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It Is The Little Things That Make You A Superstar

By Jethro December 8, 2022

Just as I tell sales professionals, it is the little things that make them stand out as Superstars with their customers. The same can be said about Sales Leaders. 

As an Advanced Facilitator for True Colors®, there are two personality types that are most successful as Sales Reps. The Orange are best as the Commission Hunters, and the Blue as the Relationship Account Manager. They are relationship and emotion-based personalities that thrive on their interaction with others. Sure, one is fearless and has no problem taking a risk, while the other loves to nurture and has great communication skills, but they both have one other thing in common. They both like being rewarded for a job well done!  

Like most employees, that doesn’t necessarily mean being paid cash. Salary only matters to most people when everything else fails. What we are talking about is recognition – the verbal or handwritten thank you – the rarest of all gifts – because it is rarely bestowed. Typically, it makes it the most sought after and the most powerful!  

A thank you or recognition given amongst peers for a job well done, an outstanding achievement, a great takeaway contribution, a challenge well-handled, a sure-fire best practice… it is the small things like a thank you that makes a sales leader stand out. Make it a goal to say thank you to someone for something once a week and watch how your team, your interaction with them, and your results will change right before your eyes as you move from SALES LEADER to SUPERSTAR LEADER

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