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Jackie Rainforth

About Jackie Rainforth

As Founder & CEO of Rainmakers Business Solutions, Jackie Rainforth is a force to reckon with in the world of BUSINESS GROWTH. She is a global award-winning sales and leadership expert who earned the nickname “The Rainmaker” among her peers due to her exceptional track record in of top sales performance, which spanned several decades. Highly certified, she draws upon her wealth of real-world experience and success as a former corporate executive and highly successful entrepreneur . She has a reputation as a trusted and reliable business partner, guiding numerous organizations towards achieving their revenue goals, enhancing team performance, and mastering effective management practices.
Now, this magnetic RBC Woman Entrepreneur of Canada award nominee is a highly sought-after trainer, speaker, and consultant renowned for her proven “SELLING MADE SIMPLE” program. Alongside other customized trainings, keynotes, and workshops, she specializes in enhancing and elevating productivity and performance, and creating transformative growth opportunities for businesses.
Jackie Rainforth, author of ‘The Badass Guide to Superstar Selling,’ harnesses her extensive expertise to empower leaders and their teams with the tools to increase leads, close more deals, and digitize operations, and collaborate, significantly boosting revenue and profits. Her cutting-edge strategies ensure your business excels in today’s competitive market.
Secure a partnership with a visionary leader whose strategic insights and experience will turn your vision into reality. Her sessions are more than just learning opportunities—they are a catalyst for sustainable success. Join Jackie and redefine what it means to succeed in today’s fiercely competitive market.


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Named Top ‘500’ LinkedIn All Star LinkedIn & LinkedIn Navigator ‘Influencer’ (SSI) Ranking Top1%

RBC Woman Entrepreneur Award of Canada’ nominee & RBC Women of Influence 2022


Award-winning sales expert Jackie Rainforth, nicknamed ‘The Rainmaker’ by her peers, has been a life-long top sales performer. Recently named Global Thought Leader & Influencer to Watch, she is a sales & business growth expert , author, and International speaker, with decades of experience working with Corporations elevating their sales and customer service to record-breaking levels of success!

In the Entrepreneurial world, this magnetic RBC Woman Entrepreneur of Canada award nominee is founder and CEO of the nationally acclaimed Rainmakers Business Solutions. She is a much sought-after trainer and conference Speaker. sharing her proven sales methods including her highly popular SELLING MADE SIMPLE Sales Success program and her motivational near-death scuba diving story in 2016, LIFE DISRUPTED-I DIED, that prompted her to move from her own hollow sales success to sales training and her never-ending desire to help others.

Author of the well received, The Badass Guide to Superstar Selling, Jackie’s passion is helping salespeople, business owners, and corporate Organizations delve deeper, sell better, and achieve faster results so you MAKE IT RAIN SALES IN YOUR BUSINESS!!

Life After Near-Death... MY WHY

A near-death scuba diving incident and three days in critical condition changed Jackie’s life. The incident left her questioning her career, her path, and her purpose. As she passed over to the other side, surrounded by grace, the Universe left her a very clear message: “You haven’t been listening to the signs and signals. You have been blessed with many gifts and talents. Share them to help others become more confident and successful in what they do. You have a new path ahead.”

Jackie is motivated by the support of her loving family. She is blessed to have her husband, Doug, daughter, Brittney, son-in-law, Joel, son, Austin, and granddaughters Brooklyn and Jaydyn, cheering her on as she supports her fellow entrepreneurs and other corporate professionals looking to leave their mark in the sales world.

“In retrospect, I know that my hardships were gifts to remind me to go into this world spreading kindness, appreciation, and grace. They were the catalyst that forced me to unshakeably believe in myself.”

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