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Powerful Prospecting or Customer Service Telephone Conversations

By Jethro November 24, 2022

Preparation is the key to any good phone conversation

Prospecting by phone is an effective way to bring in more customers and draw attention to your business, but it needs to be done well. Otherwise, it can result in the opposite doing more harm than good. 

Having angry people hang up on you is not the outcome you want. 

You need to be prepared both physically and psychologically with the mindset, attitude, and ability to accept rejection when it comes to prospecting

But you need to be equally prepared for the other types of customer calls as well if you want to positively engage the receiver and make the right impression with your customer. 

Whether it is a customer service call, delivering bad news, making a follow-up call, trying to get through after being ghosted, having an effective telephone process for the variety of different calls you need to make before, during, and after the deal is made will significantly help you achieve your goals. 

Regardless of the type of sales you are in, knowing how to be powerful on the telephone is critical to your overall sales success!

My Top 3 Tips for Powerful Sales Conversations: 

  1. Write a script. Practice until you can say it genuinely and naturally. Keep your script in front of you – it keeps you confident. 
  2. Leave yourself a message. Slow down. Lower tone. How do you sound?
  3. Smile before you dial. 

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