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“Companies with women executives are 30% more likely to outperform other companies”(Zippa)

“Companies with women executives are 30% more likely to outperform other companies”(Zippa)

“Companies with women executives are 30% more likely to outperform other companies”(Zippa)

Our focus is supporting you in becoming the most EFFECTIVE and POWERFUL by leader you can be by focusing on repeatable processes, value, solution & strategic selling.

A small 10% change of can result in 10x times your results.

It is the small things that enable you to outsell and outperform giving you the competitive edge you require.We have the solutions you need to succeed!


What We Can Do For You

Organizations who use formal sales processes earn 28% more than those who do not.(Harvard Business School)

  • Plan, prepare and practice simple yet highly effective repeatable sales processes that are easy to implement
  • Up-level team effectiveness, skillset, productivity and performance
  • Learn selling strategies to gain and maintain clients
  • Grow your accounts and maximize additional sales opportunities with strategic sales planning.
  • Focus on differentiation, and providing value-add, problem-solving solutions

Why Choose Rainmakers?

You will have access to Jackie’s ability to MOTIVATE and INSPIRE people to love selling and SERVING OTHERS as much as she does. Jackie’s ‘how’ is the secret to your success! It’s all about the EXPERTISE, the EXPERIENCES, the STORIES, the ‘HOW’ to overcome the challenges…the failures…and the lessons learned that make a great trainer!


Our Program

Program 1


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As women in business and leadership, we have unique challenges and obstacles, but we also have opportunities that help us to make our mark in the world! Making your mark begins with uncompromising confidence. Discover how our personality types, habits, behaviors, thought processes and preferences are very different from men, and how we can use the girl-power strengths we possess to our advantage when leading others. Learn some techniques, quick tips, and specific strategies to make us more confident ready experts, better leaders whether we have the title or not, and overcome the nagging Imposter Syndrome thoughts that can sometimes holds us back from being all that we can be. Also, get a better understand for how men think, the traps to stay away from and to rise above. Learn how to be heard, earn respect, and use our special gifts to become top performers especially in the male world, including masculine versus feminine energy and language. Create improved balance as you fine tune the little nuances between how we are perceived by men versus ensuring we put our best ‘heels’ forward shining both inside and out of the office.

Program 2


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Did you know that women drive 70-80% of all purchases? Discover how to tap into this unique and powerful group of purchasers and how they differ from men.

 Learn how their habits, behaviour, thought processes, purchasing triggers and preferences are very different from men when making buying decision

 Discover the selling techniques, and approaches that work best with each gender

 Learn the customer service expectations of women to maximize sales and best serve this influential group

 Understand their role with online shopping, the importance of peers, mobile devices

 Discover the situations to avoid that cause the most frustration

Women are more influential and powerful than ever before when it comes to selling. Uncover the key to the female mind and maximize your sales opportunites.

Program 3


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Negotiation skills are critical in business. Do you feel your negotiation skills are lacking? Want to feel more confident and in control instead of feeling like you got the raw end of the deal? Gain valuable insight:

 Learn the fundamentals required to create a more successful negotiation

 ✓ Learn the common negotiation tactics used in negotiation and how to handle them to better protect your interests while creating a win/win

 Discover how men and women differ when negotiating

 Learn how to leverage the natural skills women possess

 Leverage your personal strengths and improve your weaknesses to create improved outcomes

 Learn when you should and shouldn’t negotiate

 Top negotiation mistakes

Expand your negotiation skills so you can feel more confident and controlled while learning how to create more enhanced business and personal relationships and outcomes.

Program 4


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A highly interactive class focused on mastering your presentation skills. With the use of interactive videotaping and role playing, overcome the toughest obstacles in the Selling Presentation as you become more confident, natural and refined. This course will take you and/or your team to the top of your game as you master your presentation skills with real world application. A highly interactive class focused on role play so that the toughest parts of the Selling Presentation become more natural and fluid with real world application. Learn to master presentation skills in front of customers and/or larger audiences. No longer will you cringe when in front of customers, important and/or larger audiences. Instead, learn to look, speak and feel like a pro!

Program 5


Available Now!

Leadership has changed! In today’s complex and turbulent environment, genuine leadership is becoming a priority focus. Organizations are looking for Authentic Leaders who lead with purpose, integrity and values. They excel in creating positive culture with highly engaged, motivated, and collaborative teams. They build strong enduring teams and organizations that can adapt to change with resiliency, high emotional intelligence and self awareness.

Learn Authentic Leadership Development methods and processes to create an effective, cohesive teams while inspiring them to perform to their highest potential.

