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"I recommend Jackie to every entrepreneur I know. Sales is one of the many hats we wear and often one that gets put on the shelf. She has strategies to not only increase your sales ability but also how to focus on it and why that is important. And the best part is she makes it fun, a workshop full of laughter! Thanks Jackie you are a master at what you do! "


Half and Full Day Training Workshops

Sales Workshops

Become A Well Rounded Sales Professional

Find the success you desire as a sales professional by learning:

  • To sell through all avenues including social media, online, and in-person
  • To grow and master your skillset in your sales role
  • To gain the experience you need to grow your career to another level

Drive your career to the success of your dreams by choosing one of the following presentations:

  • Courage and Confidence- Catapult Your Sales
  • Standout-Become A Woman That Wows
  • Mastering Personal Performance – Build Better-Faster-More
  • Selling for the Non-Seller – Learn How with Confidence & Simple Strategies
  • Sell More With Powerful Presentations
  • Simple Prospecting & Lead Generation
  • Perfect Your Messaging And Make It Pay
  • Diversify or Die! Go Digital – Online Selling Strategies!
  • The Success Secrets to Telephone Sales
  • Personality to Profit – The Secret to Selling More, Faster!
  • Loyal and Long-Term Relationships
  • Avoid Communication Breakdown
  • Negotiate to Elevate – Skills – Strategies
  • Selling Has Changed – The New Way to Sell
  • Chunk & Plunk Time Management – Be More Productive with Less Procrastination
  • Selling to the Powerful New Purchasers – What Women Want!
  • Understand the Generation Gap – Gain & Grow Your Sales

Mastering Personal Performance

Understand Your Clients And Colleagues On A Deeper Level

Take the powerful concepts of True Colors combined with Rainmakers’ unique sales and business focus to drive your success. Expect to:

  • Learn to identify behaviour, motivation, and natural tendencies in others
  • Grow to see others in a softer light with added tolerance, compassion, and empathy
  • Gain the benefits of this tool in a fun learning environment
  • Gain a powerful resource, indspensable for teamwork and engagement
  • Improve morale and reduce conflict
  • Advance your teams communication skills and productivity 

Improve your team's ability to work together by choosing one of the following presentations:

  • Personal Success
  • Selling
  • The Dark Side
  • Communication
  • Team Building 
  • Leadership

Entrepreneur Essentials

Did you know 50% of businesses don't survive the first year?

Like any part of business, sales has specific pieces of the puzzle that can make or break your succcess. If you are:

  • Ready to fine tune your skills
  • New to the world of selling and want to improve your skills
  • Ready to gain more leads
  • In need of more closed deals
Then the entrepreneur essentials are the perfect option for you. 

Find the success you strive for by choosing one of the following presentations:

  • Selling for the Non-Seller – Learn How with Confidence & Simple Strategies
  • Perfect Your Messaging And Make It Pay
  • Mastering Personal Performance – Build Better-Faster-More

Women Leadership and Empowerment

Embrace In The Face Of Adversity

Finding your way in business or sales isn’t an easy feat as a women. Are you ready to:

  • Overcome the adversity women face in the business world
  • Confidently embrace the unique value you provide
  • Find success by embracing your unique brilliance

Stand out in your industry by choosing one of the following presentations:

  • Standout-Become A Woman That Wows
  • The New Power Purchasers- Women vs. Men
  • Nail Your Negotiations

Leadership and Management

Become The Leader You Are Meant To Be

Leadership and management positions are not something to be taken lightly. Are you:

  • Ready to take your skillset to the next level
  • Improve on the special skillset required to excel in these positions
  • Learn to be the leader your team needs
  • Ready to drive home the ROI for your company

Become a top leader by choosing one of the following presentations:

  • Leadership Excellence
  • Management Mastery

"I have attended two of Jackie's online sales classes so far and I can't recommend her highly enough. She is a sales GENIUS who has broken down the sales process in a way that makes sense. I find her energy uplifting, her personality vibrant and her passion for helping people NAIL the sales process absolutely shines through. I can't wait for the next class!"


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