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    Rainmaker: 1.One who is known for the exceptional ability to attract new clients, generate business and bring intangible prestige to an organization based on his associations and contacts.2.A person who makes it rain cash.

    Badass adj: 1.A general term used to describe behaviour that is fearless, authentic, compassionate and ethical.2.Well above the standard for normal behaviour.3.Exceptional and excellent.4.Stays true to themselves, not being fake to impress others.5.Does not give up, pushing themselves for the better, no matter how hard it gets.



    Are you a Corporate Organization, Group Association or Non-for-Profit group looking for a magnetic, award-winning ‘out of the box’ sales expert or powerful women empowerment speaker for your next event, convention or conference? A speaker who will make you proud and create the accolades you need as an event planner?  If you are looking for a professional speaker that combines dynamic delivery with customized killer content for a impactful and memorable experience, while providing audience members with valuable takeaway techniques and strategies that they can immediately implement and  leave them wanting more, you should call me now!    


    Are you a Corporate Organization looking for a sales trainer who combines high energy with her record-breaking, ‘Rainmaker’ experience to content?  One who listens and addresses your specific concerns, challenges and objectives and designs a customized sales training program to meet your explicit needs?  A trainer who addresses the individual challenges of your team members with highly interactive training, role play, video and takes the time to ensure that your employees receive practical and implementable skills and processes to generate more qualified leads, build better, stronger client relationships, easily handle objections,  and close more deals while bringing in more repeat, referral and long-term clients? If you are looking for someone to create the results, revenue and ROI you need, someone who is far from ‘cookie cutter’, then you should contact me today! 


    Being self-employed as a business owner or a professional such as a lawyer, accountant, realtor, finance or insurance specialist brings its own unique set of circumstances because you are great at what you do, but you need to sell your product or services to create new business to maintain your operations.  You are not a trained sales professional, yet you need to know how to promote your product or service to make your business thrive.  I’ve been there and done that!  My ‘Selling Made Simple’ and “Selling for the Non-Professional’ series will provide the foundational basics needed to confidently and consistently create and close more sales opportunities so you can grow your business without frustration and fear.  If that is something you want, pick up the phone and reach out now!


    Do you like the comfort of your home or office but want the interaction and takeaways gained by interacting with other like-minded and experienced individuals?  Or do you have multiple branch locations where live zoom training would best meet your personal, organizational, time and budgetary needs while providing that one-one-one interaction, role-play and interactive experience you desire for your employees?  No worries, I have the answer!  I can provide live customized training and workshops online via zoom to ensure the ultimate in engagement and interaction is achieved to create the results and learning retention you or you team needs to elevate their selling skillset to the next level.  Not all trainers can create that type of experience where participants are excited to attend and learn, but I can!  Call me and let’s get start right away!


    If you are an independent in network or multi-level sales, or time management, flexibility, accessibility and budget are your top concerns, my online training is the perfect answer!  Complete with interactive worksheets, simple scripts and step-by-step guides to easily, take your selling skillset and business to the next level.  Build your knowledge and gain modern, simple selling skills to sell more and earn more.  Learn at your own pace in your favorite place.  Don’t wait… Sign up now!

    “Jackie’s consistent ability to elevate those organizations she is involved with in the area of sales representation has always been amazing. I liken it to bringing them out of the Stone Age and into the modern era.”

    Jeff RustVice President l Hopewell Multi


    As an expert speaker, Jackie 
    combines dynamic delivery with killer content for a powerful experience. Educational, entertaining, and energetic is what you get with Jackie,  no matter the topic. 


    Our incremental sales training programs allow participants to build confidence using their newly acquired skills to overcome real workplace challenges, providing maximum learning retention, value and return on investment .


    If time management, flexibility or accessibility are your top concerns, our online training is the perfect answer. Build your knowledge and gain modern, simple selling skills to sell more and earn more. Learn at your own pace in your favorite place. 

    Ready to make it rain sales in your business?

    Maximize Sales! Elevate Profitability!

    Learn how to delve deeper, sell better, and achieve faster results from the award-winning sales superstar, Jackie Rainforth, herself. Treat your team to non-stop sales.

    “Education, Energy and Entertainment are what you get with Jackie!  She has a ton of personality and enthusiasm for her business – and yours!  I would highly recommend Jackie for sales training or a speaking engagement! With her down to earth style and common-sense tips and techniques, she is your go-to Sales Expert.”

    Susan Kandalaft President l EXECUTIVE SOLUTIONS LTD.

    You need to break through these modern-day obstacles and become a


    She knows it, loves it and has lived it!

    In today’s modern, fast-paced world full of resistant, indecisive and hard-to-access customers, gaining a competitive advantage has become increasingly more difficult. 

    The art of selling has changed drastically. Yesterday’s selling techniques are outdated and obsolete. The very essence of our business landscape is in transition due to massive technological advances, economic instability, multi-generational diversity, and ever-increasing competition all intensely influencing how, when and why people purchase.

    Learn how Jackie went from barely surviving to thriving as a record-breaking, award-winning sales expert.

    Jackie’s progressive perspective, combined with her simple but ultra-effective sales strategies, tips, and techniques shows you exactly what you need to break through these modern-day obstacles and become a BADASS SALES SUPERSTAR.

    Delve Deeper- Sell Better – Achieve Faster Results!

    Purchase your copy, personally signed by the RAINMAKER herself. 


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