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Jackie is able to bring career experience to content which validated it for our team. Her energy is never lacking and her continued push for accountability forces everyone to try new things. A lot of training programs are generic, this is where Jackie is different. She puts in the time to understand the frustration, roadblocks, hurdles and motivators our team members encounter and offers tools and solutions for them to use in her upbeat way. She is engaging and interactive and if needed, will delve deeper into any topic if she senses it would benefit the learner. If you need someone who will bring an infectiously positive attitude, along with the adaptability to create real results, I would highly recommend Jackie.

Heather Yates

New Home Sales Manager, MCKEE HOMES

Upcoming Workshops

Learn important and practical techniques and approaches to delve deeper, sell better and achieve faster results. These courses are for those who wants to learn and improve their selling skills and take their business and their income to the next level.

Series starts February 14th, 2020 @ Amico Stone Supply in Calgary, AB! Take advantage of our special pricing options for a limited time only! 

Mastering Personal Performance

Wish you could find the secret to selling mush faster and more successfully?? Discover simple yet powerful techniques to easily identify personality styles, determining factors and purchasing triggers so you can achieve faster results and greater profitability.

Selling For The Non-Seller

Learn how selling has changed and how to win over resistant customers. Discover how to differentiate and elevate while speaking your customers’ language and feel more confident, secure and comfortable when networking, selling, and asking for referrals.

Powerful 1-2-3 Presentations

Discover how to create a powerful 1-2-3 presentation that sets you up for sales success! Learn how delve deeper, sell better and achieve faster results! Easily move the prospect along getting YES-YES-YES instead of NO-NO-NO!

Lead Generation

Learn how to generate more leads and grow your business. Discover how to use phone, email and social selling to create new leads. Are you being ghosted? People are not returning your calls? No worries – we have the solution! This all-encompassing course will give you takeaways to immediately implement and grow your business!

The Power Intro

Making new contacts, building relationships with current ones, all this is crucial to today’s sales process. There is a strategy, however, to really rocking your networking events and securing the leads and referrals you crave. Learn how to develop and effectively implement your signature “power intro” to captivate prospects and engage them in those key conversations.

Social Selling

Learn how to build a personal brand and grow your business on the social media platforms, especially LINKEDIN and FACEBOOK by discovering the four ways to engage, find new leads, be seen without costly SEO, websites and marketing services. It is a lot easier than you think!


This advanced program is for the seasoned veteran who wants to update and refine their skillset to meet the needs of today’s modern, millennial buyer.  Selling has changed!  Focus is on strategic approaches to advance performance, stand out, rise above and gain the competitive edge to the level of RAINMAKER excellence.

Powerful Perspectives: Leadership

(Based on True Colors®) Create a positive workplace environment through improved leadership skills.  Facilitate cooperation, collaboration and growth, by maximizing the performance and understanding of yourself and others through improved communication and self-awareness.

Selling ​Has Changed

Take the selling foundations from sales excellence and master it with an understanding of how the selling landscape has recently changed, discover simpler, more natural sales techniques proven to help drive bigger and faster results!​

Perfect the Presentation​

A highly interactive class focused on role play so that the toughest parts of the Selling Presentation become more natural and fluid with real world application. Learn to master presentation skills in front of customers and/or larger audiences.

MODULE IV: Selling to Millennials

As the baby Boomers retire, millennials now dominate the business landscape as the largest generational group in the workplace. Free when you register for our 5-part ‘Superstar Selling®’ System.

MODULE V: Psychology of Selling​

Understand what makes clients buy! Be stronger, better!  Understand yourself and others to become unstoppable!

Social Selling

Click, call and connect confidence! Technology has changed selling! Gain a competitive advantage!


This intermediate program is designed for the sales professional looking to upgrade their skillset and/or advance their career.  Learn impactful and practical techniques and approaches to delve deeper, sell better and achieve faster results. Elevate to higher levels of sales performance to achieve desired income and sales revenues.

Powerful Perspectives: Selling

(Based on True Colors®) Understanding the similarities and differences of others leads to improved communication skills, a greater appreciation for the uniqueness of self and others and more meaningful relationships.

MODULE II: Master the Mindset

Understand the common tapes and beliefs that hold us back from being success in sales. Learn how to overcome those obstacles and create the right mindset to succeed in selling.

Build Real & Rapid Rapport

Learn specific strategies, approaches , tips and techniques to delve deeper, gaining an improved understanding of customer needs, what to focus on in your presentation, and moving them to the next step in the sales process.

MODULE IV: Needs Analysis

Learn to identify the needs, wants and pain points of customers so you can best present your product or service. Learn how to create the best sales presentation based on those qualifiers so you can both easily move forward to the next step in the sales process.

MODULE V: The Presentation

Learn effective techniques and a failsafe template to create strong presentations that lead to and result in increased sales.

The Simple Closing Process

Learn the simple techniques of overcoming the objections so you can easily close. Learn the simple and effective one line statement you need to secure the sale and catapult your sales results! So simple and easy, you will never again fear asking for the close.


