Selling is Tough,
We Make it Simple

Why Work With Jackie

We use the ‘science’ behind our strategic training processes to give you and your team the competitive advantages to create high performance results. Our programs are based on a combination of:

  • Neuroscience
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Psychology
  • Personality Behaviorism
  • Confidence Motivation & Engagement
  • Strategic Repeatable Processes
  • High Level Planning, Time Management
  • Incremental & Accountability Learning

Brands That Trust Us


What do Top Performers do Differently?

PROCESS: They focus on the fundamental principles of the SELLING PROCESS, habitually concentrating on adopting and improving their behaviours.

  • “A 10% increase in 5 ares of the Selling Process is the equivalent of a 50% increase in the sales pipeline.” ~Hubspot
  • “Organizations who focus on process earn 28% more than those who do not. Yet 68% of professional sellers and organizations do not use a Formal Process.” ~ HBR

Make your Vision a Reality with Rainmakers

Rainmakers process and ‘science based’ training programs, workshops, and assessments will:

  • Elevate your entire team to their next level
  • Create a more resilient, flexible, and strategically skilled team.
  • Improve levels of performance, productivity and profitability success.

Happy Clients

You, too, have the power to reinvent yourself, your team, and your business
to be everything you are meant to be.
Jackie’s mission is to show you how.

Meet Jackie Rainforth

Jackie Rainforth is a Global, Award-Winning Multi-Million Dollar Sales and Leadership Expert, author, international speaker, media host and founder of Rainmakers Business Solutions. With decades of experience working with corporations and entrepreneurs , elevating their sales and customer service to record breaking  levels of success. 

Jackies had been featured on the Power List of The Top 200 Voices of Leadership, Global Thought Leader & Influencer To Follow, Womanition Mentorship & Education Award, RBC Woman Entrepreneur Award of Canada and has remained the Top Sales Performer At Every Company She’s Ever Worked At

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