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In this ‘modern yet simple’ automotive industry specific program:

  • Focuses on the unique needs of the automotive industry 
  • Covers advanced digital strategies including digital lead generation 
  • Supports your sales team with techniques to close more deals
  • Empowers your sales team to increase sales and gain the results you’re looking for
  • Provides the competitive advantage required for automotive sales today

5 Powerful Modules + 1 Bonus Included


We are faced with obstacles today that have made selling much more difficult than ever before.
Discover how and why selling has changed so you can start winning with today’s resistant,
distrusting, and more knowledgeable customer. A shift is required in the way we speak, present,
and sell our products and services as customer expectations have never been higher. Learn
how to meet the specific needs of the new power purchasers; Gen Z, Millennials, and Boomers.
And understand the significant differences of how men and women differ when it comes to
purchasing. Adapt your sales to the specific needs of these customers and gain a formidable
competitive advantage. This course is filled with approaches, strategies, tips and techniques to
effectively sell in today’s “Age of Excellence”. Do not get left behind. Discover what it takes to
win in today’s unyielding and ever-changing business landscape.

Wish you could find the secret to selling much faster and more successfully?? Discover simple
yet powerful techniques to easily identify personality styles, determining factors and purchasing
triggers so you can achieve faster results and greater profitability. Take your interpersonal skills and
emotional intelligence to the next level as you gain a significant competitive advantage! Finally gain
the insight into what motivates your customer and what buying habits they possess so you can
build better, stronger rapport and relationships. This is a do-not-miss course that is fun, engaging
and filled with powerful takeaways that will make an immediate and significant impact on your
business. Sell more – sell faster and what your income grow!

Building strong relationships with is a mandatory skill in today’s selling. But first you need to create
the right mindset, define who your customers are and what your selling proposition is. Clearly
scheduling your time, knowing your numbers, and preparing are essential in quality selling. Learn
a series of insightful and engaging questioning techniques to delve deeper, listen better and
focus on the customer, their responses, and their needs. Learn how to properly
prepare with features and benefits, but that simply isn’t enough in modern selling. Salespeople
today, need to know how to determine the customer’s deeper emotional need, and how to
effectively use it so you can target on the drivers that motivate your customers to buy. Learn how
to accelerate the quality of customer interactions to create more engaged interactions. Learn
important processes to best prepare for the presentation and ensure higher success rates in selling.

Create powerful customer-centric and solution-selling presentations that include effective
vehicle demonstrations and non-confrontational negotiations and payment presentation
options. Avoid the top mistakes that salespeople make while easily overcoming the objections.
Discover how taking their temperature, allows for a simple, easy to ask for close that closes
more deals and better appeals to today’s customer. Never miss a closing opportunity again and
take your sales from stalled to unstoppable with powerful presentations that wow!

Failing to follow up tends to be one of the biggest complaints by customers and one of the
principal reasons why some salespeople never see the success they desire. Too often, they fail
to follow up because they do not have a system or follow up process in place. Discover a simple
process to ensure commitments and promises are kept and catapult your sales with additional
purchases from slow to decide customers, word of mouth referrals, and repeat business. Be the
go-to supplier in your industry and never miss an opportunity again.

Modern automotive selling is more than helping those that walk through the door. It is about
generating additional leads with a systematic process to cultivate new sales opportunities through
digital prospecting. Uncover valuable strategies on how to leverage social media (particularly
LINKEDIN) by establishing a brand, understanding the four processes of engagement, and the use
video to identify, and connect with an untapped market of potential buyers on the digital forums.
Learn how to effectively reach out, establish conversation, and warm up the call, so you can to
generate new customers and rev up your revenue!


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