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Gain the competitive advantage with Jackie Rainforth’s signature presentations. Her signature 5-Part Superstar Selling System will help you outthink and outsell your competition. When it comes to sales excellence, she knows it, loves it and has lived it!

Selling has changed!  Yesterday’s sales techniques are outdated and obsolete. Award-winning sales training expert, author and sought-after keynote speaker Jackie Rainforth’s signature 5-Part Superstar Selling System is specifically designed to help you not just survive, but thrive in today’s ever-changing business world.

Jackie’s Superpower is Your Sales Empowerment
Take Your Performance from Stalled to UNSTOPPABLE!


As an expert speaker, Jackie 
combines dynamic delivery with killer content for a powerful experience. Educational, entertaining, and energetc is what you get with Jackie.  No matter the topic, her presentations are relevant,  intriguing and informative.


Our incremental sales training programs allow participants  to  build confidence using their newly acquired skills to overcome real workplace challenges, providing maximum learning retention, value and return on investment .


If time management, flexibility or accessibility are your top concerns, our online training is the perfect answer. Build your knowledge andgain modern, simple selling skills to sell more and earn more. Learn at your own pace in your favorite place. It really is all about you.

Ready to make it rain sales in your business?

Maximize Sales! Elevate Profitability!

Learn how to delve deeper, sell better, and achieve faster results from the award-winning sales superstar, Jackie Rainforth, herself. Treat your team to non-stop sales.

“Jackie’s consistent ability to elevate those organizations she is involved with in the area of sales representation has always been amazing. I liken it to bringing them out of the Stone Age and into the modern era”

Jeff RustVice President | Hopewell Multi

You need to break through these modern-day obstacles and become a


She knows it, loves it and has lived it!

In today’s modern, fast-paced world full of resistant, indecisive and hard-to-access customers, gaining a competitive advantage has become increasingly more difficult. 

The art of selling has changed drastically. Yesterday’s selling techniques are outdated and obsolete. The very essence of our business landscape is in transition due to massive technological advances, economic instability, multi-generational diversity, and ever-increasing competition all intensely influencing how, when and why people purchase.

Learn how Jackie went from barely surviving to thriving as a record-breaking, award-winning sales expert.

Jackie’s progressive perspective, combined with her simple but ultra-effective sales strategies, tips, and techniques shows you exactly what you need to break through these modern-day obstacles and become a BADASS SALES SUPERSTAR.

Delve Deeper – Sell Better – Achieve Faster Results!

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“This is the book of all sales books! I would highly recommend THE BADASS GUIDE TO SUPERSTAR SELLING. Jackie is an award-winning sales trainer whose expertise can help you improve your sales, close more deals, and build your income. Whether you are a sales leader, business owner, or independent sales representative, this book is filled with simple, yet highly effective tips and techniques to assist you in accelerating your results.

Gerry RobertGerry Robert Enterprises

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