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“Let us dare to be different, dare to challenge conventions, and dare to disrupt. The future belongs to those who are bold enough to embrace innovation and create new possibilities. Dream Big – Push Through Fear – Be Badass in All You Do! ”

As Founder & CEO of Rainmakers Business Solutions, Jackie Rainforth is a force to reckon with in the world of BUSINESS GROWTH. She is a global award-winning sales and leadership expert who earned the nickname “The Rainmaker” among her peers during her career of top sales performance spanning decades. She draws upon her wealth of real-world experience as a former corporate executive and highly successful entrepreneur and has a reputation as a trusted and reliable business partner, helping countless organizations achieve their revenue and performance objectives.


Jackie possesses in-depth knowledge in multiple areas of business and a variety of industries, but she is one of only 34 ‘B2B Sales Speakers & Trainers registered in North America. Her background in the Residential and Commercial Construction Industry as well as Wholesale Distribution, Suppliers & Manufacturers, plus her expertise in Social Selling and LinkedIn, allows her to offer the latest in tailored and cutting-edge training and keynote presentations to her clients.


“Being a leader in sales is really about analyzing and strategizing; it is a thinker’s game. It’s the best career in the world because you get what you give in terms of risk, hard work, and reward!”

Today, founder and CEO of the nationally acclaimed Rainmakers Business Solutions, Jackie is a much sought-after trainer and conference speaker sharing her proven selling success strategies that continue to up-level the performance of countless sales teams, taking them from stalled to unstoppable.

She didn’t start out that way, however. Fresh out of university, she made a less than stellar debut in her first sales position. Like many beginners, she took the daily rejection and dejection personally, allowing it to shatter her self-confidence. Her daily routine of checking in at the office in the morning just for show, only to sit at home the rest day left her feeling like a complete failure. Eventually, she resigned in fear of being discovered. But, over time, Jackie continued to learn, taking the necessary steps to improve her confidence and conquer her fears. 

Over time, she developed the signature out-of-the-box approach that would skyrocket her to sales success and beyond. No matter how high her level of motivation, however, becoming one of the few outstanding, professional women to make it to the top of her industry was still a very challenging journey for this RBC Woman Entrepreneur of Canada award nominee. Earning the respect of the boys’ club was no easy feat, but it became her priority as she tirelessly fought to distinguish herself. 

Trusting her instincts, she focused more on how she could enhance the customer experience with a genuine, authentic approach as opposed to following the traditional scripted sales procedures that were the status quo. The inventive strategy paid off, again and again, catapulting Jackie’s sales figures into the stratosphere at every organization smart enough to hire her.

“I tried to make the buying decision easier for the customer, meaning I did the little things that others didn’t.”

And so it went for Jackie, each success story more illustrious than the last. At the same time, this driving force of a sales superwoman was raising a happy family and furthering her education, but little did Jackie know that the Universe had much more in store for her.

“Following the sales fundamentals is crucial to laying a solid foundation. Like I used to tell my kids, you can’t build a big Lego tower without a strong base. This is why making selling simple is such a priority. If it’s difficult, people aren’t going to do it.”

She experienced a devastating personal injury that necessitated two painful surgeries. After almost a year of being unable to walk and yet another year of therapy, she hit bottom. Feeling like an emotional puddle, she was depressed and defeated, unable to muster up the energy to even move off the couch. Having lost her career, her identity, and the reputation for excellence that had defined her, the world she had so painstakingly built for herself was now irreversibly ruined. Feeling frustrated, helpless, and incapacitated, she didn’t know where to turn or how to triumph in the face of this overwhelming adversity. 

Jackie Rainforth Scuba Diving

“Sometimes, your life needs to be disrupted—shaken out of routine, so you can scale new heights.”

Her life had hit an all-time low, forcing her to face the question, “Who was Jackie without all the success?” Yes, the mighty had truly fallen, literally and figuratively. Using the innate resilience, the undying drive, and determination that had initially propelled her to her career pinnacle as a sales front-runner, Jackie began to rebuild her shattered life. Going right to the core of her inner essence, she gave herself the time for introspection, meditation, the space to grieve and heal.

But another obstacle was yet to come. It was a tragic, near-fatal scuba-diving incident off the coast of Cozumel that proved to be the major catalyst to inspire Jackie’s resurgence as the successful entrepreneurial force, speaker, author, and genius sales team motivator she is today. She literally faced death and lived to tell the tale.

Since then, Jackie’s career has been on a positive, upward trajectory. Her many fans rave on. “Jackie’s training is beyond exceptional! She makes selling simple and easy by teaching you how to speak your customer’s language. My selling excelled beyond my wildest dreams! I was able to increase sales by 77% with my top customer!”

“In retrospect, I know that my hardships were gifts to remind me to go into this world spreading kindness, appreciation, and grace. They were the catalyst that forced me to unshakably believe in myself.”

Jackie’s superpower is your sales empowerment, helping you build the confidence to generate more leads, close more deals, and thus rock your sales targets like never before. We have all been there at the bottom, struggling against fear and hopelessness, trying to pick ourselves up. Let Jackie’s courage, hard-won wisdom, and innovative expertise be the inspiration for your success!

Her Why

After a near-death scuba diving incident Jackie chose to ‘help others become more confident and successful in business & in life’. She founded Rainmakers Business Solutions in 2016 after this life-changing experience. Giving back and helping people is the driving force behind everything we do at Rainmakers .

“In retrospect, I know that my hardships were gifts to remind me to go into this world spreading kindness, appreciation, and grace. They were the catalyst that forced me to unshakeably believe in myself.”

Jackie is motivated by the support of her loving family. She is blessed to have her husband, Doug, daughter, Brittney, son-in-law, Joel, son, Austin, and  newest addition granddaughter, Brooklyn and Jaydyn , cheering her on as she supports her fellow entrepreneurs and other corporate professionals looking to leave their mark in the sales world. 

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You, too, have the power to reinvent yourself, to be everything you are meant to be. Jackie’s mission is to show you how. Follow Jackie on LinkedIn for helpful sales tips, techniques, approaches and strategy videos!

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