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Understand Your Clients and Colleagues On A Deeper Level

Take the powerful concepts of True Colors combined with Rainmakers’ unique sales and business focus to drive your success. Expect to:

  • Learn to identify behaviour, motivation, and natural tendencies in others
  • Grow to see others in a softer light with added tolerance, compassion, and empathy
  • Gain the benefits of this tool in a fun learning environment
  • Gain a powerful resource, indispensable for teamwork and engagement
  • Improve morale and reduce conflict
  • Advance your teams communication skills and productivity

Improve your team’s ability to work together by choosing one of the following presentations:

Achieving peak performance is dependent upon your ability to self-regulate build rapidrapport and stronger, deeper relationships and is based on understanding your potentialcustomer’s mindset; gaining your prospect’s trust is key. This valuable asset gives you insightinto the behaviour, motivation, and natural tendencies in each other, allowing you to seeyourself and people in a softer light with added tolerance, compassion, and empathy.

Wish you could find the secret to selling much faster and more successfully?? Gain asignificant advantage over your competition with this incredibly powerful and insightfulcourse. Discover how to quickly identify personality styles and purchasing triggers soyou can achieve faster sales results and greater profitability. Take your interpersonaland relationship building skills to the next level as you benefit from a shorter sales cycle.Fun, engaging and valuable take-aways that will make an immediate impact in your salesresults and relationship building skills. As the dynamics of selling continue to change inour rapidly evolving business world, so must your sales strategies if you want top salesresults. This is one of the most effective sales courses you will ever take!

Creating a culture of civility and respect among employees is critical for business success. Understanding how people react when under stress, anxiety, fear, or ego, leads to less judgement, condemnation, and criticism. Strong emotional intelligence helps individuals to communicate better, defuse conflicts, reduces their stress and anxiety, while improving relationships, and effectively overcome life’s challenges. The dark side allows us to better understand ourselves and others, leading to greater harmony and understanding at work and at home. If you have taken personality courses before, the Dark Side of Mastering Personal Performance is nothing like you have taken before!

Strong soft skills and business communication are critical whether it is with customers, leaders, or co-workers. Effectively engaging others verbally, non-verbally, visually, or in written format, and combined with active listening leads to less conflict, discord and miscommunication, improved problem solving and buy in within the organization which improves productivity and profitability. Understanding the 7 types of communication strategies leads to higher quality interaction, workplace interaction, culture, atmosphere, and trust. They build stronger relationships and have higher customer satisfaction levels resulting in more loyal, long-term, repeat, and referral customers. Overall, improved communication leads to a better bottom line. And everyone wants that!

Strong soft-skills are an important and sought-after trait in employees. The benefit for the company includes improved productivity, performance, and profitability. By enhancing unity, appreciation, and respect for others, the workplace becomes more communicative and collaborative with higher morale and engagement. It leads to less turnover, lower health-benefit claims usage, employee absenteeism, and improved culture. Learn where individual skills and natural talents are honored and recognized. What are you waiting for? If you have employee discord, are going through big changes or are simply trying to elevate your culture to a higher level of awesomeness… reach out!

Leaders set the tone of the organizational vision, mission, and goals. Improved emotional intelligence allows a leader to better motivate, inspire and develop your team. Self-awareness, social awareness, and self-management are critical skills that improve communication, negotiation, and leadership skills. Powerfully level up your skillset with improved emotional and sales intelligence so you can better communicate, negotiate, and lead. It is a do-not-miss course for business owners and leaders who want improved influence while creating bigger, better sales that close more quickly and effectively deliver the revenue results you want. Self-awareness allows a leader to self-regulate emotions and reactions, helping them to be more respectful of others, and create a more aligned and positive workplace environment.


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