Is Your Sales Rep Making Your Customer Mad?

60% of sales calls are ineffective, and 50% of those calls are ‘product dumps’.


It is ‘talking endlessly’ about your product or service, hoping something sticks or resonates with your customer.

Over and over, I hear customers adamantly and unhappily complain about sales reps doing ‘product dumps’. It is their biggest complaint! “A waste of their time,” they say!!

To stand out in your customer’s eyes, your team really needs to examine the quality of the call they are making and the deliverables they are providing. What are they bringing to the table? 

Ask yourself… Are they doing the research before they head out the door? Are they strategically planning their calls? Are they providing value, education, and bringing problem-solving solutions on every call? Or are you simply talking about the product and services your company provides and hoping something sticks? 

High Performers are always planned, prepared, and practiced

They base their work on quality vs. quantity

They do their research to ensure the clients they call on NEED their product or service. 

They have a STRATEGY written out with the POINTS, PROCESSES, & QUALITY QUESTIONS they want to discuss during the meeting BEFORE they leave for the call. 

They go into sales calls with a ‘what is in it for the customer’ strategy by proving value, providing a solution, or identifying a gap. 

At Rainmakers, we can help you up-level your team’s sales performance and productivity. 

Message us for more info and to learn how we can support your sales success.


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