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This advanced course is for those who want to refine and master the art of selling! Highly interactive with role play and video to ensure the smallest of details are refined, this is the ultimate in sales learning and development. This is for the seasoned sales professional who wants to be the best of the best, taking their income and career to the next level.


57% of Sales Teams are NOT Meeting Target  (Harvard Business Review)

Too many salespeople are going in to see customers without a sales call plan or strategy – they are simply ‘winging it’.  Whether it is to meet long term organization goals or monthly quotas, each of those calls equates to lost opportunities, lost income and worse… lost customer retention. Instead, learn how to ensure that every sales call includes a powerful individualized strategic plan with a tailored approach that is personalised for each customer.  Create customized strategic call plans that fully meet customer expectations, while they differentiate you and your organization, not only as consultative sales experts and solution providers, but over time, achieve the ultimate competitive advantage as customers become loyal, long-term brand ambassadors, opening the door to maximizing your per transaction values, customer referral rates, and overall profitability.

Negotiation skills are critical in business. You negotiate every day whether it is with customers, suppliers, colleagues, your boss or employees. In successful negotiations, the needs of all parties are met.  Expectations are expressed, communication is two-way and desired outcomes are achieved without damage to relationship. 

Gain valuable insight into the fundamentals required to create a more successful negotiation.  Learn the common negotiation tactics used when negotiating and how to handle to successfully protect your interests and create more win/wins. Discover which mistakes to avoid, how to keep your emotions in check, and empower yourself with confidence as you become a more collaborative dealmaker and influencer.    

Today’s corporate decision makers are busier than ever before facing challenges like highly competitive markets, limited financial and human resources, and the explosion of technology. Consequently, as a sales professional, these leaders are even more unavailable to you if not impossible to reach.  Most have at least one “gatekeeper” running interference for them, vigilantly protecting their time by keeping non-essential people at a distance. The average person receives 122 emails a day, so if this is your chosen method of communication, clearly, your message must stand out from the rest. The way you go about asking for their time, and the things you say and do are what makes the definitive difference.  Learn how to target their specific needs, talk their language, and clearly understand the unique process needed, to gain an appointment and sell to the c-suite.  Skyrocket your success as you tap into these elite decision-makers and watch your results, revenues, and business grow. 

Do you feel like your presentation skills are lacking? Hate speaking in public?? FEAR NO MORE!! Strong presentation skills are the key to getting your point across and ensure your audience understand you. A highly interactive class focused on mastering your presentation skills with the use of interactive videotaping and role playing.  Discover how to create a powerful presence in front of people by learning how to be your best self centre-stage or in front of customers. Learn the do’s and don’ts of public speaking while you become more confident, natural and refined. This course will take you and your team to the top of their game as they master their presentation skills with real world application. No longer will you cringe when in front of customers, important and/or larger audiences. Instead, speak like a pro!

Leadership has nothing to do with position, title or status, and everything to do with behavior. Effective leaders influence, inspire and motivate people to perform to their highest potential in support of the organizations’ goals.  It is an observable set of actions and abilities that include problem solving, decision making, planning, delegation, inter-personal skills, and communication. A skillset that results in strong, resilient teams and a positive culture that lead to higher business productivity and profitability. Learn effective ways to influence others as you Identify the six key characteristics of modern and effective leadership styles and the five practices of exemplary leadership.


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