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Leaders set the tone of the organizational vision, mission, and goals. Improved emotional intelligence allows you as a leader to better motivate, inspire and develop your team. Self-awareness, social awareness, and self-management are critical skills that improve communication, negotiation, and inter-personal management skills. Learning how to self-regulate emotions and reactions, helps one to be more respectful of others, and create a more aligned, engaged, and positive workplace environment. Discovering how to powerfully level up your skill set with improved soft skills, will help you to better lead your team in achieving their goals and yours. This his is a do-not-miss course for business owners and leaders who want improved influence, improved overall leadership skills, while quickly and effectively delivering the results and outcomes you want to achieve as a leader in your business.

Leadership has nothing to do with position, title or status, and everything to do with behavior. Effective leaders influence, inspire and motivate people to perform to their highest potential in support of the organizations’ goals. It is an observable set of actions and abilities that include problem solving, decision making, planning, delegation, inter-personal skills, and communication. A skill set that results in strong, resilient teams and a positive culture that lead to higher business productivity and profitability. Learn effective ways to influence others as you Identify the six key characteristics of modern and effective leadership styles and the five practices of exemplary leadership. By incorporating EI into your leadership approach, you can build stronger, better relationships, foster collaboration, and create an environment where individuals feel valued, motivated, and empowered to contribute their best. You will develop the skills and abilities necessary to influence others, cultivate strong teams, and foster a culture of success. The result will be increased business productivity, profitability, and the emergence of a thriving organization.

Leaders will be empowered with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to effectively coach and mentor others, unlocking their full leadership potential. The course covers core coaching skills, providing a deep understanding of the roles and responsibilities of mentors. Participants also develop strong communication and emotional intelligence abilities, ensuring impactful coaching and mentoring relationships. Ethical considerations are explored to maintain integrity in coaching and mentoring engagements. Through practical application and skill development exercises, participants become catalysts for growth, fostering a culture of continuous improvement. Ultimately, participants emerge as leaders who drive exceptional performance and create a thriving organizational environment. Being a good coach and mentor is vital for leaders because it promotes the growth and development of individuals, contributes to organizational success ,fosters a positive work culture, strengthens relationships ,and demonstrates effective leadership. By investing in coaching and mentoring, leaders empower their team members to reach their potential, creating a high-performing and engaged workforce. It also builds trust, loyalty, and a collaborative environment .Ultimately, effective coaching and mentoring enable leaders to drive individual and collective achievements within their organization.

The Great Resignation – The Big Quit  – The Reshuffle – regardless of what you call it, the business landscape we know today, has seen a seismic shift.  As leaders we are facing a new and very costly reality as this mammoth change in employee supply and demand within the marketplace has now put the onus on you as leaders to up your game – to create “irresistible organizations.”

Discover some of the top techniques and strategies to create a workplace that “employees clamour to work for and are resistant to leave”. Where your personnel will become highly engaged, resulting in superior retention levels of talent, reduced numbers of the Silent Quitters, and employees who are not only happy but driven, committed and loyal to the organization’s goals, values and objectives. The result…. a massive reduction in costly hiring, onboarding, and training costs and a significant improvement in the overall increase in your Organization’s performance, productivity, and profitability!! 

As a leader, your ability to communicate effectively, negotiate skillfully, and demonstrate emotional intelligence is crucial for guiding and inspiring your team towards organizationalsuccess. In today’s fast-paced and complex business landscape, miscommunication, ineffective negotiation, and a lack of emotional intelligence can undermine trust, create conflicts, and hinder progress. This advanced leadership course is specifically designed to empower you with the essential skills and strategies to become a masterful communicator, influential negotiator, and emotionally intelligent leader. Throughout the course, you will gain valuable insights into the dynamics of effective communication, learn to recognize and overcome common communication pitfalls, and acquire techniques to maintain composure and lead impactfulconversations. Moreover, you will develop emotional intelligence, which encompasses self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, and relationship management. Emotional intelligence enables you to understand and manage your own emotions and those of others, fostering positive interpersonal relationships and promoting collaboration within your team and organization towards greater success.

Leaders will discover how to empower themselves and their teams to navigate and thrive amidst organizational transformations. This immersive program combines insightful strategies, practical tools, and psychological insights to help leaders understand the dynamics of change, develop effective change management strategies, and create a culture that embraces continuous improvement. Participants will explore key concepts and theories in change management and transformational leadership, gaining a thorough understanding of how to analyze the need for change, develop a compelling vision, and create strategic plans for guiding the transformation process.  Participants will learn to lead change with confidence, resilience, and empathy. Join us on this empowering journey and unlock your potential to drive transformational success in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape.



When in a tough economy, it is essential to stand out from the crowd and do everything you can to differentiate. Thinking outside the box will become second nature after this innovative training shows you how to market your business and outperform your competition by presenting your product or service with an inventive twist. Discover how to make a powerful introduction that leaves your prospect asking for more!! Learn simple processes like, ’when to talk price’ and how to ’sell value’ instead of going down the price only path. Differentiate to elevate as you start making you, your solution, and your company more uniquely desirable to your potential and existing customers, and thus more valuable. It is the key to superstar sales success! Discover approaches that will prompt those slow-to decide prospects to purchase more volume with less deliberation. These are simple selling strategies designed to motivate today’s most resistant buyers and help you sell better, faster, and with bigger results.

Is your productivity lacking? Not closing as many deals as you did before? The world has changed, and we need to change with it. Learn how to generate more leads and grow your business by discovering the simple and successful foundational methods of prospecting and time management so you can increase your confidence and become more efficient and effective at generating new business. This is especially important during tough times. Most salespeople wait for the orders to come to them. Wrong! Stop avoiding the prospecting process and overcome the two reasons people fail at lead generation; fear of rejection and dejection and the lack of a solid prospecting system that works!! No more avoiding it! Now is the time to make prospecting part of your everyday routine! Are people not returning your calls? No worries we have the solution! Learn how to overcome that dreaded practice of ghosting. This training will give you a modern yet simple, ’Prospecting System’ to start generating more leads and growing your business.

You know that social media, particularly LINKED IN is the new way to cold call and reach thousands… but are you not sure how to do it? Are you scared to put yourself out there? Learn how to connect and build a personal or company brand to grow your business on the social media platforms (primarily LINKED IN). Discover the four ways to engage, create warm leads and build relationships that lead to sales, without costly SEO, websites, and marketing services. Learn how to stand out and gain a competitive advantage. Those who social sell earn 76% more than those who do not. 90% of top performers are Social Selling! Now it the time to pivot your business and go digital. The world has changed, and we need to change with it. Learn how to sell online and grow your business. It is a lot easier than you think! Uncover the valuable strategies that you can immediately implement to generate new customers and rev up your revenue!


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