$ Get the Government to Pay 2/3 of your Training Costs

Government Incentives

Canada Job Grant Program

Currently the government will cover 2/3 training costs. Based on minimum 21 hour program. The Canada-Alberta Job Grant involves four steps: review, application, reimbursement and completion.

Government Incentives

Step 1


Before applying, be sure to download and review the Canada- Alberta Job Grant Applicant Guide

Step 2


The second step is to download the Canada Alberta Job Grant PDF application below.

Step 3


The next step is Reimbursement: Submit once all training on the application has been paid for.

Step 4


The last step is to submit the below PDF once all training is completed to receive the final grant payment. Important Information: Submit the
Completion form within 30 days of finishing training.

Step 5


The second step is to download the Canada Alberta Job Grant PDF application below.

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What You Will Learn!

  • Read the applicant guide before filling out the application form.
  • Only training programs that are approved before they start will be funded by the CAJG
  • Apply a minimum 30 days before your program’s start date and only for programs that start within six months.
  • You may pay for the cost of training as soon as your application is signed and submitted. However, if your application is declined, you will be responsible for the training costs incurred.
  • Forms must be completed and submitted with the original signature, and dated when signed. These documents are a legal contract, and photocopied signatures cannot be accepted.
  • If requesting out of province training, you must provide a brief explanation on the application as to why you are not able to use an Alberta based training provider.
  • If requesting a certificate or diploma program, avoid processing delays by listing each of the courses that will start within 6 months. The program name is not required.
  • We must be able to verify training dates, hours and costs. Send supporting documentation with the application.
  • The amount of your training requests must be in Canadian dollars.
  • If circumstances change after your application is submitted, call us as soon as possible. We may require a new application which will impact your training invoice and start date.
  • Application forms must be mailed to the address provided and cannot be accepted by courier.

  • Read the applicant guide before filling out the reimbursement form.
  • If you are replacing trainees you must submit new trainee forms (PART C of the Application Form).
  • Ensure your reimbursement form is complete and includes your reference number. An original signature is required and the date when the form is signed. Photocopied signatures cannot be accepted.
  • Reimbursement cannot exceed the amount of funding or the number of trainees you were approved for.
  • You will not receive payment without receipts to verify costs. Invoices are not sufficient. Receipts must include the name of the training provider, the employer, the trainee(s) as well as the course name(s), date(s) and cost.
  • If your trainee is taking multiple courses, submit only one reimbursement form after you have paid for all course and collected all receipts.
  • Any receipts for training costs paid for before the date the application was signed and submitted, cannot be reimbursed. Any courses started before approval cannot be reimbursed.
  • Direct deposit forms must be fully complete and stamped by the bank. Incomplete or blank forms will result in a cheque being issued. If sending a void cheque, it must be in the legal name of the company.
  • Direct deposit information is only required once.
  • Reimbursement forms must be mailed to the address provided and cannot be accepted by courier.

  • List only the trainees who did NOT finish or start training.
  • Do not send certificates of completion but retain them for your records.
  • Your signature is required in ink. A photocopied signature cannot be accepted.
  • Completion forms must be mailed to the address provided and cannot be accepted by courier.

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