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WHO DOES Jackie Rainforth HELP?

Jackie helps leaders, business owners, rising professionals and entrepreneurs elevate to higher levels of sales, leadership development and employee management success. She knows how quickly and easily businesses can fall behind the competition in this fast paced, ever-changing world.

Her sought-after, customized, speaker presentations and highly popular training workshops will EQUIP YOUR AUDIENCE/ORGANIZATION with THE TOOLS, SKILLSET, MINDSET & KNOWLEDGE to OVERCOME BUSINESS DISRUPTION, CHANGE, CHALLENGES, & FAILURES that are so common in today’s business environment OPTIMIZING THEIR PRODUCTIVITY, PERFORMANCE & PROFITABILITY.

WHAT DOES Jackie Rainforth DELIVER?

With her 25 year+ of record-breaking success (and many life-lesson-failures that she has learned from along the way) she has innovative solutions, real-life experiences, and multitude of stories to help your audience/organization OUTSELL, OUTPERFORM, OUTMANAGE, and OVERCOME MANY OF THE CHALLENGES they face today.


WHAT IS Jackie Rainforth KNOWN FOR?

Known for presentations that EDUCATE-ENERGIZE-ENTERTAIN and leave AUDIENCES ASKING FOR MORE, her goal is to always provide VALUE-VALUE-VALUE ensuring your audience leaves with an abundance of takeaways!!! She creates high performance results because she knows it is important to MAKE YOU SHINE AS SHE DELIVERS THE OUTCOMES YOU & YOUR AUDIENCE DESIRE!

Jackie’s superpower is your audience’s sales and leadership empowerment, helping them ELEVATE TO A HIGHER LEVEL OF SUCCESS, so they can MAKE IT RAIN RESULTS in their business!

“We just had the honour of having Jackie speak at our annual Forecast conference and tradeshow. She is a wealth of knowledge and the attendees of her session absolutely loved her. They raved about how engaging and informative she was.”

Carrie Thiessen
Event Coordinator, CREB



Maximizing your performance and profitability is the goal.

There is always a next level…

We have the solutions you need…




You know that social media, particularly LINKED IN is the new way to cold call and reach thousands… but are you not sure how to do it?  Are you scared to put yourself out there?   

Learn how to build a personal brand, become the go-to expert or company in your industry, create a header that captives and drives business, learn simple and grow your business on the social media platforms (primarily LINKED IN) by discovering the four ways to engage, find new leads, be seen without costly SEO, websites, and marketing services. The world has changed, and we need to change with it.  Learn how to sell online and grow your business.  It is a lot easier than you think!  Uncover the valuable strategies that you can immediately implement to generate new customers and rev up your revenue!

  • Diversify or Die! Mastering the 8 x C’s of Social Selling
  • Master the Essentials of LinkedIn – The New Cold Calling-Earn More!
  • Become a Go-To Industry Expert & Influencer Online with These Simple Steps
  • Ignite Your Brand & Grow & Become a Go-To Industry Expert
  • Master the Fundamentals of Online Selling & Email Campaigns Through LinkedIn
  • Remote Selling: The Do’s & Don’ts on How to be Most Effective

Process, People, Profits: Discover simple strategic sales processes to implement, streamline, or expand within your organization as you improve the effectiveness, and efficiency of your business. Without process, your people can not succeed. “Organizations who use formal sales processes earn 28% more than those who do not.” (Harvard Business School). Simple, repeatable, and standardized processes for everyday tasks such as lead generation, overcoming objections, closing, and follow-up, can give your employees the roadmap they need, to create repeatable results exponentially increasing your sales and profitability. Without enabling your people, you are losing daily profits and your reputation can become damaged. Implementing step-by-step repeatable processes minimize costly errors, curtail missed steps, and reduce panic discounting, while fostering a culture of value and solution selling, purchasing simplicity, and enhanced customer service, that results in higher revenues, and income. 

Too many salespeople are going in to see customers without a sales call plan or strategy – they are simply ‘winging it’.  Discover how neurosciences illustrates the reaction to the brain and the psychological effect on the customer. Whether it is to meet long term organization goals or monthly quotas, each of those calls equates to lost opportunities, lost revenue, and worse… lost customers. Ensure that every sales conversation includes a powerful individualized strategic plan with a tailored approach that is personalised for each customer. Customized strategic sales call plans should fully meet customer expectations, yet studies show 60% of sales calls being made today are a waste of time with no real sales potential or sale value being provided (Selling Power Magazine).  Effective communication needs to differentiate you and your organization, not only as consultative sales experts, and solution providers, but over time, you should achieve the ultimate competitive advantage as your clients’ trusted supply partner of choice. Learn the 3 stages that can influence a buyer and the neurosciences of your customers so that you can position your approach and your services to align with their behavioural instincts, moving them to a YES.

