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Having a healthy culture and work environment for your team is critical to increasing productivity and improving the bottom line. By reducing frustration, conflict and politics, you can lower employee stress levels resulting in reduced medical leave and costly employee turnover, plus you’ll improve engagement, morale and the overall wellness of your organization!

  • Culture is the shared belief system and values within an organization. All courses offered with Rainmakers promote and encourage active listening, open communication, positive feedback, a healthy code of conduct, customer satisfaction, accountability, teamwork, creativity, selling responsibility, trust, acknowledgment and positive reinforcement as priority objectives in the course foundation, while maintaining the vision and mission objectives of your company.
  • COLOURS is a personality profiling program we teach that’s easy to learn and retain, with a high success rate of implementation. It promotes understanding in the workplace, improving relationships and reducing toxic behaviour. As a fundamental core to all Rainmakers training, COLOURS typically becomes a language and a series of new behaviours within each organization we work with.
  • “The leader models how the team plays the game.” We believe leadership is about bringing out the best in others, so our management and leadership courses focus on creating a positive culture where the following attributes and behaviours are encouraged to be modeled: positivity; setting limits and boundaries for acceptable behaviour; team building based on a clear and consistent set of values, culture and vision; fierce, crucial and open conversations; high emotional intelligence; authenticity; non-ego based decision making; transparency; encouragement; engagement and empowerment in others.

Creating a positive and healthy culture is the pinnacle of any business – it drives results! Happy and engaged employees are more inclined to work with passion and creativity, leading to higher productivity, improved customer service and satisfaction, and increasing profits and bottom line.


If you are looking to create or improve the culture in your organization, please see our course offering list and get in touch with us! Remember, we personalize all of our training courses for your organization, making sure we help you achieve your specific goals and objectives!

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