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3 Best Strategies For Selling During A Recession

By Jethro September 15, 2022

As the economy turns, it is more important than ever to follow my strategies for success in selling.

  1. MINDSET: Don’t listen to others, excuses, or negative talk–yours or others. Negativity breeds more negativity. It will only bring you down. Choose to be positive. Listen and manifest only positive
  2. DIFFERENTIATE: Know your strengths and how can you use those strengths to benefit the customer while differentiating yourself from the competition.
  3. OFFER VALUE-ADD PRODUCTS/SERVICES AT NO CHARGE: it is like these posts and videos on social media. I share my knowledge because I want to help people up-level their sales and leadership skills. I’ve been doing these posts daily for 5 years now. I’ll be honest-It is a TON of work but I do it because  Itruly want to help people become more confident and successful.

Story time…a great takeaway example. I was doing ongoing maintenance training with a small group from a Corporate Sales Team, after doing their onboarding sales training. We were talking about effective call strategies, one of the reps said she offers “comprehensive ‘no charge’ product training on their full line card of products”. I was super stoked–here is why: The No Charge Product Training..

  1. DIFFERENTIATES HER FROM HER COMPETITION: it is something their competitors do not offer. Sure, it is going to take a ton of time. But time she will spend building a relationship. Time spent building reciprocity.
  2. IT PROVIDES VALUE TO THE CLIENT: Private customized group training? Yes, the customer asked ‘how much?’ Imagine his shock and GRATITUDE when he found out it would ALL be provided at no charge! Priceless!
  3. BUILD LONG-TERM LOYAL CLIENTELE which is what you, as a Sales Rep or Business Owner, want during a recession or during tough economic times. Stats show long-term customers purchase more per transaction, more per year, and per lifetime, with a lower service cost.

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