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    Outsell and Outperform In A Tough Economy

    • When in a tough economy, it is essential to stand out from the crowd and do everything you can to differentiate. Thinking outside the box will become second nature after this innovative training shows you how to market your business and outperform your competition by presenting your product or service with an inventive twist. Learn how to make you, your solution and your company more uniquely desirable to your customers, and thus more valuable. Discover approaches that will prompt prospects to purchase more volume with less deliberation. These are simple selling strategies designed to motivate today’s most resistant buyers and help you sell better, faster with bigger results.

    Generating Leads In A Tough Economy

    • Is your productivity lacking? Not closing as many deals as you did before? The world has changed, and we need to change with it. Learn how to generate more leads and grow your business online. Learn simple methods to increase confidence and better manage your time while adapting to the digital age. It used to be the 80/20 rule. Now it is the 80/100 rule. Discover new and effective ways to reach more customers and increase your sales. Are people not returning your calls? No worries – we have the solution! Learn how to delve deeper, sell better and achieve faster results. This training will give you immediate takeaways to implement and grow your business!

    Social Selling In A Tough Economy

    • You know that social media, particularly LINKEDIN is the new way to cold call and reach thousands…but are you not sure how to do it? Are you scared to put yourself out there? Learn how to build a personal brand and grow your business on the social media platforms (primarily LINKEDIN) by discovering the four ways to engage, find new leads, be seen without costly SEO, websites, and marketing services. The world has changed, and we need to change with it. Learn how to sell online and grow your business. It is a lot easier than you think! Uncover the valuable strategies that you can immediately implement to generate new customers and rev up your revenue!

    Jackie is able to bring career experience to content which validated it for our team. Her energy is never lacking and her continued push for accountability forces everyone to try new things. A lot of training programs are generic, this is where Jackie is different. She puts in the time to understand the frustration, roadblocks, hurdles and motivators our team members encounter and offers tools and solutions for them to use in her upbeat way. She is engaging and interactive and if needed, will delve deeper into any topic if she senses it would benefit the learner. If you need someone who will bring an infectiously positive attitude, along with the adaptability to create real results, I would highly recommend Jackie.

    Heather YatesNew Home Sales Manager / McKee Homes

    Selling Made Simple-Basic Fundamentals I

    A ‘modern yet simple’ approach to selling that creates BADASS RESULTS!! Learn important and practical
    techniques and approaches to delve deeper, sell better and achieve faster results.

    This 21 hour program is Alberta Job Grant eligible upon application approval.

    Module I
    Mastering Personal Performance - Selling
    • This course is filled with approaches, strategies, tips and techniques to effectively sell in today’s “Age of Excellence”. Don’t be left behind. Discover what it takes to win in today’s unyielding and ever-changing business world.
    Module II
    Selling Has Changed
    • Fun, engaging and filled with valuable takeaways, this course will make an immediate impact on your business by creating a shorter sales cycle and improved sales results. This is a do-not-miss course that will change your business!
    Module III
    Prepare To Present
    • Salespeople today, need to know how to determine the customer’s deeper emotional need, and how to effectively use it so you can target in the drivers that motivate your customers to buy. Learn how to accelerate the quality of customer interactions to create more engaged interactions
    Module IV
    Powerful Presentations
    • Increase your confidence, maximize your presentation effectiveness and efficiency, and move towards greater sales success. Stand out above the competition by delivering ‘wow’ customers experiences that are sure to impress as you create conversations that convert.
    Module V
    Conquer Closing
    • The art of handling objections is a skill that must be mastered. Learn our 3-step process, while gaining the confidence and skill to successfully handle the most common objections. Learn how to test for temperature and learn simple, one-line closing sentences that guarantee sales closing success.
    Module VI
    The Fortune Is In The Follow Up
    • Learn how and why follow up contact is so important to today’s customer and how you can use great follow up practices to increase sales while gaining long-term, loyal and repeat customers. Be the go-to supplier in your industry and never miss a sales opportunity again.

    Superstar Sales Excellence Made Simple-Intermediate II

    This intermediate program is designed for the salesperson who wants to take their sales career to the next level by learning the current up-to-date practices that give you a competitive advantage. Elevate to high levels of sales productivity, income and revenues. 

    This 21 hour program is Alberta Job Grant eligible upon application approval. 

