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    Savvy selling superstar, Jackie Rainforth, originally dubbed “The Rainmaker” by her peers in the traditional, male-dominated world of construction supply sales, has impressed many a skeptic along the way with her talent for innovative thinking and her ingenious insight into her customers’ needs.

    Now, this dynamic RBC Woman Entrepreneur of Canada award nominee is a much sought- after trainer and conference speaker sharing the proven sales strategies that will take you or your team’s performance from stalled to unstoppable!

    Author of the well received, The Badass Guide to Superstar Selling, Jackie’s superpower is your sales empowerment, helping you build the confidence to close more deals than ever before.

    Highly certified, her passion is in helping salespeople, business owners and corporate organizations learn MODERN YET SIMPLE approaches to selling. Her specialty is helping to address the fears and challenges that hold individuals back from being all that they can be, while helping to elevating them to higher levels of sales success, revenue and profitability.

    Award-winning sales expert, facilitator, and sought-after conference speaker Jackie Rainforth achieved enormous success as one of the few outstanding, professional saleswomen to make it to the top of the male-dominated construction industry. As the top performer at every sales or sales management position held in the corporate world, Jackie found record-breaking, award-winning success as the founder of a highly successful Sales Agency for a global manufacturer, and in executive sales management as Director of Sales and Marketing. When it comes to sales excellence, she doesn’t just teach it, she knows it, loves it and has lived it. Now she is the founder and CEO of the nationally acclaimed Rainmakers Business Solutions.

    Jackie did not start off as a Selling Superstar,  she had a lot of failures along the way. She has been where you are but through trial and error spent years taking selling concepts and making them simple, and easy to learn and implement. Her proven 5-Part SELLING MADE SIMPLE SYSTEM was mastered when she owned her sales agency. Tired if hiring industry salespeople who cam with a lot of baggage, she instead hired a group of people with great attitudes and the willingness to learn. Although they had very little, if any, sales experience she knew that if she taught them her system, the simple, incremental methodologies that she herself had used to succeed, they too could be Superstars. And that is exactly what happened! Jackie taught them her way and the business exploded! To this day, those very people are either running their own businesses or the top sought-after salespeople in the industry! If Jackie can do it and all the people she has trained can do it, you can too!

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    The Badass Guide To Superstar Selling​

    Become a BAD ASS SUPERSTAR by learning how to ‘Delve Deeper, Sell Better and Achieve Faster Results!’ from the recording breaking, award winning Sales Superstar, Jackie Rainforth. 

    This book is filled with incredibly easy sales ‘nuggets’ to help you achieve the income you desire and the lifestyle you dream of. 

    sales training, Jackie Rainforth, sales, business, business development, Canada, USA, sales person, sales manager, corporation, business training


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