Marketing.  We understand what it’s like to be under the gun in meeting targets, cultivating a positive culture, improving your customer experience and differentiating yourselves. We have been down a similar path and can help you elevate your company to the next level. Let RAINMAKERS help you get to where you want to be!

How We Got Started

“After a near death experience scuba diving in 2016, my world changed. After spending three days in critical condition at the hospital and six weeks in recovery, I had a lot of time to reflect. I realized the universe had given me a second chance to do something more meaningful with my life! In looking back on my incredible career, I realized my passion was training and mentoring others – helping others succeed and helping them get to the next level. I experience real joy when I see people grow, achieve new milestones and reach success levels they never thought possible! I’m now sharing my passion, knowledge and real-life career experience, as well as the secrets to my success, to help you, your employees and your company become more successful and profitable in business and in life!  “
                                                                                                                                Jackie Rainforth

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