Learn how to overcome the challenges that are holding your sales team back from being high performance superstars!   

Achieve faster sales results and team interaction by having a deeper understanding of your personality style and the personalities of those around you.  Improve communication,  collaboration, and become highly competent in building and maintaining strong relationships with customers and team members. Learn how to effectively deal with difficult customers by understanding the natural tendancies of how you and those around you will act when stressed, frustrated or in anger so that you can minimize conflict and disagreement, moving instead towards honouring and creating an environment of win/win consensus. Learn to quickly identify the purchasing needs and triggers that drive people to purchase so that you can easily achieve faster sales results, shorten your sales cycle and improve your overall sales success.  This is a fun, highly interactive class that is memorable, profoundly improve your interactions with others, excellerating your soft skils beyond expectation and maximizes sales results. 

1/2 Day — 4 Hours

Personal Assessment


Canada Job Grant can pay 2/3’s of your training costs! 

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