Ready to take control of your sales?

Maximize Closing! Elevate Profitability!

Are you: 

  • In need of support because of the adversity that you face daily?
  • Struggling to generate leads?
  • Close more deals?
  • Create more income?
  • Tired of “winging it” and losing out on sales?
  • Are you lacking the systems to get the results you need?
  • Do you need to get with the times and learn to sell in the digital world?

In these unprecedented and uncertain economic times, there are fewer sales opportunities- you cannot afford to wing it or lose out on closing the deal. You need SIMPLE, MODERN processes and systems to gain the revenue, results, and ROI needed for continued growth.

Customized 6 Week Programs

“Jackie is an exceptional trainer! Her program was customized and relevant to our industry. Her knowledge, professionalism, and enthusiasm are second to none. She took the time to get to know our challenges and, with outstanding insight, created the customized sales tools that enabled our sales associates to apply what they learned. Our sales increased by 20% after her training!”


Selling in a tough economy

Those who social sell, earn 76% more than those who don’t!

Selling in a tough economy is a struggle for women in the sales industry and in business. Learn to:

  • Think outside the box with new sales strategies
  • Market yourself or your business in an effective way
  • Generate leads and use social media to sell
  • Make your company the solution to your customer’s pain points
  • Stand out from your competitors
  • Close more deals with less deliberation and negotiation

Increase your sales today by booking one of the following presentations:

  • Outsell And Outperform In Tough Times
  • Simple Prospecting And Lead Generation
  • Social Selling-The New Cold Calling
  • Modern Yet Simple Selling

Selling made simple

The Sales Essentials You Need To Succeed!

Ready to STOP losing out on sales opportunities? This ‘modern yet simple’ approach to selling is the answer if you’re ready to: 

  • Learn important and practical techniques and approaches to delve deeper, sell better, and achieve faster results
  • Understand the benefits of using a sales process
  • Review the fundamentals of sales while also learning how selling has changed
  • Refine your sales skills to meet today’s customers where they’re at
  • Partake in a program that is Alberta Job Grant eligible upon application completion

Gain all the benefits of Selling Made Simple in a convenient way. Choose from 1 of our 3 delivery options:

  • In person at your location 
  • Online via Zoom (live)
  • Learn at your own pace (online delivery coming soon)

5 Powerful Modules + 1 Bonus Included

  • Mastering Personal Performance-Build Better-Faster-More
  • Selling Has Changed- The New Way To Sell
  • Prepare To Present-Plan, Prepare, and Practice
  • Sell More With Powerful Presentations 
  • Simply Conquer Closing 
  • Find Your Fortune In The Follow Up 

Sales excellence-intermediate

For The Female Sales Professional Ready To Advance

This intermediate level program: 

  • Teaches impactful and practical techniques and approaches to delve deeper, sell better and achieve faster results
  • Gives you the skills you need to reach higher levels of sales performance 
  • Supports you in achieving your desired income and sales revenues
  • Is Alberta Job Grant eligible upon application approval

5 Powerful Modules + 1 Bonus Included

  • The Generation Gap-Adjust Your Selling Style
  • Selling To The Powerful New Purchasers- What Women Want! / Understand The Generation Gap-Gain & Grow Your Sales
  • Selling Strategies To Catapult Your Sales 
  • Power Into-Nail Your Networking
  • Strategies To Rev Up Referrals & Testimonials
  • Simple Prospecting And Lead Generation

Sales excellence-aDVANCED

Master The Art Of Selling

This advanced course is:

  • Perfect for those who want to refine and master their selling skills
  • Highly interactive with role-play and video
  • Ensures even the smallest details are refined
  • For seasoned sales professionals ready to be the best of the best and passionate about scaling their career and income
  • Is the ultimate in sales learning and development
  • Is Alberta Job Grab eligible upon application approval

5 Powerful Modules + 1 Bonus Included

  • Diversify or Die! Go Digital- Online Selling Strategies
  • Perfect The Presentation Skills
  • Negotiate To Elevate-Skills-Strategies
  • Selling Has Changed-The New Way To Sell
  • Successfully Sell To The C-Suite
  • Modern Leadership Fundamentals

Half and Full Day Training Workshops

“Education, Energy, and Entertainment are what you get with Jackie! She has a ton of personality and enthusiasm for her business. I would highly recommend Jackie for sales training or a speaking engagement. With her down to earth style and common-sense tips and techniques, she is your go-to Sales Expert!”


Women Leadership and Empowerment

Embrace In The Face Of Adversity

Finding your way in business or sales isn’t an easy feat as a women. Are you ready to:

  • Overcome the adversity women face in the business world
  • Confidently embrace the unique value you provide
  • Find success by embracing your unique brilliance

Stand out in your industry by choosing one of the following presentations:

  • Standout-Become A Woman That Wows
  • The New Power Purchasers- Women vs. Men
  • Nail Your Negotiations

“Jackie’s training is beyond exceptional! She makes selling simple and easy. My selling excelled beyond my wildest dreams! I was able to increase sales by 77% with my top customer!”


Take your sales success into your own hands. grab your copy of

the badass guide to superstar selling


the badass guide to selling during coivd

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