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“Nearly 80% of companies report there is a leadership development gap.”
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“Only 48% of employees view their company’s leadership as “high quality.””

Our focus is maximizing your PRODUCTIVTY and PERFORMANCE by focusing on repeatable processes, value, solution & strategy.

A small 10% change of can result in 10x times your results.

It is the small things that enable you to outperform giving you the competitive edge you require.

We have the solutions you need to succeed!

THE LEADER'S JOURNEY: A leader's learning and development journey resembles a compass, encompassing diverse elements, such as the leader's values, communication style, beliefs, and approach to problem-solving. It emphasizes the importance of transparency, integrity, authenticity, emotional intelligence, empathy, agility, and continuous learning. It also takes into account the needs and aspirations of the team members, fostering a culture grounded in trust, respect, and a shared vision.

"Lead with integrity, inspire with authenticity... Create a culture of innovation, collaboration, and emotional intelligence... Strive for excellence, never settle for mediocrity..."

Jackie Rainforth

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Ready To create your sales success?

"We had our highest growth in the height of the economic downturn.” Jackie created a plan specific to us by listening to our management goals and met individually with our team to understand their personal objectives, and customizing the program specific to our needs. Then she brought career experience to the content which really validated it for our team and offered relevant techniques and proven sales solutions. And finally her continued push for accountability forced everyone to try new things. Engaging and interactive with an infectiously positive attitude, Jackie really created results!
Heather Yates
SalesManager|MCKEE HOMES


Leadership Excellence for New Leaders

The Great Resignation – The Big Quit – The Reshuffle – regardless of what you call it, the business landscape we know today, has seen a seismic shift. As leaders we are facing a new and very costly reality as this mammoth change in employee supply and demand within the marketplace has now put the onus on you as leaders to up your game - to create “irresistible organizations.” Discover some of the top techniques and strategies to create a workplace that “employees clamour to work for and are resistant to leave”. Where your personnel will become highly engaged, resulting in superior retention levels of talent, reduced numbers of the Silent Quitters, and employees who are not only happy but driven, committed and loyal to the organization’s goals, values and objectives. The result…. a massive reduction in costly hiring, onboarding, and training costs and a significant improvement in the overall increase in your Organization’s performance, productivity, and profitability!!

Leadership Excellence for New Leaders

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In today’s complex and turbulent environment, genuine leadership is becoming a priority focus. Organizations are looking for Authentic Leaders who lead with purpose, integrity and values. They excel in creating positive cultures with highly engaged, motivated, and collaborative teams. They build strong enduring teams and organizations that can adapt to change with resiliency, high emotional intelligence and self awareness.

Leadership Excellence

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