Leadership isn’t about title.  Anyone can be a leader. As the Baby Boomers retire, Millennials now dominate the Business Landscape as the largest Generational Group in the Workplace. They are looking for Organizations to invest, engage, challenge and inspire them through Personal Learning and Development, while demanding flatter, more participatory and collaborative organizations.

Statistics show the average person stays in a job 2.6 years (Gallup), and that it will continue to be more and more difficult to find suitable candidates to fill jobs as this significant generational shift takes place. Increase your retention levels, have happier, more content, engaged and dedicated employees, while maximizing your Organizational succession options by providing the basics of Leadership Training to everyone on your Team!

Invest now in making your future easier by keeping employment costs and future stress levels down, while driving profitability and retention levels up. Become a Legacy Leader (a Leader that Everyone Loves!) by meeting the needs of your staff while preparing the organization for future Success!!


Check out the Rainmakers Blog for the latest news with Jackie Rainforth, nominee of the coveted “RBC Women Entrepreneur of Canada Award”

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