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What is True Colors®?

True Colors is a personality profiling assessment system that acknowledges that everyone has a combination of four personality traits. By understanding one’s own color natural combination of color combination, and recognizing it in others, individuals can gain insights into their communication styles, work preferences, and interpersonal dynamics. It can help improve understanding, collaboration, and teamwork by for fosterrting appreciation for different perspectives and approaches.

How Does True Colors Work?

Achieving peak performance and productivity at work to having happy relationships at home is dependent upon your ability to self-regulate, build rapid rapport, and create deeper stronger relationships while mitigating potential conflict by learning to recognize personality differences and characteristics in ourselves and those around us. The secret to stronger relationships lies in improving our ability to communicate, understand, manage and handle our emotion.

This valuable asset strengthens your emotional intelligence skills and gives you insight into the behavior, motivation, and natural It drives organizational excellence through higher engagement, improved communication, leadership and teamwork building better, stronger internal and external relationships. Valuing Differences. Create Unity. Less Judgement, Condemnation and Criticism. Build Better Stronger Relationships. Creating Happier Employees. Achieve Bigger Faster Sales Results. Become A More Effective & Influential Leader. Create More Collaborative, Communicative & Cooperative Teams.  Increased Overall Success Resulting in More Productive, Profitable & ‘Irresistible’ Organizations.

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How Does True Colors® Work?

True Colors® is a powerful and insightful personality-identification system. Unlike other profiling systems, it is easy to remember and use.

Not only do you learn to identify personality temperaments, but takes it one step further in helping you to improve sought-after emotional  intelligence skills. The importance of soft skills in the workplace cannot be overlooked as they enable employees to work and interact  effectively in order to perform optimally

Who is True Colors® For?

Ideal for Corporate, Small to Medium Enterprise, Non-Profit, Municipal, Groups, or Individuals or any organization looking to improve individual emotional intelligence skillset, internal or external relationships, team culture, improve employee engagement and retention levels, enhance leadership or communication skills, achieve bigger, faster sales results, or for those looking for an interactive fun event  or engaging online presentation.

History of True Colors®

The practice of personality typing of temperament theory started with Hippocrates (born in 460 BC) who was the first to see the quadratic nature of people and developed terms to describe these differences. He identified four different temperaments in humans.

Don Lowry created the True Colors® model later in 1978. Lowry realized other models were too complex and challenging for people to apply to their photo everyday lives. He was the first to apply the color metaphors of Orange, Gold, Green, and Blue to the four temperaments, coining this methodology: True Colors.

Why Use True Colors®?

With record employee turnover rates, and hiring and onboarding costs at an all time high, dissatisfied employees are citing ‘workplace relationship struggles’ and ‘poor leadership’ as the top reasons for leaving their jobs – followed by ‘a lack of communication, trust appreciation and fair treatment’.  The True Colors® methodology has helped countless people and organizations improve their interpersonal relationships and work cultures.

Why Use Jackie®?

As an Advanced Facilitator and Global award-winning leadership and sales trainer, Jackie brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the subject matter. She can teach the standard True Colors® modules but will often combine and customize the modules to better meet your specific needs.

Highly certified in adult training, she will discuss the outcomes you want to achieve and design a fun, highly interactive course to exceed your expectations.

Happy Customers


"All things being equal... Sales people who have a stronger EQ will earn on average 45.5% more per year than their counterparts."

"60% to 70% of companies in the U.S. now use personality typing to assess the likelihood of future sales success of prospective candidates.""

True Colours can help you and your team by:  

  • Improving emotional intelligence and soft skills – the most highly sought-after workplace skills in business today.
  • Build stronger teams and improve culture by improving internal and external relationships and through improved communication and relational skills 
  • Enhancing team dynamics by creating empathy, collaboration & co-operation between different personality types on a team
  • Grow to see others in a softer light with added tolerance, companion & empathy reducing conflict & miscommunication
  • Achieve faster sales results by understanding the motivators that help or hinder personality types from purchasing.
  • Understanding how different personality types react to stress, frustration & anger
  • Demonstrating how to honour & support different personality types
  • Improving team skill capacity by understanding the diversity and differences in self & others
  • Discovering ways to use True Colours to create a high functioning team
  • How to better coach, manage, lead, and interact with each coach, manage and interact with each other create more productive and profitable teams

Improve your team’s ability to work together by choosing one of the following presentations:

At Rainmakers, we go beyond the standard True Colors classes. We focus on enhancing, augmenting, and maximizing the value, learning, and return on investment you gain. Enhance your team’s collaboration and effectiveness by selecting from our range of specialized presentations. Alternatively, we can tailor a presentation or training program specifically to meet your unique requirements, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your team’s specific needs.

Achieving peak performance is dependent upon your ability to self-regulate build rapport and stronger, deeper relationships and is based on understanding your potential customer’s mindset; gaining your prospect’s trust is key. This valuable asset gives you insight into the behaviour, motivation, and natural tendencies in each other, allowing you to see yourself and people in a softer light with added tolerance, compassion, and empathy.

