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Rainmakers Business Solutions
Rainmakers Business Solutions
Rainmakers Business Solutions
Rainmakers Business Solutions

Increase Profit


Improved Revenue

Business Growth

Develop Confident Teams


Teams struggle with finding new customers which causes distrust. Jackie creates simple repeatable processes which results in confident sales teams that have improved performance and increased productivity.

Develop improved prospecting systems to generate leads, find new customers and focus on ‘Modern yet Simple’, value-add, solution based strategic selling.

Failing to move the sales team forward with strategic sales plans? Feeling like you are loose sales opportunities left and right? 

Build simple repeatable processes that meet your targets and grow the Business! Help you serve more customers  naturally and authentically

Entrepreneurs fail to convert and close enough sales which causes financial struggles and low morale. 

Rainmakers Business Solutions help business owners create a customized, yet proven, high performance training system that earns the revenue, profitability and income you desire. 

Discuss a 3-step technique to easily and assuredly close deals with simple systems to maximize  customer calls, follow ups, project quotes and referrals.

Every team struggles to bring on new talent, there is a training period where you all get to know each other. True Colors cuts that time down by 75% by providing you and your team with a proven statement of how to work better together. 

Simple Processes to Increase Confidence and Control which Minimizes Costly Mistakes

Happy Clients

Meet Jackie Rainforth

Jackie Rainforth is a Global, Award-Winning Multi-Million Dollar Sales and Leadership Expert, author, international speaker, media host and founder of Rainmakers Business Solutions. With decades of experience working with corporations and entrepreneurs , elevating their sales and customer service to record breaking  levels of success. 

Jackies had been featured on the Power List of The Top 200 Voices of Leadership, Global Thought Leader & Influencer To Follow, Womanition Mentorship & Education Award, RBC Woman Entrepreneur Award of Canada and has remained the Top Sales Performer At Every Company She’s Ever Worked At

Jackie Rainforth Founder of Rainmakers Business Solutions Alberta, Canada

Brands That Trust Us

We Make It Rain Results In Your Business

We use the ‘science’ behind our strategic training processes to give you and your team the competitive advantages to create high performance results. Our programs are based on a combination of:

  • Neuroscience
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Psychology
  • Personality Behaviorism
  • Confidence Motivation & Engagement
  • Strategic Repeatable Processes
  • High Level Planning, Time Management
  • Incremental & Accountability Learning

Jackie Rainforth, Founder of Rainmakers Business Solutions, is a multi-million dollar sales expert, author, international speaker and media host with decades of experience working with corporations and entrepreneurs, elevating their sales and customer service to record-breaking levels of success.

  • Power List of The Top 200 Voices of Leadership
  • Global Thought Leader & Influencer To Follow
  • Womanition Mentorship & Education Award
  • RBC Woman Entrepreneur Award of Canada
  • Top Sales Performer At Every Company She’s Ever Worked At

SELLING MADE SIMPLE - One of our Most Popular Programs.


Ready to make it rain sales in your business?

Maximize Sales! Elevate Profitability!

Learn how to delve deeper, sell better, and achieve faster results from the award-winning sales superstar, Jackie Rainforth, herself. Treat YOUR team to non-stop sales.

Corporate Sales

57% of sales teams are not making quota. (HBR)

60% of sales calls are ineffective.
(Selling Power Magazine)

  • Your Sales Team Not Making Quota? Profits Eroding? Sales Skills Require Upgrading?
  • Are they Creating A Strategic Call Plan and Working the Plan? Are they providing value and being solution providers or are they just winging it?
  • Is Focus on Building Long-Term Loyal Partnerships with Clients?
  • The use of a standardized selling process can make a huge difference! We can help.


86% of small businesses fail within the first 2 years.
(Stats Canada)

82% of small businesses that fail do so due to cash flow problems. (SmallBizGenius)

  • As a business owner does selling feel uncomfortable? 
  • Do you lack confidence in not knowing what to say or do?
  • Do you find anything else to do other than selling?
  • Are you lacking consistent sales and revenue and riding a financial rollercoaster? It doesn’t have to be that way!
  • Selling doesn’t have to be complicated and awkward. We have a simple system to help you sell more, serve more, and earn more.

Reach out now,
Your extraordinary future awaits!

You, too, have the power to reinvent yourself, your team, and your business
to be everything you are meant to be.
Jackie’s mission is to show you how.

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