Selling Made Simple Sales Success Mastermind Modules

Module 1


  • BUSINESS GOALS WRITTEN OUT: Write out the yearly goals for your business if you have not done so already. Complete the monthly goal sheet.
  • When those goals are written down, they set a clear vision and path for your business. You are more commitment in achieving those goals which leads to success
  • Get to know one another with short introductions (bring your best elevator pitch!)
  • Hear my commitment to you and your success
  • Get acquainted with my sales philosophy and WHY it works
  • Obtain all course worksheets and materials that will take you through the 12 week program

Module 2


  • SELLING HAS CHANGED: Understand how selling has changed and how we need to change with it to best meet the need's of today's modern buyer.
  • MINDSET FOR ACCOUNTABILITY, GROWTH, & SUCCESS: Understand how we can become stuck in self limiting beliefs and fear, and simple ways to push through to gain confidence and achieve your goals.
  • TIME MANAGEMENT: Where you should prioritize your time and why.

Module 3


  • MASTER PERSONAL PERFORMANCE (True Colors® Personality Assessment System) : Learn to identify behaviour, motivation, and natural tendencies in yourself, and others as you improve your soft skills and build faster, strong rapport and relationships.
  • Complete the Colors Personality Profile Assessment to identify your specific personality traits, areas of strength, and areas of potential growth.
  • PERSONALITY TO PROFIT (BONUS): Achieve bigger, faster sales results as you Identify the motivating factors that prompt different personality types to purchase.

Module 4


  • SELLING PHILOSOPHY: What changes can we make consistently over time can create significant results especially since selling has changed.
  • PREPARE PRACTICE & PROCESS: Plan the work and work the plan! Leads to the success you need in selling.
  • STEP-BY-STEP PROCESS: How process – a mental map – that - keeps you confident vs losing control and making costly mistakes.
  • PUT YOUR BEST SELF FORWARD: Learn to put your best self forward to project a look of a confident expert to maximize trust.

Module 5


  • THE POWER INTRO: Build automatic credibility and authority as you stand out from the crowd with impact and differentiation with this powerful yet simple introduction.

Module 6


  • BUILD RAPPORT: Learn how to build rapport. It is essential in creating trust, connecting with, and furthering a relationship.

Module 7


  • ASK QUESTIONS: Discover how to delve deeper- There are a multitude of questions you can ask your customers, but you only need to ask these 4 to find out what your customer really needs.
  • ACTIVE LISTENING: Too often we do too much talking and not enough listening. Improve your active listening skills and really start to hear the clues your customer is telling you

Module 8


  • DETERMINING EMOTIONAL NEED: Understand how emotional needs play a factor in Selling and how you can support your client in finding a solution to support through features and benefits.
  • PAIN POINTS: Discover the variety of pain points or purchasing motivators that prompt people to buy and the types of solutions you can provide.

Module 9


  • PRESENT THE SOLUTION: Select the top 3 features and benefits that meet your customer’s specific needs to avoid overwhelm and maximize effectiveness.
  • UPSELLING YOUR CLIENT: Discover a number of simple strategies for upselling your customer that becomes a win/win.

Module 10


  • TRIAL CLOSE: Before we can close, we need to do a trial close – test the client to see if they are ready.
  • OVERCOME OBJECTIONS: Then with 3 simple steps you can effectively overcome any objection, and close with one simple sentence. Yes – it is that easy!
  • FOLLOW UP is an essential in selling. Customers don’t make decisions right away but too often we neglect to circle back. Find your fortune in the follow up referrals, testimonials & top of mind.

Module 11


  • FEAR OF COLD CALLING: Steps to easily overcome our fear of prospecting resulting in pushing past procrastinating and excuses.
  • FINDING NEW CUSTOMERS: Simple ways to find new leads including the CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE so you can fill your funnel.

Module 12


  • TYPES OF PROSPECTING: The various types of prospecting to generate leads but lets zig while others zag… use the telephone.
  • TELEPHONE PROSPECTING: 10 Simple Steps to telephone prospecting, the rules to follow, and an easy script to follow that is natural and authentic so you can be super successful when generating leads on the phone.
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