Ready to take control of your sales?

Maximize Closing! Elevate Profitability!

Are you:

  • Struggling to generate leads?
  • Close more deals?
  • Create more income?
  • Tired of “winging it” and losing out on sales?
  • Are you lacking the systems to get the results you need?
  • Do you need to get with the times and learn to sell in the digital world?

In these unprecedented and uncertain economic times, there are fewer sales opportunities- you cannot afford to wing it or lose out on closing the deal. You need SIMPLE, MODERN processes and systems to gain the revenue, results, and ROI needed for continued growth.

Customized 21+ Hour Programs

Selling in a tough economy

Those who social sell, earn 76% more than those who don’t!

Selling in a tough economy is a struggle for many entrepreneurs and professionals. Learn to:

  • Think outside the box with new sales strategies
  • Market yourself or your business in an effective way
  • Generate leads and use social media to sell
  • Make your company the solution to your customer’s pain points
  • Stand out from your competitors
  • Close more deals with less deliberation and negotiation

Increase your sales today by booking one of the following presentations:

  • Outsell And Outperform In A Tough Economy
  • Simple Prospecting And Generating Leads
  • Social Selling-The New Cold Calling

Selling made simple

The Sales Essentials You Need To Succeed!

Ready to STOP losing out on sales opportunities? This ‘modern yet simple’ approach to selling is the answer if you’re ready to: 

  • Learn important and practical techniques and approaches to delve deeper, sell better, and achieve faster results
  • Understand the benefits of using a sales process
  • Review the fundamentals of sales while also learning how selling has changed
  • Refine your sales skills to meet today’s customers where they’re at
  • Partake in a program that is Alberta Job Grant eligible upon application completion

Gain all the benefits of Selling Made Simple in a convenient way. Choose from 1 of our 3 delivery options:

  • In person at your location 
  • online via Zoom (live)
  • Learn at your own pace (online delivery coming soon)

5 Powerful Modules + 1 Bonus Included

  • Mastering Personal Performance-Sell More Sell Faster
  • Selling Has Changed- New Selling Techniques 
  • Prepare To Present-Plan, Prepare, and Practice
  • Sell More With Powerful Presentations 
  • Simply Conquer Closing 
  • Find Your Fortune In The Follow Up 

“Anyone in business who has a team of salespeople should train with, or hear Jackie Rainforth present. Confident and totally on point with her information, she is incredibly knowledgeable and walks the talk. Even as a seasoned sales professional, l left feeling refreshed with new ideas. Thank you, Jackie, I appreciate your expertise.


Half and Full Day Training Workshops

“Education, Energy, and Entertainment are what you get with Jackie! She has a ton of personality and enthusiasm for her business. I would highly recommend Jackie for sales training or a speaking engagement. With her down to earth style and common-sense tips and techniques, she is your go-to Sales Expert!”


Entrepreneur Essentials

Improve Your Skills In The Sales Role In Your Business

Like any part of business, sales has specific pieces of the puzzle that can make or break your succcess. If you are:

  • Ready to fine tune your skills
  • New to the world of selling and want to improve your skills
  • Ready to gain more leads
  • In need of more closed deals
Then the entrepreneur essentials are the perfect option for you. 

Find the success you strive for by choosing one of the following presentations:

  • Simple Selling For The Non Seller
  • Perfect Your Messaging And Make It Pay
  • Mastering Personal Performance- Avoid The Biggest Communication Mistakes

Sales Workshops

Improve Your Skills In The Sales Role In Your Business

Find the success you desire as an entrepreneur or professional by learning:

  • To sell through all avenues including social media, online, and in-person
  • To grow and master your skillset in your sales role
  • To gain the experience you need to grow your career to another level

Drive your business to the success of your dreams by choosing one of the following presentations:

  • Courage and Confidence- Catapult Your Sales
  • Standout-Become A Woman That Wows
  • Mastering Personal Performance
  • Simple Selling For The Non-Seller
  • Sell More With Powerful Presentations
  • Prospecting and Generating Leads
  • Perfect Your Messaging And Make It Pay
  • Social Selling- The New Cold Calling

Mastering Personal Performance

Understand Your Clients On A Deeper Level

Take the powerful concepts of True Colors combined with Rainmakers’ unique sales and business focus to drive your success. Expect to:

  • Learn to identify behaviour, motivation, and natural tendencies in others
  • Grow to see others in a softer light with added tolerance, compassion, and empathy
  • Gain the benefits of this tool in a fun learning environment
  • Gain a powerful resource, indispensable for teamwork and engagement
  • Improve morale and reduce conflict
  • Advance your communication skills and productivity 

Improve your ability to understand others by choosing one of the following presentations:

  • Personal Success
  • Selling
  • The Dark Side
  • Communication
  • Team Building 
  • Leadership

“My co-workers and I participated in the Personality To Profit Leadership And Team Building Programs with Jackie's company. I was open but didn't expect to gain much as I've participated in many similar personality programs before. Much to my surprise, I gained valuable personal insight, amongst the fun team building exercises that Jackie facilitated.

We went through the program a number of months ago, yet as a group we still refer to each other by our 'colours' and use the learnings and concepts we acquired that day."


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