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    Customized to create added impact!

    An expert speaker, Jackie combines dynamic delivery with killer content for a powerful “info-tainment” experience. No matter the topic, her presentations are relevant, intriguing and informative.

    “Anyone in business who has a team of salespeople should hear Jackie Rainforth present. Confident and totally on point with her information, she is incredibility knowledgeable and walks the talk. Even as a seasoned marketer, l left feeling refreshed with some new ideas. Thank you, Jackie, I appreciate your expertise.”

    Dorothy Briggs
    Publisher/Owner Womanition Inc.

    “Jackie Rainforth, the owner of Rainmakers Business Solutions, delivers a powerful presentation with very meaningful messages. I heard many positive comments and I personally walked away with some fabulous tips that I will use in the future. If you’re looking to learn more effective ways to network and maximize your sales performance, I would highly recommend Jackie as a speaker!”

    Darla Zuk
    Owner, Prestige Event Planning



    Jackie Rainforth had it all as an award-winning, record-breaking sales expert when she experienced two devastating and life-changing events. Now a renowned professional speaker and sales trainer, she shares how a debilitating injury that robbed her of two and a half years of her life, and a near-death scuba diving incident put her in critical condition clinging to life, turned out to be the catalysts that totally revitalized her perspective on life and, ultimately on her career.

    From ramshackle to rise again, from adversity to superstar accomplishment, her journey will
    inspire and motivate you. Helping you to listen, leap and overcome the obstacles in your life to become a lionheart in the pursuit of your own passion and happiness.

    “Jackie Rainforth is someone who is an expert at one of the most powerful qualities I witness in transformational speakers…the ability to be present and caring with the people in the audience while deeply vulnerably sharing a personal life altering experience. People are riveted by the grace and strength she shines in sharing her story and they can identify with the valuable content she provides. Jackie creates the environment that allows someone to relate to their own life, be inspired by what is possible, and begin taking action towards something new. As an event organizer, it is a true gift to work with her and see the impact she has on an audience. I am grateful to have had her on my stage and to have also had the pleasure to share a stage with her.”

    Loree Cowling 
    Director, Women Talk Okotoks


    A ‘modern yet simple’ approach to selling that creates BADASS RESULTS!! Learn important and practical techniques and approaches to delve deeper, sell better and achieve faster results.

    • Mastering Personal Performance-Selling
    • Selling Has Changed
    • Prepare To Present
    • Powerful Presentations
    • Conquer Closing
    • The Fortune Is In The Follow Up


    As a successful sales professional and business owner in the male dominated construction industry, Jackie understands only too well the adversity women face in the business. Jackie empowers women to confidently embrace the unique value they provide, helping them to find success while shining their unique brillance.

    • Women Who Wow! Badass In The Boys Club
    • Necessary Negotiation Skills for Women
    • Masterfully Manage The Mean Girls


    As an entrepreneur and owner of a number of highly successful businesses, Jackie knows how hard it can be to maintain a healthy business while also keeping the sales funnel full. These presentations are designed for business owners & professionals (lawyers, accountants, designers, dentists, etc.) who are not officially trained in sales but need to sell the services they provide. 

    Gain the confidence you need to grow your business!

    • Selling For The Non-Sellers-The Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling
    • Mastering Personal Performance-Personality is the Key to Profit
    • Nail Your Networking and Make It Pay!

    Besides being a Super BADASS Pro as a sales mentor, Jackie’s speaking ability and natural stage presence is captivating, raw and real.  I would highly recommend Jackie to corporate groups who are looking for a flame to light a fire under their sales team! 

    Sharon Shore 
    Blackstone Realty

    Learn to "Nail Your Networking"!

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