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At RAINMAKERS BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, we believe it’s not just the responsibility of the sales departments to increase sales. Everyone in an organization, from the receptionist answering the phone through to warehouse and delivery, has a role in the customer experience. The following companies have benefited from our course training and increased their bottom lines, enhanced their company culture or experienced improve passion and engagement in their workplaces!  Working with Rainmakers has resulted in people enjoying their jobs and being part of the team!

Wendy Going

Wendy Going

Partner & General Manager / TimberTech Truss

“Jackie’s experience and passion for assisting others is an  incredibly powerful trait that she brings to the table at every session.

Her level of professionalism and attention to our corporate objectives provides Timber Tech with quality professional development for our team.”

Rose-ann Normandeau

Rose-ann Normandeau

President / Normandeau Window Coverings

“Jackie has been working with myself and our employees to refine the sales process in our company. Her insight is outstanding! The programs she has presented were customized and relevant to our industry. She took the time to get to know our challenges and came up with solutions that met our needs. We would highly recommend her to any company that requires help to increase their sales.”

Val Ormshaw

Val Ormshaw

Designer Sales / Canyon Plumbing & Heating

Jackie’s enthusiasm for the products and the company’s she represents is contagious. She has the knowledge and passion to make you a believer. As a leader Jackie has an innate ability to motivate those around her. Her upbeat approach to work and life in general is inspiring.

Jill MacTavish

Jill MacTavish

Director of Sales / Amico Stone Supply Ltd.

“It is said that we are the sum of the five people we spend the most time with. In my life journey, I have been blessed in having Jackie Rainforth as one of my five people to provide council and wisdom toward my professional growth and development. Her passion, dedication, and drive for excellence in training and mentoring has elevated my career to another level. A true and wise friend.
Thank you Jackie.”

Jeff Rust

Jeff Rust

Vice President / Hopewell Multi

“Jackie’s consistent ability to elevate those organizations she is involved with in the areas of sales representation has always been amazing,  I liken it to bringing them out of the stone age and into the modern era”

Jared Bonnett

Jared Bonnett

Associate Partner / Equipco Ltd.

Jackie has remained a mentor of mine throughout my career.  I have recently grown into a management and partnership position within my company where I’ve successfully adopted many of the managerial attributes I witnessed first hand working direct for her.  Her sales training is a unique, modern approach to selling, versus the old ‘canned speech’ training found elsewhere.  It is realistic and easy to incorporate, creating successful results because you come across as being genuine and bringing value to your customer.

Udo Evasmus

Udo Evasmus

Life Body Mood Mind Health Writter

Excellent delivery! Helpful and informative! A practical program!!

Jessica Lo Russo

Jessica Lo Russo

Powered Profit Education Management

Jackie is an informed and powerful speaker that knows her stuff!  If you need relationship building, selling or personality profiling, you will be amazed with Jackie’s presentations.  

Jackie is an informed and powerful speaker that knows her stuff!  If you need relationship building, selling or personality profiling, you will be amazed with Jackie’s presentations.

Shawn Huelin

Shawn Huelin


I have seen a lot of personality profiles before.  By far Jackie’s explanation and delivery was the clear and the most straight forward!  I am so looking forward to seeing Jackie present again!

Ron Finlay

Ron Finlay

Perpetual Rhythms

People spend a lot of time at work.  If it is toxic, they bring that home which affects their family.  Your course ‘Toxic Takedown’ fixes the problem at the source.  This will translate into a better family life, which is invaluabe.  I recommend your program to companies large and small.

Danielle Rondeau

Danielle Rondeau

Soul Writer

Having a cancer in your Organization”  – great – powerful!!

I appreciated hearing Jackie speak about toxic work envioronments.  She was engaging and the activities were both informative and fun!

Senator Mobina Jaffer

Senator Mobina Jaffer


Jackie came across as very sincere and wanting to help remove toxicity from the work environment. 

A very strong and clear message.



Artist &Writer

Jackie is passionate about making your workplace a productive place by removing toxic behaviours and using a great system that helps you understand how different personalities affect staff and the team.  Highly recommend!!



Real Estate Consultant

Jackie knows her topic, and appears to be really experienced.  Her Colours Profiling Assessment is well explained, and it works!  I can clearly see how personality profiling improves productivity and bottom lines.  I’m looking forward to the next  4 sessions.  I highly recommend this course. 



Genesis Builders Group

Jackie did ‘True Colors® Team Building & Leadership’ with our Executive Team.  She customized the content specifically for our needs and hit the nail on the head after I spoke with her about what we wanted to achieve!  It was definitely worth the time spent on this course!  The course was intuitive and rewarding, and helpful both personally and professionally.Jackie is amazing! And super fun too!



Understanding myself and others better combined with having the tools to improve my selling based on different personalities, using ‘I understand’ to quickly and easily overcome objections, and using ‘which means’ to really seal the deal in selling were my 3 big takeaways.

I think the biggest impact on my career was understanding the buying cycle.  Learning to stay away from ‘price’ conversation until I have met the other steps in the buying cycle was really profound for me!

The 2 days spent with Jackie were well planned and focused on great sales training!  The training was informative, interactive and fun!



Focusing on using the tools from ‘Colors’ to identify customer needs, and tailor my approach and the sales process to their ‘Color Profile’ was fabulous!  Learning how to easily overcome objections and using ‘which means’ will build real ‘value’ as I move forward!

Using the ‘Color Profiling’ to improve my sales and my relationship combined with the above takeaways will have the biggest impact on my career and my life!

I thought the Training was GREAT!!   I like that you reviewed things several times to ensure we understood and got it ‘into our brains’ was excellent!  Loved the thorough explanations!  It was easy to understand and retain!  Thank you Jackie!



Overcoming Fear and Overcoming Objections were big ones for me!  Being clear on how to differentiate ourselves and the Company, and creating a Value Proposition for myself and Hunter Douglas were things I really appreciated.   Creating opportunities, looking and seeing the opportunities will have a big impact on my career moving forward.  I will be much better prepared and am much more confident in asking for the close.

I really liked the interactive role play; overcoming objections, elevator speech and creating a picture for the client.  I feel like I am much better prepared for those real-life situations after taking these courses.

Allison McGee


Using ‘trial close’ statements to easily close was something I had never done.  Identifying the need with open ended statements and learning how to sell better using the Colors was terrific!  I will use those moving forward. Make and do ‘10% more’ to get 10x the results a great takeaway which I will implement right away!  Such awesome information in your presentation!

Margo Trofimenkoff


“Which means” to find the emotional need, “I understand” to easily overcome objections, and ‘The steps of a sale’ were my 3 biggest takeaways.  The concept that being persistent in follow up is not the same as being pushy will have a big impact on my career.

There was a vast scope and amount of very good information presented in the two sessions that will assist me in Selling better!



I enjoyed learning more about how we can use ‘words to add higher impact and increase persuasion’ to our sales presentation, the numerous unique and different ideas for closing, and how you can ‘change your mindset to change your results’.  

Color Profiling (and the tools for selling better with faster results), ‘which means’ (an easy way to meet the deeper emotional need) and how becoming a ‘Consultative’ Sales Person will have the biggest impact on my career! 

The Seminars were a great time spent on self-evaluating, and understanding how the sales process can be done simpler, more smoothly and more professionally. 


Financial Advisor

Jackie did a great job.  I would highly recommend her to my business associates and friends who are dealing with conflict issues in the work place.  Great job!  Keep up the good work!!

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