Sales Training for Manufacturers and Suppliers in the Construction Industry Looking to Drive High Performance Results & Improve Profitability!     

Lead by Jackie Rainforth, nominee of the coveted “RBC Women Entrepreneur of Canada Award”



Our 5-Part ‘SUPERSTAR SELLING SYSTEM’ uses Neuroscience, the Psychology of


Selling, Emotional Intelligence and the development of Soft Skills to allow your Sales


Team to Delve Deeper, Sell Better, and Achieve Faster Results.



Let us Help Grow Your Team from Adequate to Exceptional,

Creating the Team you know they can be,


and Drive the High Performance Results you are looking for!

“Training solutions specific to you and your team.”

“Enhance the skills of your staff and increase workplace profitability.”

“Improve communication to minimize conflicts in the workplace.”


Do you wish your team could be more effective in meeting sales targets and company objectives?


Do you wish you could spend less time dealing with personnel issues, and instead cultivate improved teamwork, communication and collaboration?


Wouldn’t it be nice if training was customized to your company and your industry, using specific examples to improve training take-aways and knowledge retention levels?


Would you like to retain your staff for longer periods or attract higher quality candidates?



Grow Your Business, Gain New Clients, Exceed Targets, Achieve Those Seemingly Impossible Stretch Goals, Distinguish, Differentiate, Excel in Customer Service, Be the Leader in Your Industry, and Get the Sales Results and KPI’s you are looking for!  Highly Interactive training that is RETAINED and provides ROI!!

“Jackie’s consistent ability to elevate those organizations she is involved with has always been amazing. I liken it to bringing them out of the stone-age and into the modern era.”

Jeff Rust, VP Hopewell

“Jackie has been working with myself and our employees to refine the sales process in our company. Her insight is outstanding! The programs she has presented were customized and relevant to our industry. She took the time to get to know our challenges and came up with solutions that met our needs. We would highly recommend her to any company that requires help to increase their sales.”

Rose-ann Normandeau / President Normandeau Window Coverings

“Jackie’s experience and passion for assisting others is an incredibly powerful trait that she brings to the table at every session. Her level of professionalism and attention to our corporate objectives provides Timber Tech with quality professional development for our team”.

Wendy Going Partner & General Manager / TimberTech Truss


“Employees are the heart of your company. Engage, inspire, support and challenge them through training so they may thrive, elevating themselves and your company to a higher level!!” 

See what we can do for you!             We understand what it’s like to be under the gun in meeting targets, cultivating a positive culture, improving your customer experience and         differentiating yourselves.    

Let us help you get to where you want to be!

Request Your FREE  TRUE COLOURS® Personality Profile Assessment Today!
Let us help you gain great insights into yourself and others. Improve the quality of your interpersonal communication skills at home and at work.


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