Delve Deeper,
Sell Better and
Achieve Faster Results!

SELLING made SIMPLE’ is an innovative and comprehensive 5 Step Selling Program
based on a foundation of ‘modern yet simple’ sales techniques that take the struggle out of selling,
creating immediate impact and high-performance sales results.

Proven to help you to drive bigger and faster results, take your selling from the stone age into the modern era, with a new, more influential, and powerful set of skills and selling processes. 

Whether you are 

  • seasoned sales professional, 
  • new to sales, or
  • somewhere in between.

The fundamentals of selling can be supercharged to make a dramatic difference in this fiercely competitive, and unpredictable marketplace where customers are harder to reach and slower to decide. 

Jackie will show you how delve deeper, sell better and achieve faster results as you Create More Leads, Gain More Customers, and Close More Deals. 

How many more lost sales opportunities are you going to experience before you take your sales from stalled to unstoppable and start creating the revenue and income you need?

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January 14-16, 2021

Thursday Jan 14, 8:00am-4:00pm 

Friday Jan 15, 8:00am-4:00pm
Saturday Jan 16, 9:00 am – 2:00 pm

Take your sales from stalled to unstoppable!

Topics we'll cover: 

  • What Makes a Superstar 
  • KISS: Keep Selling Simple
  • Superstar Strategy and Mindset
  • How Selling Has Changed
  • Age of Excellence
  • Expectations have Changed
  • Preparing like a Professional
  • What is Required in Modern Selling
  • How to Overcome Today’s Resistant Customer
  • Creative a Competitive Advantage
  • Achieve & Succeed 
  • Social Proof
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