A Modern, Yet Simple Approach to Selling.
Soon to be Available Online!


Mindset For AMAZING Success

Set yourself up for success, while overcoming the things that hold you back. We all have fears… learn simple techniques to get over it, so you can get out there and get what you desire.

Build Real & Rapid Rapport

Understand how selling changed and what you need to do to overcome distrusting and resistant customers. Learn how to have them know you, like you, trust you and believe in you and what you are saying. Improve your professionalism and their confidence in you.

MODULE III: Ask Insightful & Engaging Questions that Leave Them Wanting More

Find out what is important to your Prospect. Discover the triggers that help them buy. Delve deeper to understand what is important to the customer. By identifying and capitalizing on their deeper needs, reduce the time it takes to sell. Target what is important to them and increase your closing ratio.

MODULE IV: Create A SIMPLE 1-2-3 Presentation That WOWS

A simple format that captivates prospects and turns them into buying customers. Learn how to ‘wow’ your customer instead of blah blah blah and have them walk away. Learn the two magic words that catapults sales success.

EASILY Overcome Objections

Learn an easy 4-step process to easily overcome objections. It is much easier than you think.

MODULE VI: Seal the Deal!

Ask for the deal without fear. Easy Trial Close and one sentence Closing techniques that lead to real deals! Money in the bank! Plus…. Learn how to gain repeat, loyal, and referral customers.


TRUE COLORS® Personality Assessment Training is an invaluable tool in identifying and understanding different personality traits and characteristics in ourselves and those around us. It’s a valuable asset to help us better identify the behaviour, motivation and natural tendencies in each other, allowing us to see people in a different light with more tolerance and less judgment.


Understanding the similarities and differences of others leads to improved communication skills, a greater appreciation for the uniqueness of self and others and more meaningful relationships


This tool gives insight into what motivates your clients, what buying habits they possess and what to stay away from, allowing you to achieve a higher, faster rate of closing and elevate your overall success.


Participants will learn how to help improve performance by enhancing unity, appreciating differences, and developing teamwork. Team mates will learn how to leverage other people’s skills and natural talents to work together and communicate efficiently to accomplish goals.


Create a positive workplace environment through improved leadership skills.  Facilitate cooperation, collaboration and growth, by maximizing the performance and understanding of yourself and others through improved communication and self-awareness. Improved effectiveness of your leadership will help you create a business atmosphere which is beneficial to all.


Understanding the distinctive ways in which different personalities approach communication is key to success. Promote open, honest conduct by understanding and appreciating different communication contributions and approaches. Learn how to improve your individual communication skills, strengthen rapport, boost your listening skills and clearly deliver your message in a mutually beneficial way.


Creating a culture of civility and respect among employees is critical for a business success. Working with different personalities, opinions, backgrounds, and values is a challenge in any environment. When people are working together, personalities can and will clash. Since no one is an island, working together as a team is incredibly important for every employee and for your organization

My co-workers and I participated in the Colours Leadership and Team Building program with Jackie’s company.  I was open but didn’t expect to gain much as I’ve participated in many personality programs before. Much to my surprise, I gained valuable personal insight, amongst the fun team building exercises that Jackie facilitated. 

We went through the program a number of months ago, yet as a group we still refer to each other by our ‘colours’ and use the learnings and concepts we acquired that day.

Nancy Smith

Genesis building group

Additional Programs

Leadership has changed! In today’s complex and turbulent environment, genuine leadership is becoming a priority focus. Organizations are looking for Authentic Leaders who lead with purpose, integrity and values. They excel in creating positive cultures with highly engaged, motivated, and collaborative teams. They build strong enduring teams and organizations that can adapt to change with resiliency, high emotional intelligence and self-awareness.

Learn Authentic Leadership Development methods and processes to create an effective, cohesive teams while inspiring them to perform to their highest potential.

Maximize your interpersonal skills to gain the trust and respect of employees and peers, creating a positive and engaged culture while successfully benefiting and improving the productivity and profitability of your organization.

Emphasis will be placed on vision, styles of leadership, goals & objectives, motivation, decision-making, time management, power, team building, conflict, politics, ethics, dealing with change, and communication skills.

      Individuals as Leaders

      Team Leadership

      Organizational Leadership

Gain fresh perspective, insights and practical hand’s on skills to be an outstanding leader.

Managing people is a difficult job! Too often people are promoted to management positions without sufficient training and development, which can cause misunderstanding, confusion and diminished esteem. You can now set them up for success with our Manager Effectiveness course.

Whether they’re new managers or those looking to expand their range of abilities, participants will learn how to guide, empower, engage, motivate and manage a team.

They will gain the knowledge, skill set and confidence required to make better decisions when working with others, being better equipped to handle conflict, change and difficult conversations.

They will have a clearer view of their role, while improving their effectiveness and performance with greater results for the company.

As every manager knows, the learning never stops. This workshop is a great starting point with something for everyone!

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