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57% of Sales Teams Do Not Make Target!

Enhance the skills required to excel in selling,
so that you can consistently meet & exceed quota.

Looking for a competitive advantage? This intermediate program is designed for the sales professional or business owner who has a solid foundation of the basics and is looking to upgrade their skillset and/or advance their career. Learn impactful and practical techniques and approaches as you take at an in depth look at various topics to help you gain that advantage. Includes detailed exercises to ‘personalize’ the course content for your specific application. Elevate to higher levels of sales performance to achieve desired income and sales revenues. This 21+hour program is Alberta Job Grant eligible upon application approval.


The pressure to perform is unavoidable.  One little mistake and you have lost what could have been a huge opportunity.  And let’s face it, most customers today are looking for any reason to criticize and condemn and move on to the next guy. Competition is fierce and abundant.

Most of the common sales errors we recognize, but even some of the most seasoned sales veterans are unaware of some of the massive mistakes that are costing them valuable business.  Discover the ‘silent saboteurs’, that are costing you the sale as you blindly make the same errors over and over, as you find clarity that will empower you with endless income earning potential.  

The customer experience, how they buy, use, and receive services from your business are cumulative touchpoints that result in an overall ‘judgement or opinion’ of you or your organization that ultimately translates in how much business they do with your company.. 

For many, falling short in consistently providing the positive customer service levels that clients desire, results in lost business, customers and monetary gain.

However, taking the time to learn ways to improve the customer experience and exceed customer service expectations increases long-term, loyal, and repeat customers because loyal customers tend to spend more per transaction, per life-time, and give additional referrals, escalating overall revenue, income and profitability.

Like a coach preparing for his games, you need to plan, prepare, and strategize for  sales calls if  you want to be successful and win. Yet too many salespeople, continue to operate from the ‘seat of their pants’, with little plan or processes leaving them at the bottom of the competitive ranks.

Whereas, creating a well defined, goal focused, clearly communicated and mission-oriented strategy that clearly positions you, your company, and your products and services as a value-add, problem solver, solution provider in the minds of your customers, will catapult you to the top as a premium supply partner.  

Discover the 10 Key Factors that should be included in every Winning Sales Call Strategy as you start taking the time to effectively plan your sales calls.  Each call will be based on value and solution-based conversations giving customers a distinctive, powerful, and persuasive purchasing experience, as you start to outsell and outperform as your surge ahead, quickly and distinctly, separating you from the pack.

Communication and negotiation skills are critical in business as you these essential skills every day. It may be with customers, suppliers, colleagues, your boss, or co-workers. Yet ineffective use of these skills, can lead to misunderstanding, conflict, and distrust which in turn leads to poor productivity, missed opportunities, and lost income.  Failing to adjust these poor habits can jeopardize your job, your relationships, and your reputation.   

Instead, discover how to avoid the top communication mistakes, how to use personality profiles to your advantage building better, stronger lines of communication and messaging, and learn some of the best negotiation strategies and techniques as you build powerful negotiation skills to become a better dealmaker, creating more win/wins. Increase your emotional intelligence and soft skills, the most in-demand communication skills by companies today and move towards a higher quality of influence.

Learn how easy it is to connect and convert with others on the social media platforms (LINKED IN focus) by discovering the four ways to engage, find new leads, and be seen without costly SEO, websites and marketing services.

Uncover the valuable strategies that you can implement immediately to stay top of mind, generate new customers, gain referrals and rev up your revenue! Start organically improving your exposure and gain a competitive advantage by building a brand using the 8 x C’s on social media. Drive sales, increase referrals, and improve your business’s value by increasing your leverage within your industry, position yourself and your organization as the leaders – the ones to watch in your marketplace.  This course will give you a great foundation on how to use LinkedIn from a selling standpoint, so you can generate thousands of new leads, boost sales, and increase your website traffic.

Become a thought leader, influencer and go-to expert in your industry and by improving awareness and building trust with consumers, potential clients and customers. Those who engage in social outsell those who do not!  Now is the perfect time to align your social media and sales goals and take your sales from stalled to unstoppable.

The pressure is on to generate more leads and find new customers. Prospecting is dreaded by most, but when done well, it can be a highly effective way to bring in more customers and draw attention to your business. Preparation is the key.  You need to be prepared both physically and psychologically with the mindset, attitude and ability to accept rejection.

One must start by targeting the right avatar, do their research and have a solid understanding of the process to positively engage the receiver. Understand the do’s and don’ts, have a mental map and have a clear goal of what is required.  Learn how to easily handle avoidance, objections and keep the conversation flowing.  Knowing how to best manage your time, when to call, what to say and how to say is invaluable in creating success and achieving your goals. Double and triple your leads and new customers as you confidently acquire RAINMAKERS 10 STEP PROCESS TO TELEPHONE SALES PROSPECTING and IN-PERSON PROSPECTING PROCESS.


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