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With the rapid change in technology, consumer’s purchasing patterns and expectations have dramatically changed, meaning so have the fundamentals of selling! Purchasers require immediate feedback, resolution, and results so consultative selling is more important than ever. ‘Canned selling’ processes are no longer as effective.

Success in selling today is about having a ‘modern’ approach – the right combination of fundamental sales skills, sales tools, interpersonal skills and helpful selling tips.

At the Sales Fundamentals & Secrets course, participants will learn the basics and so much more! Let us help you and your employees become more confident, learn how to effectively handle objections, and learn how to be a great closer so you can see quick results!

RAINMAKERS BUSINESS SOLUTIONS has a history of top sales performance and we’d love to invite you to join us at this effective workshop where we’ll be sharing our secrets of success!


Managing people is a difficult job! Too often we’ve found people are promoted to management positions without a management background or proper training. You can now set them up for success with our Manager Effectiveness course.

Whether they’re new managers or those looking to expand their range of abilities, participants will learn how to guide, empower, engage, motivate and manage a team. They will gain the knowledge, skill set and confidence required to make better decisions when working with others, being better equipped to handle conflict, change and difficult conversations. They will have a clearer view of their role, while improving their effectiveness and performance with greater results for the company.

As every manager knows, the learning never stops. This workshop is a great starting point with something for everyone!


The Colours Personality Profiling course is an invaluable tool in identifying and understanding different personality traits and characteristics in ourselves and those around us. It’s a valuable asset to help us better identify the behaviour, motivation and natural tendencies in each other, allowing us to see people in a different light with more tolerance and less judgment.

It’s an essential in the workplace! This powerful resource is indispensable in terms of teamwork, engagement, improving morale, reducing conflict, and advancing communication skills and productivity in any office environment. It’s a great tool you can easily learn, retain and implement! It will enhance relationships at home and at work, allowing everyone to become better spouses, parents, co-workers, salespeople, managers, leaders, partners and owners. From a sales and leadership point of view, this tool gives insight into what motivates your clients, what buying habits they possess and what to stay away from, allowing you to achieve a higher, faster rate of closing and elevate your overall success.

We recommend this course as a core fundamental and the first to take in any professional development.


Every day of our lives we are communicating to and with others. Whether it’s a boardroom speech, talking to clients or coworkers, or normal conversation with one another, understanding the different methods of communication and how to make the most of each of them can dramatically improve relationships, strengthen confidence, and reduce stress.

By far, the biggest issue inside of organizations is the way people communicate with one another. The strategies we present in this workshop can help make you and your employees more effective communicators, resulting in improved productivity, reduction in errors and fewer misunderstandings. You will learn how being authentic and transparent while having ‘real’ conversations in the workplace can dramatically increase morale, teamwork, operations and culture.

This course will help develop strong communication skills throughout your organization, impacting everyone, making a difference and driving results in your workplace!


Having various cultures and generations in one workplace can present communication issues and conflicts. Managers in the workplace may run into problems and challenges when handling the diversity of people they are charged with leading. As older workers delay retirement and younger workers enter the workforce, many work environments have become a patchwork of varying perspectives and experiences, both different and both valuable.

The Generation Gap course helps clarify the various differences of generations present in the workplace, teaching you what motivates them and how to effectively deal with these differences on a daily basis to reduce turnover, increase engagement and enhance corporate culture. You’ll be able to leverage the ideas both young and older workers have to offer to help the organization thrive in the marketplace.

Learning how to deal with different generations at work will help you become a better manager or co-worker and knowing the benefits of such variety in the workplace far outweigh the challenges!


Working with different personalities, opinions, backgrounds, and values is a challenge in any environment. When people are working together, personalities can and will clash. Since no one is an island, working together as a team is incredibly important for every employee and for your organization.

The Workplace Politics course is about creating and maintaining better relationships. It’s about understanding, communicating and working effectively with your peers and colleagues in a mutually beneficial way. Employees who understand the positive aspects of workplace politics and stay away from the negative are better team members, end up being more successful, and help create an improved culture within your organization.

Learn how to minimize personnel issues by joining us for this potentially life changing workshop. A healthy workplace free from toxic negative workplace politics will reduce stress and improve focus, resulting in greater productivity, higher retention levels and happier people!


Conflict can be expected when people work together and when left unchecked or unresolved, it can lead to lost production, absences, attrition and even lawsuits.

Our Conflict Resolution course will give you and your employees a conflict resolution process you can use and modify to resolve conflict disputes of any size and a set of skills in solution building and finding common ground. You’ll learn crucial conflict management skills including dealing with anger.

Handling conflict is critical for organizations of any size, so join us and learn how you can succeed and even thrive through conflict at your workplace.


Successful companies are made up of great employees, so why not hire great employees? Because hiring and training employees is an expensive venture, you need to be sure to hire the right person for the right position. It’s about finding the right combination of skills, abilities, attitude and fit for your organization’s culture.

Hiring great candidates will save your company time, money and frustration, so let us help you find the right people to make your organization as successful as possible!


Terminating an employee always comes with significant risk. A poorly executed process can cost an employer in terms of productivity, morale and reputation, while also having a significant financial impact. A carefully planned and well-executed employee termination can significantly limit your company’s liability while minimizing other negative impacts.

Understanding the process, legislation and documentation are all important to limiting liability and creating a well planned and executed termination plan. Therefore, this is an essential course for any small to medium sized company!

Did You Know? Alberta Government can pay 2/3’s of your training!

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