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Experience the transformative power of our tailored solutions that are designed to maximize your revenue streams. Unlock new opportunities, expand your reach, and achieve the financial success your business deserves with our proven strategies and expertise.

At Rainmakers

Distinctively Different: Our Approach, Your Success

Innovative, cutting-edge, we unlock new opportunities for growth and success. Discover our proven strategies and customized solutions that will ignite your revenue potential and propel your business to new heights. Imagine the possibilities of a thriving bottom line.

Customized Solutions to Help Your Business Large or Small

As one of only 34 registered B2B sales speakers registered (facilitators / business growth consultants) in North America, and with her extensive experience and expertise, Jackie Rainforth, Founder and CEO, helps all types of businesses, municipalities, and associations, but she specializes in the construction channel. Jackie Rainforth offers a comprehensive range of business growth consulting, coaching, and training services designed to help businesses achieve sustainable growth. She provides team, public, and personalized guidance with proven strategies to help businesses of all sizes, achieve their desired goals.

Businesses use Rainmaker's customized training and keynote presentation services to obtain expert guidance in achieving sustainable growth and maximizing potential. Our extensive experience and knowledge in various industries and specialize in identifying and capitalizing on growth opportunities, optimizing operations, and overcoming challenges. By leveraging our expertise, businesses can enhance their strategic planning, streamline processes, implement effective marketing strategies, and make informed decisions to drive expansion and profitability. Ultimately, we serve as valuable partners in helping organizations thrive and navigate the complexities of a competitive market.

Rainmakers & Jackie Rainforth provide a range of services to help businesses achieve their growth objectives. They analyze the current state of your business, identify growth opportunities, and develop strategies to optimize operations. We provide expert guidance in market expansion, customer acquisition, product development, strategic partnership, social selling, AI & digital brand marketing, wholesale distribution, construction channel expertise, and advanced personality profiling. By offering valuable insights, recommendations, and best-practices, Rainmakers Business Solutions and Jackie Rainforth help you and your organization overcome challenges, adapt to market change and adapt to market changes , and unlock your full growth potential.

At Rainmakers, we bridge the gap from where you are, to where you want to go by maximizing your impact, productivity, performance, employee development, and revenue-generation efforts. Our "Customized Training & Keynote Presentation" programs offer high value and high performance for businesses seeking to achieve their growth objectives. With Rainmakers' expert guidance, and tailored consulting services, businesses can optimize their operations and position themselves for long-term success.

Make your Vision a Reality with Rainmakers

Rainmakers will elevate you and your entire team to the next level, helping you to achieve:

  • Increased revenues & profitability
  • More engaged, high performance teams
  • Improved efficiency & productivity
  • Enhanced competitiveness
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Greater skillset, processes, techniques& strategies

To make it rain results and grow your business to UNSTOPPABLE.

Our Uniqueness

Your Competitive Advantage

We use the ‘science’ behind our strategic training processes to give you and your team the competitive advantages to create high performance results. Our programs are based on a combination of:

  • Neuroscience
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Psychology
  • Personality Behaviorism
  • Confidence Motivation & Engagement
  • Strategic Repeatable Processes
  • High Level Planning, Time Management
  • Incremental & Accountability Learning

What do Top Performers do Differently?

PROCESS: They focus on the fundamental principles of the SELLING PROCESS, habitually concentrating on adopting and improving their behaviours.

  • “A 10% increase in 5 areas of the Selling Process is the equivalent of a 50% increase in the sales pipeline.” ~Hubspot

  • “Organizations who focus on process earn 28% more than those who do not. Yet 68% of professional sellers and organizations do not use a Formal Process.” ~ HBR

At Rainmakers, we are known for our simple, easy to learn, remember and retain sales processes.  When concepts are easy to learn and retain, they get implemented out in the field, not forgotten.

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Rainmaker's Business Growth Services

We take pride in using our expertise, and years of B2B industry experience in helping our clients grow and achieve the high performance outcomes they desire. We listen, understand, and we work tirelessly to create HIGH-VALUE SOLUTIONS to help them reach their full potential.

Happy Clients

Robert Chmielinski

Robert Chmielinski

Account Manager |CMI SALES INC

"I was struggling to secure new customers and generate sales. Jackie changed my life. She helped me re-work all aspects of my sales prospecting and pipeline process."

The result…my sales tripled in less than a month, my confidence drastically improved.

I am lucky that Jackie was there for me with the guidance I needed – She is the reason for my success.”

Heather Yates

Heather Yates

Sales Manager | MCKEE HOMES

“Jackie created a plan specific to us by listening to our management goals, customizing the program specific to our needs.

Then she brought careerexperience to the content and offered relevant techniques and proven sales solutions.

And finally she pushed for accountability forcing everyone to try new things.

Engaging and interactive with an infectiously positive attitude, Jackie really created results!

We had our highest company growth in the height of the economic downturn.”

Rose-Ann Normandeau

Rose-Ann Normandeau

Founder, CEO | NormandeauWC Group

Jackie’s is an exceptional trainer! Her knowledge, professionalism, and enthusiasm are second to none. She took the time to get to know our challenges and, with outstanding insight, that enabled our sales associates to apply what they learned. After her training, our company's sales across six locations saw a 20% increase!

Brittney Wilson

Brittney Wilson

Account Manager | Escalade Wines

“Jackie’s training is beyond exceptional! She makes selling simple and easy. My selling excelled beyond my wildest dreams! I was able to increase sales by 77% with my top customer!”

You, too, have the power to reinvent yourself, your team, and your business
to be everything you are meant to be.
Jackie’s mission is to show you how.

Brands That Trust Us

Meet Jackie Rainforth

Jackie Rainforth is a Global, Award-Winning Multi-Million Dollar Sales and Leadership Expert, author, international speaker, media host and founder of Rainmakers Business Solutions. With decades of experience working with corporations and entrepreneurs , elevating their sales and customer service to record breaking  levels of success.

 As Founder & CEO of Rainmakers Business Solutions, Jackie Rainforth is a force to reckon with in the world of BUSINESS GROWTH. She is a global award-winning sales and leadership expert who earned the nickname “The Rainmaker” among her peers during her career of top sales performance spanning decades. She draws upon her wealth of real-world experience as a former corporate executive and highly successful entrepreneur and has a reputation as a trusted and reliable business partner, helping countless organizations achieve their revenue and performance objectives. Jackie possesses in-depth knowledge in multiple areas of business and a variety of industries, which allows her to offer the latest in tailored and cutting-edge training and keynote presentations to her clients.

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