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Anyone Can Be a Badass Superstar

If I can do it, and the people I have trained can do it, you can too.  Begin Where You Are We had recently moved back to the city after living up north in a remote town for my husband’s career. We moved back with no jobs and needed to find work right away. I

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3 Things to Avoid When Doing a Sales Presentation

The big sales presentation is coming. You are going up in front of the board, the owners, the C-Suite Executives. Yup, the big wigs and we want them to be blown away by our presentation! You are pumped and somewhat nervous but that is okay because you have prepared and practised… you know exactly what

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My Secret to Becoming a TOP 1% Sales Performer – A Badass Superstar

A BADASS is described as: BADASS adj: 1. A general term used to describe behavior that is fearless, authentic, compassionate and ethical. 2. Well above the standard for normal behavior. 3. Exceptional and excellent. 3. Stays true to themselves, not being fake to impress others. 4. Does not give up, pushing themselves for the better,

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How Many Potential New Opportunities Have You Missed?

Watch Video Here I cannot tell you how many times I go to a networking groups and people don’t have any business cards on them??!!  I mean these are networking groups – you would think people are going with the intent to potentially grow their business, meet an influential someone who might have great advice

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To Tell or Not To Tell?

As Sales People, we often get bad news that we know our customer is not going to be happy about.  A late production date, the product was discontinued, you cannot fulfill the promise made… what ever it is, as Sales People we are often faced with bad news that we know our customer is not

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#1 Reason Sales People Fail!

We see it over and over! Sales People who fail to ‘follow up’!!  If you are a Sales Professional, do some quick self-analysis and ask yourself… ‘Have I been following up with my customer?  Have I recorded and done EVERY LITTLE THING they asked of me or that I committed to?’.   Unfortunately, the answer

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Marvellous Millennials! Organizations Need To Prepare!!

Have you heard? Those dreaded Millennials! You know…. Those 20-30 year olds… Entitled, job hopping, expect everything handed to them ? Well I love the Millennials and you should too! Those 20-30 year-olds are currently the largest generational group in the work force. As the Baby Boomers (1940-1964) fade into ‘relaxing retirement’, this smart, highly

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Want Success for 2018? Earn 10X more…

Want Success for 2018? Follow the GOSPA Method… What’s that you say?? It is a Self Development Plan where you set you set you success aspirations. When you write down clear specific and measurable goals for yourself you dramatically increase your success. Write them down?? Most say ‘yeah whatever’ I have them in my head.

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Leaders… Remind Your Staff Of Customer Do’s and Don’ts…

Too often I hear people complaining about customers or I hear stories of how they have treated their customers with a ‘greater than thou’ attitude. The thing I think employees forget is that our customers are vital to our business. Leaders, you should be continually reminding employees of the importance and value of customers their

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