Maximize your interpersonal skills to gain the trust and respect of employees and peers, creating a positive and engaged culture while successfully benefiting and improving the productivity and profitability of your organization. Emphasis will be placed on vision, styles of leadership, goals & objectives, motivation, decision-making, time management, power, team building, conflict, politics, ethics, dealing with change and communication skills.

Success Stories

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Jackie Rainforth. She was one of our guest speakers at our largest conference of the year. We had hundreds of people join virtually and Jackie's session was the most popular." "I definitely want to tell you that Jackie is captivating. She is an incredible positive influencer and she has a passion for life, professionalism and leadership. I look forward to working with Jackie again."

Greg McDonald

Event Coordinator | CREB Calgary Real Estate Board

Jackie is a very engaging and charismatic speaker. She has spoken on our Stage multiple times and has engaged, charmed, and entertained our audience every single time. I highly recommend Jackie as a speaker for your event.

Brigitte Lessard

Founder Sportbras.ca | Women Talk

Inspiring, engaging, thought provoking, powerful and energetic! Jackie keeps you captivated and engaged with every word she speaks. Her genuine passion and authenticity shines through as she inspires you to do better and be better, leaving you wanting to hear more and move to act on the concepts she speaks of. She keeps you captivated and engaged with every word! I highly recommend Jackie as ‘a must have’ speaker for any event and I will definitely seek out more of her events.

Sherri Hunter

Founder & CEO Infinity Financial Management

“Wow Jackie knows her stuff. She presented to my professional group and stood out as being a subject matter expert you NEED to listen to when it comes to driving your sales.”

Marc Haine

Consultant, Essential Hospitality Solutions Inc.

“I have had the pleasure of booking Jackie as a guest presenter. Jackie’s entertaining, engaging, and informative delivery style had everyone sitting on the edge of their seat as she showcased her expertise in modern sales strategies that actually work when implemented! She is exceptionally generous in sharing her knowledge, experience and heartfelt stories that inspire and connect with the audience. Jackie also shares great tools that are easy to implement and provide tangible results.”

Michelle Andrishak

CMC Founder & CEO Women in Business & Leadership Inc.

I would highly recommend Jackie as a speaker to any company, business leader or entrepreneur who has the desire to learn effective ways to become a Top Seller of their products and services. I heard many positive comments on her presentation from my audience members, and I personally walked away with some fabulous sales tips that I will use in the future.

Darla Zuk

Owner, Prestige Event Planning

“Jackie is an informed, powerful speaker and trainer who knows her stuff! If you need relationship building, selling, or personality profiling, you will be amazed by Jackie’s presentations and thrilled with your results!”

Jessica LoRusso

Powered Profit Education

“Jackie speaks with passion and conviction. Her message of determination, hope and insight is powerful. She is an experienced business master and her message and strategies have the power to ignite your business.”

Kandice Wirch


“Jackie Rainforth is an expert transformational speaker... powerful, caring and vulnerable, people in the audience are riveted by the grace and strength she shines in sharing her story. She takes them on a journey where they easily identify and relate her valuable content to their own life. They are inspired by what is possible and are able to take actions towards something new. As an event organizer it is a true gift to work with her and to see the impact she has on an audience.”

Loree Cowling

Director, Event Organizer, Women Talk

“Jackie creates the environment that allows someone to relate to their own life, be inspired by what is possible, and begin taking action towards something new. As an event organizer, it is a true gift to work with her and see the impact she has on an audience. I am grateful to have had her on my stage.”

Dorothy Briggs

Publisher/Owner, Womanition Inc.

“Education, energy, and entertainment are what you get with Jackie. She has a ton of personality and enthusiasm for her business... With her down to earth style and common sense tips and techniques, she is your GO-TO BUSINESS EXPERT!”

Susan Kandalaft

President Executive Solutions

“Jackie’s knowledge, professionalism, and enthusiasm are second to none. Our sales increased by 20% after her training.”

Rose-Ann Normandeau

President, Normeandeau Window Coverings

“Jackie has a wealth of practical and implementable sales strategies to help both new entrepreneurs and established business sales teams up-level their capacity to engage and enroll customers and clients. She is an engaging and entertaining speaker and trainer who gets her points across through her personal story of transformation as well as educational and relatable examples of her clients’ successes. I highly recommend Jackie as an exceptional speaker and trainer for your organization.”

Marlene Cameron

Marlene Cameron Inc.

“Jackie’s ability to connect with her audience is second to none. She captures and holds their attention while inspiring them in equal measure. I would highly recommend Jackie as a speaker to any organization looking to engage and empower their team.”

Luisa Saavedra

PMP, DIRTT Environmental Solutions

“We had the honour of having Jackie speak at our annual Forecase conference and tradeshow. She is a wealth of knowledge and the attendees loved her. They raved about how engaging and informative she was.”

Carrie Thiessen

Event Coordinator, CREB


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