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The Great Resignation – The Big Quit  – The Reshuffle – regardless of what you call it, the business landscape we know today, has seen a seismic shift.  As leaders we are facing a new and very costly reality as this mammoth change in employee supply and demand within the marketplace and it has now put the onus on you as leaders to up your game – to create “irresistible organizations.”

Discover some of the top techniques and strategies to create a workplace that “employees clamour to work for and are resistant to leave”. Where your personnel will become highly engaged, resulting in superior retention levels of talent, reducing the numbers of the Silent Quitters, and employees are not only happy but driven, committed and loyal to the organization’s goals, values and objectives. The result…. a massive reduction in costly hiring, onboarding, and training costs, plus a significant improvement in your Organization’s overall performance, productivity, and profitability!!

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Today’s Critical Leadership Skills

In today’s complex and turbulent environment, Leadership has changed. Leaders are called upon to understand the unique needs of their employees and empathize with their unique situations. Leading is not longer based on output, rather than the input they put into their teams. It is no secret, the team is dependent on their leader, and leaders are managing more than ever before with less shared responsibility. Effective leaders influence, inspire and motivate people to perform to their highest potential while achieving the goals of the business. 

Today’s successful leaders are quick to shift their mindsets and their approach to support making value-based decisions in high pressure situations. With everything changing so quickly, leaders must be prepared to meet unforeseen situations and crisis with integrity while measuring the past, present and future authentically. Critical thinking, strong communication skills, Critical thinking and interpersonal skills build trust and the respect of their peers and business relationships.

Jackie will team how to maintain integrity, strong relationships and establish rapport with new employees to create a synergized and collaborative approach to engage employees for peak productivity. This presentation brings a leader to meet challenges head on and to adopt an adaptive mindset for themselves and in support of their other leaders or their team. Learn to be at your best in every situation, when to listen, when to push and when to pull back to manage work relationships at other’s level.


Employment: Hire and Engage Talent for Workforce Performance

Are you having problems finding and keeping good staff? Have you made the mistake of hiring family only to feel taken advantage of?  Have you tried being friends with your employees only to feel totally betrayed? Are you worried or underestimating the hiring and firing mistakes you might be making that are leaving you and your business legally vulnerable? A new survey recently released, states that 52% of business owners ranked recruiting and hiring as their biggest challenge. Why? Because 50% of all hires do not work out.

The Great Resignation has been in large a cost of high inflation and employees seeking career opportunities instead of a job. Staff are looking to be appreciated and their wages to reflect the hard work they put into their jobs. Younger generations weigh different factors before committing to a company. Companies have also been forced to scale back salaries and lay off their staff due to business, economic and industry challenges. Labour, retention levels, training and costly hiring and firing mistakes are becoming one of the biggest costs a company is going to incur over the next decade. Gone are the days when people spent years working for one employer.  The average employee only stays at a job 2.6 years, and that is if you are lucky. There is no magic ball but having tools to assist you in improving strategy to hire, onboard and retain employees keeps the business running efficiently with more opportunity to set each employee into the right role and share responsibilities.

There is always opportunity in crisis and managing your talent should be made to become a major priority for any organization. Overwhelming your employees can drive them away and hiring new employees that are committed to the company is getting harder and harder to find. Strategically approaching the right employee can help identify new leaders and the talent that is committed to business responsibilities. Learn the foundational basics of reinventing the workplace based on talent support and requirements to help protect you from making any crucial errors to lessen your legal exposure. Learn how to prospect new and current employees to ensure you are supporting their needs and that they are the good fit, before taking a risk.  Understand how to learn what motivates different personalities and maintain a strong relationship with them to build confidence in themselves, the company, and their career.

Customer Service: Enhance the Experience & the Journey

The customer journey creates the customer’s experience. Today’s customers require more attention, have higher expectations, unique demands, and a wider variety of options when choosing who they purchase from. Businesses and their people must have a process to establish rapport and manage the customer’s journey through each touchpoint ensuring their experience, expectations, and unique requirements are not only supported, but exceeded. Unfortunately, many businesses fall short in consistently providing the positive customer service levels that clients desire, resulting in lower-than-expected feedback, resulting in poor customer retention levels which has an adverse effect on results and the bottom line.

Learn the importance of the customer journey, how they buy, use, and receive your services are cumulative touchpoints that result in an overall ‘experience’ with your organization. This presentation helps shape the approach to customer service and to structure your business to support your customer. From websites to purchasing, from phone calls to emails, from first conversation to follow up, Jackie helps identify key areas you may be losing opportunity in working with each customer within your industry and your business process. Discover proven techniques to Exceed Customer Service Expectations and immediately start to see an increase in long-term, loyal and repeat customers, per transaction dollar values and a big boost in profitability.


Build Stronger Internal and External Relationships – Using True Colors®

Want a more collaborative, productive, and profitable team?  Want to strengthen internal and external relationships, increasing their engagement, loyalty, and retention levels? Emotion fuels every decision and impacts everything you do and say daily; how you make decisions, tolerate stress, and manage time becomes a product of your relationships and ultimately the ability to navigate challenging times. Self-awareness, social awareness, and self-management are critical skills when working with others.

This personality assessment system will help you to powerfully “level up” your skillset with a greater appreciation for the uniqueness we all bring and create more meaningful relationships at home and at work. We are all leaders in one shape or form or another. Learn how to lead with confidence, communicate effectively, negotiate in conflict, and most importantly support all stakeholders to build trust through a compassionate lens. Building stronger relationships means less conflict, increased empathy and understandings which leads to a synergized team with relationships at the forefront of the culture of their job and their teams. Stronger relationships result in improved morale, culture, and collaboration, all of which lead to improved team engagement, performance and profitability. Take advantage of this unique session that brings teams to build with one another and get to know their colleagues on a new level for understanding and create a unified approach for the workforce committed to new heights.

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Why Choose Rainmakers?

You will have access to Jackie’s ability to MOTIVATE and INSPIRE people to love selling and SERVING OTHERS as much as she does. Jackie’s ‘how’ is the secret to your success! It’s all about the EXPERTISE, the EXPERIENCES, the STORIES, the ‘HOW’ to overcome the challenges…the failures…and the lessons learned that make a great trainer!

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