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Energetic and knowledgeable, she is a powerful speaker who engages, inspires and entertains her audience.


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Take your relationship building competency and sales effectiveness to the next level!  This is a do-not-miss presentation that will improve communication, relationship building, and personal soft skills to the next level, creating increased sales results!

  • Understand personality styles to achieve faster, improved sales results and team interaction improving communication, collaboration, and culture.
  • Build strong relationships with customers and team members increasing long term, loyal, repeat and referral customers and working relationships.
  • Effectively deal with difficult customers, understanding the natural tendancies of how we act when stressed, frustrated or angry, minimizing conflict and disagreement, instead learning to create win/win situations.
  • Quickly identify the needs, triggers and motivators that drive people to purchase, creating a shorter sales cycle, while achieving faster and improved sales results.
Fun, engaging and filled with valuable take-aways, people will be talking about this presentation and
using the techniques and approaches for years to come.


Networking is the cornerstone to growing your sales today.  Learn how to maximize your lead generation through formal and informal networking events, association meetings etc., ensuring you get the most return on money spent.  Learn to maximize your sales opportunities with this innovative presentation.

  • Selling has changed, learn why is networking is now so important.
  • Identify which events are the best to attend and why. Plus tips to maximize your introductions.
  • Understand the TRAFFIC LIGHT methodology and why it is vital to gain momentum in those critical first moments.
  • Learn the creative and dynamic POWER INTRO to captivate, intrigue and engage prospects into conversation furthering your lead potential.
  • Recognize the importance of REFERRALS, how to gain them, use to your advantage and grow your business.
A modern technique for today’s sales professionals and business owners. Become a lead generating ninja with the strategies, tips and techniques taught in this presentation to increase your sales and generate a higher income.


Selling has changed!! Gain a competitive advantage by differentiating from the pack, accelerating your results and growing your business.  Learn why the old ways of selling no longer work and what the new MODERN approach to selling requires.
  • Strategic methods to help stand out from the crowd, enabling healthier margins and price.
  • Learn various ways to differentiate so that you can reduce the threat of ever-growing competition and gain the competitive advantage you need to succeed in today’s market.
  • Learn how selling has changed and how to win in today’s unyielding business world.
  • Understand the importance of differentiation and how to distance yourself from your competitors.

  • An engaging and informative presentation that will leave you with a multitude of ideas to increase your sales, improve your business, and enhance profitability. Filled with strategies, tips and techniques to help make an impactful and substantial difference in your results and your income.

    Jackie Rainforth spoke at a few of our WOMANITION events.  She presents herself with confidence and was totally on point with her information.  Anyone in sales and marketing or who has a team of sales people should hear Jackie present as she is incredibility knowledgeable and walks the talk.  Even as a seasoned marketer l left feeling refreshed with some new ideas

    Dorothy Briggs

    Publisher / Owner WOMANITION INC.

    Jackie Rainforth, delivered a powerful presentation.  I heard many positive comments on her presentation from my members, and I personally walked away with some fabulous tips that I will use in the future.  I would highly recommend Jackie as a speaker to any company, business leader or entrepreneur who have the desire to learn effective ways to become the top seller of their products and services.

    Darla Zuk


    TEC CANADA Certified Presenter/Speaker

    Delve Deeper – Sell Better – Achieve Faster Sales Results

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