Wish you could find the secret to selling much faster and more successfully?? Gain a significant advantage over your competition with this incredibly powerful and insightful course.Discover how to quickly identify personality styles and purchasing triggers so you can achieve

bigger, faster sales results and greater profitability. Take your interpersonal and relationship building skills to the next level as you benefit from a shorter sales cycle. Fun, engaging and valuable take-aways that  will  make  an immediate impact in your relationship building skills, conversion and closing rates, sales results, revenue and income.

As the dynamics of selling continue to change in our rapidly evolving business world, so must your sales strategies if you want top sales results. This is one of the most effective sales courses you will ever take!

Creating a culture of civility and respect among employees is critical for business success. Understanding how people react when under stress, anxiety, fear, or ego, leads to less judgement, condemnation, and criticism. Strong emotional intelligence helps individuals to communicate better, defuse conflicts, reduces their stress and anxiety, while improving relationships, and effectively overcome life’s challenges. The dark side allows us to better understand ourselves and others, leading to greater harmony and understanding at work and at home. If you have taken personality courses before, the Dark Side of Mastering Personal Performance is nothing like you have taken before!

Strong soft skills and business communication are critical whether it is with customers, leaders,or co-workers. Effectively engaging with others verbally, non-verbally, visually, or in written format, combined with active listening, leads to less conflict, discord and miscommunication, improved problem solving and buy in.  When teams communicate effectively, their productivity can improve by up to 25%. (Economist Intelligence). Understanding the 7 types of communication strategies and the tips and techniques that lead to enhanced communication leads to higher quality interaction, workplace interaction, culture, morale ,rapport and trust levels. Employees build stronger relationships, co-operation, collaboration, and have higher customer satisfaction levels resulting in more loyal, long-term, repeat, and referral customers. Overall, improved communication leads to happier employees with less turnover, happier clients with larger per transaction and annual spending levels and referral rates, plus a much bigger, better bottom line. And everyone wants that!

Improved emotional intelligence and enhanced soft-skills and are the number one critical skill in demand in today’s workforce.  The explosion of technology has lessened our interpersonal skills making them a critical skillset and sought-after trait in today’s employees. The benefit to the company includes less time spent on personnel issues, enhanced morale and culture, improved customer service, and increased productivity, performance, and profitability.

By enhancing unity, appreciation, and respect for others, the workplace becomes more communicative and collaborative with higher engagement. It leads to less stress and burnout, lower health-benefit claims, employee absenteeism and turnover, with lower hiring onboarding, and training, and costs. Learn where individual skills and natural talents are honored and recognized. What are you waiting for? If you have employee discord, are going through big changes rare simply trying to elevate your culture to a higher level of awesomeness…this course is for you and your team!

Leaders set the tone of the organizational vision, mission, and goals. Improved emotional intelligence allows you as a leader to better motivate, inspire and develop your team. Self-awareness, social awareness, and self management are critical skills that improve communication, negotiation, and inter-personal management skills. Learning how to self-regulate emotions and reactions, helps one to be more respectful of others, and create a more aligned, engaged, and positive workplace environment. Discovering how to powerfully level up your skill set with improved soft skills, will help you to better lead your team in achieving their goals and yours. This is a do-not-miss course for business owners and leaders who want improved influence, improved overall leadership skills, while quickly and effectively delivering the results and outcomes you want to achieve as a leader in your business.

Using the True Colors Personality Performance system optimizes our performance in the work environment at work by providing individuals and organizations with a comprehensive understanding how the profiling tool can be utilized to enhance communication, collaboration, conflict resolution, self-awareness, and leadership development with co-workers in the workplace. When we work coach, manage, and interact with each other attendees will learn to recognize and appreciate the unique strengths and preferences of each color type, developing more effective communication strategies as they better understand their own behaviors, strengths stresses, priorities, and communication styles, and that of others.  Instead of trying to change each other, it is about learning to value the strengths, giving ourselves permission to appreciate the diversity that exists.  Focusing less on what’s not there and rather building and expanding on what is available on the team and making the most of the talents and skills that exist to maximize productivity.  By the end of the course, participants will be better equipped with the knowledge and skills to effectively apply True Colors principles to optimize performance, and productivity, to create a positive and motivated work environment. They will also understand that high performance teams require all four colors and the dominant color of their team.  This course is designed for professionals at all levels who are seeking to enhance their performance, build stronger relationships, more effective teams and drive success in the workplace.

Honoring someone involves various meaningful gestures. There are a variety of different ways that we can honor others.  It is important because it acknowledges and recognizes their contributions, achievements, or positive qualities, validating their efforts and making them feel valued and appreciated. This is essential in the workplace if you want to motivate, inspire and retain employees.

It serves as a form of gratitude and respect, highlighting the impact they have had on co-workers, clients, and the individuals, communities, or organizations they interact with. It can inspire and motivate others by setting positive examples and demonstrating the importance of hard work, compassion, or leadership. Moreover, honoring someone fosters a sense of connection and unity within a group or community, as it allows individuals to come together and collectively express their admiration and appreciation.

Overall, honoring someone is a meaningful and powerful way to celebrate and honor the unique qualities and contributions of individuals, promoting a a culture of gratitude, respect, and inspiration within the workplace.


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