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At RAINMAKERS BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, we believe it’s not just the responsibility of the sales departments to increase sales. From the receptionist answering the phone through to warehouse and delivery, everyone has a role in the customer experience.

  • Our courses foster the importance of everyone understanding their responsibility towards the bottom line.
  • We teach that a customer has numerous touch points within the purchasing process – each interaction is an opportunity for employees to be ‘selling’ the brand and the values of your company.
  • We know that each interaction is imperative in building and reinforcing the client relationship, and in turn is essential for gaining repeat, referral and long term clients.

Employees are the heart of your company. Engage, inspire, support and challenge them through training so they may thrive, elevating themselves and the company to a higher level!


All of our soft skills courses are customized to focus on improving customer service and bringing value to your clients, in turn improving your organization’s bottom line.


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