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Most Requested Keynote Topics

Talk 1

life disrupted - i died

Life After Near-Death

A near-death scuba diving incident and three days in critical condition changed Jackie’s life. The incident left her questioning her career, her path, and her purpose. As she passed over to the other side, surrounded by grace, the Universe left her a very clear message: “You haven’t been listening to the signs and signals. You have been blessed with many gifts and talents. Share them to help others become more confident and successful in what they do. You have a new path ahead.”
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Talk 2

Heels of steel

Badass in Today's World

Jackie's actionable words of wisdom to women looking to stand out and be seen, helping women to be and feel like more, as they overcome the confidence gap and imposter syndrome, learning to walk in heels of steel, as they successfully navigate their careers upwards, especially those who need to learn the unspoken rules of today's business world, where gaining respect can feel obscure and somewhat unattainable.
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Talk 3


Job Loss & Bouncing Back

Jackie shares her journeys of hitting bottom, her motivational, heart-breaking journey of having lost her career, identity and the reputation for excellence that had defined her, and the world she painstakingly built for herself that was irreversibly ruined, after a devasting and debilitating broken foot and the loss of her job that left her feeling unidentifiably worthless, and ostracized without the success that defined her. Improve your resiliency, and protect your self-esteem as you also learn how to bounce back bigger and better than before.
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Dynamic & Powerful Speaker who motivates, engages, and wows audiences

“I have had the pleasure of booking Jackie as a guest presenter.

Jackie's entertaining, engaging, and informative delivery style had everyone sitting on the edge of their seat as she showcased her expertise in modern sales strategies that actually work when implemented!

She is exceptionally generous in sharing her knowledge, experience and heartfelt stories that inspire and connect with the audience.

Jackie also shares great tools that are easy to implement and provide tangible results.”

Michelle Andrishak
CMC Founder & CEO, Women in Business & Leadership Inc.

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Happy Customers

What Can Jackie Do for You and Your Audience?

  • Offer practical advice and resources for overcoming adversity and bouncing back from difficult situations
  • Offer guidance on how to overcome self-doubt and build confidence
  • Encourage audiences to take action and make positive changes in their lives and careers
  • Encourage audiences to embrace their unique strengths and skills and use them to reach their goals
  • Address common roadblocks that people face in the workplace and provide strategies for overcoming them
  • Give insights on how to navigate change and uncertainty
  • Unlock the full potential of your team and organization through personal and professional growth
  • Empower your audiences to reach their goals and aspirations
  • Inspire individuals and teams to take action towards achieving their full potential

What Does Jackie do that Matters to you, the Event Planner?

  • Connect with audiences from all backgrounds and walks of life
  • Provide tailored and customized presentations to meet the specific needs of your event
  • Offer valuable takeaways and tools for continued personal and professional development
  • Leave audiences feeling energized and inspired to reach their full potential
  • Create a positive and impactful experience for your event attendees
  • Offer follow up support and resources for continued growth and development

Success Stories

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