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"Badass the things that others won't so they can live life like others don't."

-Jackie Rainforth

Award-winning sales expert, facilitator, and sought-after conference speaker Jackie Rainforth achieved enormous success as one of the few outstanding, professional saleswomen to make it to the top of the male-dominated construction industry. She is the founder and CEO of the nationally acclaimed Rainmakers Business Solutions.

Now, this dynamic RBC Woman Entrepreneur of Canada award nominee is a much sought-after trainer and conference speaker sharing the proven sales strategies that will take you or your team’s performance from stalled to unstoppable!




Know Magazine Global 2022

Know Magazine Global 2022

Womanition Grow Your Business Article 2021

Womanition Magazine 2020

Toastmasters Article 2020

The Angie Osto Magazine 2019

Womanition Magazine 2019


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The Badass Guide To Superstar Selling

Break through these modern-day obstacles and become a BADASS SALES SUPERSTAR

Jackie’s progressive perspective, combined with her simple but ultra-effective sales strategies, tips, and techniques shows you exactly what you need to break through these modern-day obstacles and become a BADASS SALES SUPERSTAR.

Book Offer When You Treat Your Team

Buy 10 or more books for your sales team and receive a complimentary, 60 minute, one on one phone consultation with the THE RAINMAKER, Jackie Rainforth!

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