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Anyone Can Be a Badass Superstar

By Jethro October 20, 2019

If I can do it, and the people I have trained can do it, you can too. 

Begin Where You Are

We had recently moved back to the city after living up north in a remote town for my husband’s career. We moved back with no jobs and needed to find work right away. I was presented with an offer as a District Manager for a large cosmetics company. There were many benefits; a move up the career ladder, a great title, a company car, flexible hours, the ability to work from home, and work with a wonderful group of ladies. I was so excited. 

I was hired to oversee a group of sales ladies—most of whom originated as stay at home moms. Few, if any, had a true sales background, but they did have the right attitude plus strong friend and family networks to work with. 

Meeting the Challenge

It is funny how the universe presents you with what you “need” in life, not necessarily what you want? The real challenge in this role was the requirement to find and hire three to four new independent consultants per week! Yes, per week. More than eighty to ninety per cent of this job was straight cold calling! I was terrified but pushed through the fear that was holding me back.  I needed this income. 

I created a two-sentence power intro, Hi, ding-dong Avon Calling…. I am Jackie Rainforth. We specialize in helping women feel radiant and beautiful, while enabling them to earn extra money for the added things they want for their families. What special thing would you want for your family?” I used humor, differentiation and spoke about what was in it for them, creating an impact that intrigued and engaged them. 

Start the Conversation

The ding-dong made them laugh and immediately lowered their resistance. (Ding- Dong Avon calling… was from a highly identifiable Marketing Ad campaign that Avon ran). While the remainder of the power statement captured their attention, prompting them to answer and expand on their dreams for the family. Most importantly, it started a conversation, resulting in them asking me more about the program. Creating conversations is always the goal when meeting a prospect.  It allows you to build rapport, lowering the level of distrust and resistance.  

Practice Makes Perfect                                                                                                                       

Each morning I would get up, put my brave face on, push past my fear and make my calls without stopping. Funny thing… I started to get faster results. It became very natural and a genuine, an easy conversation between two people.  My fear was overcome with confidence. 

Badass Superstar Selling

In eleven months, I tripled the number of sales representatives and the territory went from the 128th position out of 130 in Canada, to #1 in Alberta and #3 in Canada! 

And the best part is that I had triumphantly conquered my fear of cold calling! I was incredibly proud! You cant imagine how great it was to go from couch surfer to receiving accolades and awards. And as an additional bonus, I discovered a phenomenal system for cold calling!

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