Creating strategic plans and processes and working those plans will result in improved sales team productivity and performance, an increase in per transactional revenue, and overall goal achievement whether. Watch as the as the ‘likeability factor’ abounds, and relationships grow. Customers will become loyal, long-term brand ambassadors, opening the door to maximizing your per transaction values, customer referral rates, and overall profitability – ALL… without having to grow your team. Watch as your teams excel as confident, authoritative experts, instilling unbreakable trust and bonds with your clients. Watch as your revenues and KPI’s skyrocket!

Are your sales lagging?  Do you desperately need a competitive advantage? With such fierce competition out there, it is essential to stand out from the crowd and do everything you can to differentiate yourselves.  Learn strategies to make you, your product and your company more unique and desirable to your customers, prompting their willingness to pay more by providing exceptional service. Following standardized repeatable processes, creating strategic call plans, being a value-add and solution provider, and doing the small things that others don’t, are the first steps to providing exceptional levels of customer service helping you to outsell and outperform your competition.  But follow-up is an area that many salespeople and business owners neglect.

Not only are you missing out on lucrative sales opportunities when you don’t follow up, but you are alienating potential clients who are now disappointed, frustrated, even angry that you didn’t get in touch as promised. Discover why follow-up contact is so important to today’s customer. Learn how to implement easy, efficient processes to ensure the consistent follow up practices that increase sales and encourage long-term, loyal, repeat customers. Systems foster positive habits, the key fail-safes for highly effective people.  Whether it is self-sabotage, procrastination, lack of efficient systems, or simply not asking for referrals and testimonials, learn best practice take-aways to easily and immediately improve your results and your income! Don’t wait!  Catapult you sales and watch your repeatable business grow as you implement follow-up systems that skyrocket your income!

Do you need more customers and not sure how or where to find them? Have you lost customers over time and want them back? Not sure how to win them back? Is fear holding you back from reaching out to old clients or do you worry that new clients may not be receptive to you initiating the conversation?

Preparation is the key to any sales conversation. When prospecting you need to be prepared both physically and psychologically with the proper mindset, attitude and ability to handle rejection. Having a powerful phone presence and a highly effective skillset, is a successful way to bring in more customers both when prospecting and when dealing with everyday aspects of your business, otherwise it can result in the opposite doing more harm than good. When prospecting by email there is a simple yet strategic system to email campaigns and social selling that should be adhered to and the positioning of the email must be curated carefully, otherwise you will go unread or viewers will unsubscribe. In today’s world of social selling, you need to be informed and equally prepared for the other type of customer call-to-action and opt-in communications in you want to positively engage the receiver and make the right impression with your customer or potential customer.  

Creating communication processes including proper top-of-mind and follow-up campaigns are critical to gain repeat and word-of-mouth referral to incrementally and systematically grow your business.

Whether it is a customer service call, delivering bad news, making a follow-up call, trying to get through after being ghosted, having an effective communication sales process for the variety of different customers and situations, including upselling, feature-benefit and deeper meaning selling, using Jackie’s 2-secret-words to value-selling and problem solving, her 3 simple 3-step system to overcome objections and 1-sentence close, her Power Intro which can be used to Nail Networking, Powerfully Prospect, and for Email Campaigns, or 3 Letter Email Campaign, her simple processes  will significantly help you achieve your goals. Regardless of the type of sales you are in, the who, what where why and when can always be discussed but success is always found in the knowing HOW!!

This presentation is highly customized and focuses on topics within or expanded from:

  • Learn how to generate more leads, find new customers and close more deals
  • Discover how to create campaigns, communicate, and converse and create opt-ins.
  • Maintain, retaining, and recover lost clients and then grow per transaction dollar values through a variety of methods including upselling.
  • Customize presentations and selling methods as you learn to make your way to the decision makers and C-Suite.
  • Serve each customer on their level, understand their unique needs, deeper needs, and their individual objectives. You cannot sell to everyone the same or make assumptions.
  • Understand the hierarchy of the purchasing process the buyer’s decision-making process, and the massive everyday mistakes that are costing you business.
  • Prepare for each conversation by mastering the services and products you offer each client as you become a value provider & problem solver.
  • Learn Prospecting processes, communication skills, powerful questions, and simple methods to prevent being ghosted as you convert each prospect.
  • Learn when and how to use each line of communication such as phone, emails and zoom calls to create and convert new leads with confidence.
  • Master Modern Essentials for Remote and Social Selling plus Email. Call-to-Action, and Opt-In Campaigns.
  • Maximize your efficiency through improved time management.
  • Overcome fear, create confidence, improve mindset and better manage relationships and create an abundance of leads strategically.
  • Learn how to target their specific needs, talk their language, and clearly understand the unique process needed, to gain an appointment and sell to the c-suite
  • The Fortune is in the Follow up. Discover the when, why and how to follow-up with each contact.
  • Gauge and navigate each customer personality to build and strengthen your relationship while achieving faster sales results.
  • Ask for referrals, and testimonials to incrementally grow your business.

 Want more? Check our full list of SPEAKING TOPICS here!

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