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How to Overcome The Challenges That Are Holding Your Sales Team Back from being High Performance Superstars!

A comprehensive course that includes the basics skills of selling.  You would be surprised how many sales people are missing or are weak in the basic skills!  

-Significant focus on Prospecting, Determining the Deeper Need, Overcoming Objections, Trial Closing and Closing. (See Testimonials for participant ‘top takeaways’ & ‘biggest impact on career’ after taking Sales Excellence)

-This course  makes sure that the basics are well understood, and includes SUPERSTAR SELLING TIPS & SECRETS® including buying signs and signals to make your team the Selling Superstars you need them to be!

-Highly interactive with significant role play to improve confidence, fluidity, comfort and experience!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     – Personality Profiling is used to help participants understand themselves and others better (improve their Soft Skills), plus the added bonus of providing the tools to delve deeper, sell better, and achieve faster results!

  • In 2014, Millennials comprised 36% of the workforce. By 2025, they will make up 75%!      
  • 33% of Employees are engaged at work – an all time low!
  • 60% of Millennials rank ‘Learning & Development’ by their Employer as a top priority! 
  • Inspire, Engage & Motivate through Learning & Development!
  • Stay ahead of this emerging demographic shift so you can improve you retention levels, reduce hiring costs, and attract the BEST of the BEST talent from this highly influential demographic group!  

-This course will begin their path to becoming SELLING SUPERSTARS, and you can stop agonizing and losing sleep over poor KPI’s and meeting targets!  

(Part I of our 5-PART ‘SUPERSTAR SELLING’ SYSTEM® can be taken individually or as part of the SYSTEM).

(*Statistics  from GALLUP)

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Selling has Changed!  Stay Current & Ahead of the Curve!  Sell Better & Achieve Faster Results!

-Participants take the foundation of selling basics from Module I Sales Excellence and expand their skillset, mindset and understanding even further with the addition of how the Selling Landscape has dramatically changed.

-We have shifted into “The Age of “Excellence”!    Customer expectations, skeptisism, fear, and brand loyalty have dramatically changed. Participants learn how the market has changed, and gain the essential skillset required to better meet these new and necessary requisites!

-Competition is more fierce than ever! Being good, just isn’t good enough anymore!  Learn how to excel and be the best!

Discover simple, more natural sales techniques, proven to help drive bigger and faster results.

-Understand  how the mindset of “Being Your Own CEO’ can totally shift your selling results!

-Customers need to know you, like you and trust you before they will buy from you!    Building trust is a key skill as we move into this new era.   

  • It now takes 4.6 calls/interactions/meetings to make  a sale today!  Versus 2 or 3 in the past. 
  • 62% of Emploers are shifting their focus to soft skills.                                                                                    

Expand soft skills to maximize the ability to:

  •  Build Trust & Rapport 
  • Active Listening
  • Emotional Control 
  • Collaboration and Teamwork
  • Improve Communication,
  • Interpersonal Skills,
  • How to handle disputes and difficult situaitons,
  • Build rapport,
  • Problem solve,
  • Decision Making Ability
  • Reading People 

Learn how to negotiate to create a win/win.

-How to ask Strategic Questions.

-Do a SWOT Analysis to properly position product and services.

Benefits of Consultatative Selling, &

-A deeper more thorough look into Customer Service

This course will elevate your Team and your Organization to the next level!  Don’t feel like you are behind the pack… have a more confident and competent SALES TEAM and exceed those Organizational targets and Objectives that once caused you to stress and worry, and instead bask in the limelight of Success!

(Part II of our 5-PART ‘SELLING SUPERSTARS’ SALES SYSTEM® can be taken individually or as part of the SYSTEM).

(*Results Brian Tracy / Harvard) HBR)

More Info on SELLING made SIMPLE’® : Click Here


Take Your Sales Team from Adequate to Exceptional & WOW Your Customers!

-A highly interactive class focused on role play so that the toughest parts of the Selling Presentation become more natural and fluid with real world application.

-Participants will create, present, and practise their presentation skills. 

-Areas of Development; Effective & Impactful Introduction, Solution Based Features & Benefits, Easily Overcome Objections, Trial Closing & Simply Asking for the Sale. 

-Videotaping the participants is a key element of growth and development in this course.  It will take your Sales Team from Adequate to Exceptional! 

-No longer will you cringe with embarrassment or criticism due to a poorly done presentation, because your team will now have the polish & pizzazz to out present them all!

(Part III of our 5-PART ‘SUPERSTAR SELLING’ SYSTEM® can be taken individually or as part of the 5-PART SYSTEM).

More Info on LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION! : Click Here


Technology Has Changed Selling!  Gain a Competitive Advantage!                 

-Selling has dramatically changed with explosion of Technology! 

-Take advantage of Innovation by learning how to expand your reach, the importance of ‘Building an On-Line Personal Brand & Presence’, and how to maximize your Sales and Exposure through Social Selling. 

-Understand what it is and why you and your staff need to get on line to click, call and connect, and how to take advantage of the significant new opportunities that are becoming available on-line!   

-It is out of the box thinking that will drive High Performance Results!  Stay ahead of the pack by jumping into this new and emerging market!  

-Outpace and outperform your competition and gain the Competitive Advantage you have been looking for!  Instead of dreading your monthly, quarterly and yearly Sales results, look forward to seeing those numbers and boastfully explaining your phenomenal success!!                                                                                                               

(Part IV of our 5-PART ‘SUPERSTARSELLING’ SYSTEM® can be taken individually or as part of the 5-PART SYSTEM).



Be Stronger, Better!  Understand Yourself & Others to Become Unstoppable!

