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“Education, Energy and Entertainment are what you get with Jackie! She has a ton of personality and enthusiasm for her business. I would highly recommend Jackie for sales training or a speaking engagement! With her down to earth style and common sense tips and tricks, she is your go to Sales Expert.”

-Susan Kandalaft
President, Executive Solutions Ltd.

Life Disrupted - I Died!

Jackie is a record-breaking, award-winning Sales Expert, Trainer, Professional Speaker, and Author of the upcoming book THE BAD ASS GUIDE TO SUPERSTAR SELLING. But her life was completely DISRUPTED after a near-death scuba incident and three days in critical condition, where she clung to life. She now shares the message she received that day and how to:
• Learn to listen for the signs and signals: people, patterns and personal indicators
• Live your Dreams! Face your fears and instead start to live your path, purpose and passion.
• Tear of the mask we all wear to become more genuine, authentic and real.
• Rev up your relationships

This inspiring and motivating story helps audiences to dig deep within themselves to live happier, more fulfilled lives.

Jackie Rainforth spoke at a few of our WOMANITION events.  She presents herself with confidence and was totally on point with her information.  Anyone in sales and marketing or who has a team of sales people should hear Jackie present as she is incredibility knowledgeable and walks the talk.  Even as a seasoned marketer l left feeling refreshed with some new ideas

Dorothy Briggs

Publisher / Owner WOMANITION INC.

Jackie is an informed and powerful speaker that knows her stuff! If you need relationship building, selling or personality profiling, you will be amazed with Jackie’s presentations.

Jessive Lo Russo

Powered Profit education management

Jackie Rainforth, delivered a powerful presentation.  I heard many positive comments on her presentation from my members, and I personally walked away with some fabulous tips that I will use in the future.  I would highly recommend Jackie as a speaker to any company, business leader or entrepreneur who have the desire to learn effective ways to become the top seller of their products and services.

Darla Zuk



Selling Has Changed!

Finding it harder to close a deal? What used to work in selling is no longer as effective. Learn modern yet simple techniques and strategies to easily overcome today's resistant customer, including how to gain a competitive advantage. Learn how to become a Top 1% BADASS SALES SUPERSTAR.
• Learn how selling has changed and how to win in today’s unyielding business world. Understand the importance of how the horse wins the race.
• Strategic methods to stand out from the crowd enabling healthier margins and price points. How serving and customer service.
• Learn various ways to differentiate so that you can reduce the threat of ever-growing competition and gain the competitive advantage you need to succeed in today’s market. Gain a competitive advantage.

Filled with approaches, strategies, tips and techniques to make an impactful difference in sales results and income.

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Confidently Conquer Closing

Wishing you could improve your closing ratio? Not earning the income you want? Learn how to delve deeper and sell better. Learn a simple and proven 3-Step process to easily close and improve your closing ratio. It includes:
• Asking thought-provoking Questions that captivate and engage prospects, to speak openly and share valuable information so you can quickly and effectively close and seal the deal.
• Understand how to determine the deeper need and use my two magic words to close more deals and exponentially increase sales.
• Learn how to test for temperature and learn simple, one-line closing sentences that guarantee sales closing success.

Create the confidence your team needs to consistently reach target with this modern yet highly effective closing technique.

sales training, Jackie Rainforth, sales, business, business development, Canada, USA, sales person, sales manager, corporation, business training

Personality to Profit

Wish you could find the secret to selling much faster and more successfully? Powerful techniques to easily identify personality styles, purchasing triggers and areas of focus on to achieve faster results and greater profitability. Take your interpersonal skills and sales effectiveness to the next level!
• Understand personality styles to achieve faster sales results and improve team interaction, communication, collaboration, and culture.
• Build strong relationships with customers and team members increasing long term, loyal, repeat and referral customers to increase sales..
• Effectively deal with difficult customers and coworkers, understanding the natural tendencies of how we act when stressed, frustrated or angry, minimizing conflict and disagreement, instead learning to create a win/win.
• Quickly identify the needs and triggers that drive people to purchase

Creating a shorter sales cycle and improved sales results. Fun, engaging and filled with valuable take-aways, that will make an immediate impact in sales results and relationship building skills

sales training, Jackie Rainforth, sales, business, business development, Canada, USA, sales person, sales manager, corporation, business training

Women that Wow

As women in sales and as business owners we have unique challenges and obstacles, particularly when in male dominated industries.
• Discover how we are different and how to use the incredible girl-power strengths we possess to our advantage when selling.
• Learn tips, techniques and strategies specific to us as women to advance your sales careers and your businesses.
• Understand the boys club, how men think, and the traps to stay away from to rise above.
• Learn how to be heard, earn respect, and use our gifts to become top performers.

Create improved balance with time management tips to ensure we shine in all areas of our lives.

Selling Women vs. Men

Did you know that women drive 70-80% of all purchases? Discover how to tap into this unique and powerful group of purchasers and how they differ from men.
• Learn how their habits, behaviour, thought processes, purchasing triggers and preferences are very different from men when making buying decisions.
• Discover the selling techniques, approaches that work best with the each gender.
• Learn the customer service expectations of women to maximize sales and best serve this influential group.
• Understand their role with online shopping, the importance of peers, mobile devices.
• Discover the situations to avoid that cause the most frustration.

Women are more influential and powerful than ever before when it comes to selling. Uncover the key to the female mind and maximize your sales opportunities.

sales training, Jackie Rainforth, sales, business, business development, Canada, USA, sales person, sales manager, corporation, business training

Business Cards that Build Business

Are your business cards as effective as you think they could be? Most aren’t.
• Learn effective ways to ensure your business card is professional, makes an impression, delivers a message, generate leads and clearly explains what you do and what you provide.
• Understand why the business card is still the most effective marketing took you have.
• Discover how to most effectively design your card right to create the most visual and selling impact.
• Learn how to distribute and best use your cards to create new business.
• Receiving a lot of business cards? Learn the most effective ways to use to build and grow your business.

Business cards are still a vital element to marketing your business. Get it right With this informative business building session.

sales training, Jackie Rainforth, sales, business, business development, Canada, USA, sales person, sales manager, corporation, business training

Necessary Negotiation Skills for Women

Negotiation skills are critical in business. Do you feel your negotiation skills are lacking? Want to feel more confident and in control instead of feeling like you got the raw end of the deal? Gain valuable insight:
• Learn the fundamentals required to create a more successful negotiation.
• Learn the common negotiation tactics used in negotiation and how to handle them to better protect your interests while creating a win/win.
• Discover how men and women differ when negotiating.
• Learn how to leverage the natural skills women possess.
• Leverage your personal strengths and improve your weaknesses to create improved outcomes.
• Learn when you should and shouldn’t negotiate.
•Top negotiation mistakes.

Expand your negotiation skills so you can feel more confident and controlled while learning how to create more enhanced business and personal relationships and outcomes

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hearing tests, assist in obtaining medical attention, educate on ear care and to supply hearing aids.

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