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$2.00 from every book is automatically donated to Barbara / Hearing First Steps to continue to do hearing tests, assist in obtaining medical attention, educate on ear care and to supply hearing aids.  

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Over 17,000 children and adults are suffering from hearing loss in Timor-Leste, a small war-ravaged island off the coast of Australia and Indonesia where the Timorese people have endured incomprehensible anguish. Hearing First Steps, a non-profit organisation is dedicated to helping thousands of hearing-impaired Timorese on this small, poverty-stricken island.  The main factors contributing to the high number of hearing issues include: 

  • Women not eating properly during pregnancy – their diet typically consists of rice which is nutrient poor, causing severe malnutrition in new-borns. 
  • The use of chicken feathers or sticks to clean their ears, causing ear infections, perforations and hearing loss. 
  • Young and older males supporting their families by diving for fish without equalizing their ears, which often causes the ear drums to rupture.  
  • Poor sanitation and water conditions which often lead to illnesses, infections that can result in hearing loss.
  • Decades of fighting for independents, resulting in thousands of Timorese suffering damage to the middle and inner ear. 

Please help us do our part to provide a basic life necessity for these lovely children. 

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