-Based on Neuroscience and Psychology, participants look for the things that are potentially holding them back from being the best they can possibly be!

-With a deeper look at Personal Needs, Values and what drives our Behaviour, learn the importance of Emotional Intelligence, Resiliency, Soft Skills and Civility in the Work Place.  

-Understand Triggers and ‘Out of Esteem’ behaviour that show up when people are  frustrated, stressed, anxious or overwhelmed, and more importantly the reasoning behind repeated Bbhaviours and the tools required to create stronger relationships.   

-With a focus on the Participant, this module has a significant emphasis on creating more Collaborative Coworkers, Team Members and Sales People! 

-Have the Team of Your Dreams with less drama, conflict and disputes! 

-Keep your Superstars and gain a reputation for being an Organization that attracts and hires the Best of the  Best!


You Don’t Have to Be the Captain of the Ship!!

-Leadership isn’t about title.  Anyone can be a leader. 

-As the Baby Boomers retire, Millennials now dominate the Business Landscape as the largest Generational Group in the Workplace. 

-They are looking for Organizations to invest, engage, challenge and inspire them through Personal Learning and Development, while demanding flatter, more participatory and collaborative organizations.

-Statistics show the average person stays in a job 2.6 years (Gallup), and that it will continue to be more and more difficult to find suitable candidates to fill jobs as this significant generational shift takes place. 

-Increase your retention levels, have happier, more content, engaged and dedicated employees, while maximizeing your Organizational succession options by providing the basics of Leadership Training to everyone on your Team!

-Invest now in making your future easier by keeping employment costs and future stress levels down, while driving profitability and retention levels up. 

-Become a Legacy Leader (a Leader that Everyone Loves!) by meeting the needs of your staff while preparing the organization for future Success!!

(BONUS Module:  FREE when you register for our 5-PART ‘SUPERSTAR SELLING’ SYSTEM®).

TRUE COLORS®: Culture - Selling - Team Building - Leadership

-Managing people is a difficult job! Too often people are promoted to management positions without sufficient training and development, which can cause misunderstanding, confusion and diminished esteem. You can now set them up for success with our Manager Effectiveness course.

-Whether they’re new managers or those looking to expand their range of abilities, participants will learn how to guide, empower, engage, motivate and manage a team.

-They will gain the knowledge, skill set and confidence required to make better decisions when working with others, being better equipped to handle conflict, change and difficult conversations.

-They will have a clearer view of their role, while improving their effectiveness and performance with greater results for the company.

-As every manager knows, the learning never stops. This workshop is a great starting point with something for everyone!


-Every day of our lives we are communicating to and with others.

-Whether it’s a boardroom speech, talking to clients or coworkers, or normal conversation with one another, understanding the different methods of communication and how to make the most of each of them can dramatically improve relationships, strengthen confidence, and reduce stress.

-By far, the biggest issue inside of organizations is the way people communicate with one another. The strategies we present in this workshop can help make you and your employees more effective communicators, resulting in improved productivity, reduction in errors and fewer misunderstandings. 

-You will learn how being authentic and transparent while having ‘real’ conversations in the workplace can dramatically increase morale, teamwork, operations and culture.

-This course will help develop strong communication skills throughout your organization, impacting everyone, making a difference and driving results in your workplace!


Creating a culture of civility and respect among employees is critical for a business success. Working with different personalities, opinions, backgrounds, and values is a challenge in any environment.

When people are working together, personalities can and will clash. Since no one is an island, working together as a team is incredibly important for every employee and for your organization. Promote.

-Wouldn’t it be wonderfulif we all had perfect lives??  I mean no financial issues, flawless communication and rock-solid relationshps with our coworkers, children, and partners??  Wouldn’t it be nice if our work lives and family lives were completely separate and didn’t have an impact on each other??  Unfortunately that isn’t realistic! Personality Profiling Systems are great at showing one’s strengths and weaknesses, but they lack in providing ‘everyday, realistic ‘tools’ to improve our realtionships when life isn’t perfect!  The ‘Dark Side of Colors’ is the introduction to Civility in the Workplace.  It gives participants the ‘tools’ to make immediate and impactful changes to improve and make a difference in our ‘imperfect’ everyday lives; work, family, relationships.  

There are cetain identifiable behaviours that are exhibited when a person is stressed, frustrated, anxious, or what we call ‘out of esteem’.  With our ‘Dark Side’… Dismantle Disputes & Discord course, participants can learn to recognize these behavioiurs in themselves and make efforts to ‘improve’ or ‘modify’ their reactions and behavrious so that they ‘lessen’ the negative impact on those around them.

-Particpants also learn to recognize these behavious in others, adding more tolerance and empathy to the sitatuation which leads to an overall reduction in conflict, disputes and discord in the workplace and/or at home. Either way there is a significant and immediate improvement in their relationships which means, improved performance at work!

-Leaders can spend less time worrying about internal conflict, disputes and discord in the workplace.  Leaders can spend less time worrying and dealing with ‘personnel’ issues, and more time on improving the business!

This is a Civility in the Workplace course and it is about creating and maintaining better relationships. It’s about understanding, communicating and working more effectively with peers and colleagues in a mutually beneficial way.  Employees who understand the positive aspects of workplace behaviour and politics and stay away from the negative are better team members, better producers, more successful, and help create an improved culture within your organization.

-Participants learn how to minimize personnel issues by joining us for this potentially life changing workshop. A healthy workplace free from toxic and negative workplace behaviours and politics will reduce stress, while improving focus, energy and collaboration. Increased productivity and higher retention levels and happier people!

Did You Know? Alberta Government can pay 2/3’s of your training!

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