    Module I
    The Power Into-Nail Your Networking
    • Having a strong network can generate a lot of leads and selling opportunities. When networking is done well, conversations flow, relationships flourish and ultimately sales are closed. Stop spinning your wheels and wasting your time. Power up your intro and nail your networking, then watch your income and business grow.
    Module II
    Differentiate to Elevate-Selling Strategies
    • Thinking outside of the box will become your norm as you focus and market your business from a different point of view. Outsell and outperform your competition by presenting your product or service with a unique twist. Learn to sell better with bigger and faster results, then watch your business grow!
    Module III
    Rally & Regenerate With Referrals & Testimonials
    • Learn how to effectively ask for referrals so that months down the road they remember to give your name out, helping you to grow your business. Find out just how big your circle of connection is and how you can use your current relationships to get you more business.
    Module IV
    Powerful Prospecting By Phone
    • Understand the do’s and don’ts, have a mental map and have a clear goal of what is required. Learn how to easily handle avoidance, objections and keep the conversation flowing. Knowing when to call, what to say and how to say is invaluable in creating success and achieving your goals.
    Module V
    Fill Your Funnel Lead Generation
    • Discover where to start and how to be most effective. Become fearless as you generate more leads and grow your business. This all-encompassing course will help you create new leads, stay top of mind and keep your pipeline full as you grow your customer base and transform your business.
    Module VI
    Social Selling-Click & Connect
    • Take advantage of innovation by learning how to expand your reach, build an on-line brand presence and cold call on social media by maximizing your sales and exposure through social media. Understand the basics of click and connect and how to take advantage of the significant new opportunities that are now available online.

    Rainmakers Sales Excellence Made Simple-Intermediate III

    This advanced course is for those who want to refine and master the art of selling! Highly interactive with role play and video to ensure the smallest of details are refined, this is the ultimate in sales learning and development. This is for the seasoned sales professional who wants to be the best of the best, taking their income and career to the next level. 

    This 21 hour program is Alberta Job Grant eligible upon application approval. 

    Module I
    The Generation Gap
    • Discover effective methods to target and meet the distinct needs of the Millennial as compared to the opposing values of the Boomer. Learn what is required to motivate the Millennial into making a buying commitment and grow your business with this powerful buying group.
    Module II
    Psychology of Selling
    • Gain an improved understanding of why customers buy. Delve deeper into the buyer psychology and 5 sales psychology tips to leverage closing the sale. Learn more about the motivators and triggers that make clients buy!
    Module III
    Negotiation Strategies, Skills & Effectiveness
    • Learn common negotiation tactics used and how to handle them to better protect your interests. Discover how to leverage your natural skills while keeping your emotion in check. And uncover the top negotiation mistakes that should be avoided and when you should just walk away.
    Module IV
    Powerful Presentations (Interactive Role Play & Video)
    • Discover how to create a powerful presence in front of people by learning how to be your best self centre-stage or in front of customers. Learn the do’s and don’ts of public speaking while you become more confident, natural and refined. This course will take you and your team to the top of their game as they master their presentation skills with real world application.
    Module V
    Successfully Sell To The C-Suite
    • Today’s corporate decision makers are busier than ever before facing challenges like highly competitive markets, limited financial and human resources, and the explosion of technology. The way you go about asking for their time, and the things you say and do are what makes the definitive difference.
    Module III
    Social Selling- LinkedIn Lead Generation
    • Did you know that women drive 80-90% of all purchases? Discover how their habits, behavior, thought processes and preferences differ from men when making buying decisions. Discover the selling techniques, approaches and customer service expectations to maximize sales so you can best serve this influential group


    Rainmakers has taken the basic concepts of True Colors and amped it up with a unique sales and business focus. A valuable asset to help you better identify the behaviour, motivation, and natural tendencies in each other. This allows you to see people in a softer light with added tolerance, compassion and empathy. An incredible tool that is fun, easy to learn and retain, making it easy implement. A powerful resource, indispensable for teamwork, engagement, improving morale, reducing conflict, and advancing communication skills and productivity in the workplace.

    • OPTION I: Personal Success
    • OPTION II: Selling
    • OPTION III: Dark Side
    • OPTION IV: Communication
    • OPTION V: Team Building
    • Option VI: Leadership

    Education, Energy, and Entertainment are what you get with Jackie! She has a ton of personality and enthusiasm for her business.  I would highly recommend Jackie for sales training or a speaking engagement. With her down to earth style and common-sense tips and techniques, she is your go-to Sales Expert!

    Susan Kandalft President , Executive Solutions Ltd.

    Learn to "Nail Your Networking"!

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