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In today’s modern, fast-paced world full of resistant, indecisive and hard-to-access customers, gaining a competitive advantage has become increasingly more difficult. 

The art of selling has changed drastically. Yesterday’s selling techniques are outdated and obsolete. The very essence of our business landscape is in transition due to massive technological advances, economic instability, multi-generational diversity, and ever-increasing competition all intensely influencing how, when and why people purchase.

Learn how Jackie went from barely surviving to thriving as a record-breaking, award-winning sales expert.

Jackie’s progressive perspective, combined with her simple but ultra-effective sales strategies, tips, and techniques show you exactly what you need to break through these modern day obstacles and become a BADASS SALES SUPERSTAR.


Book Offer When You Treat Your Team

Buy 10 or more books for your sales team and receive a complimentary, 60 minute, one on one phone consultation with the THE RAINMAKER, Jackie Rainforth!

The single best way to increase team productivity and up-level your team to BADASS SUPERSTARS!

They will learn to delve deeper, sell better and achieve faster results!

This book is full of great advice and wisdom from someone who’s been there; someone who has super-achieved and surpassed her own wildest expectations. The book not only contains highly valuable information, it is fun to read and is very inspiring.  Thanks, Jackie!

Cathleen FillmoreOwner, Speakers Gold Bureau

become a badass superstar

by learning how to Delve deeper, Sell Better and Achieve Faster Results’ from the record-breaking, award-winning Sales Superstar, Jackie Rainforth.

This book is filled with incredibly easy and practical sale nuggets to help you achieve the income you desire and the lifestyle you dream of.

$2.00 from every book is automatically donated to Barbara / Hearing First Steps to continue to help underprivileged with hearing tests, ear care education and the supply of hearing aids.

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