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Who Is Jackie?

By Jethro December 29, 2022

Hi, I am Jackie Rainforth. Founder and CEO Rainmakers Business Solutions. I am an award-winning sales expert, international speaker, trainer, management consultant, and author of the book The Badass Guide to Superstar Selling. As one of the few women to make it to the top of the construction industry, my superpower is your SALES EMPOWERMENT. As I help, you generate more leads, close more deals, and earn more income.

I am honored to announce I was recently named ‘GLOBAL Top 200 Power Voices of Leadership’ alongside Simon Sinek and Gary Vaynerchuk, as well as the coveted nominee for the RBC Woman Entrepreneur of Canada Award and many more. I am best known for creating the highly effective and extremely popular ‘SELLING MADE SIMPLE Sales Success System’

When I started in sales, I thought personality and charm were enough to be successful in sales – it wasn’t. Then I tried following traditional, structured and scripted sales practices that were the status quo in the sales training industry, but that didn’t work either – too complicated. I knew there had to be a simpler way.   

Trusting my instincts, I developed Selling Made Simple based on simple, repeatable, easy-to-learn, and implement processes and other components.  The inventive strategy paid off. For over 25 years, my sales figures catapulted me as a top performer at every company I worked for. 

Over time, these simple, repeatable processes became the foundation for ‘SELLING MADE SIMPLE’ and are now elevating the productivity and performance of professionals, entrepreneurs, and organizations resulting in increased revenues, incomes, and KPIs

Whether you are new to sales, looking to upgrade your career, a sales veteran wanting to modernize and update your skillset, a leader or business owner wanting to up-level team your team, or a corporation looking to find a customized formal process to significantly increase your sales, Selling Made Simple is a customized program that will get the results you are looking for. Don’t believe us? Ask our countless happy customers!! 

Reach out now and MAKE IT RAIN SALES in your business!


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Jackie Rainforth is a global award-winning sales & leadership winning speaker, sales trainer, & business growth consultant, author of The Badass Guide to Selling, (Amazon),. For additional information on Jackie’s keynote presentations and seminars,call 1-403-615-2333 or email [email protected] www.RainmakersGroup.ca and signup for their free monthly sales tips, blog or newsletter.