Retention & Accountability Programs

How many seminars, classes or workshops have you been to or sent your staff to and within a few months it is forgotten?  If you are lucky one or two takeaways have been retained?!  

We believe BEHAVIOR CHANGE is what is required to create long term sustained growth. That is why we include individualized RETENTION AND ACCOUNTABILITY options to maximum training retention and provide a return on your learning and development investment.  

Our Proactive Preventative Programs assist participants with 

  • immediate implementation of the concepts learned. 
  • ability to use the new skillset to overcome real life, everyday challenges. 
  • provides solutions to your current sales and customer service needs.
  • provide instant growth, credibility and confidence.  
  • minimizes the gap between potential sales lost and  a successful path of sales growth.
  • provides the ultimate in training value. 

Customized 3 month, 6 month and year long RETENTION & ACCOUNTABILITY PROGRAMS are available.   


Superstar Selling® isn’t just about achieving high sales revenues.  Superstar Selling® is about using multiple avenues to increase profitability.  Find out how to maximize your profitability and achieve the high performance results you and your Organization are looking for!

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