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Are You in A Sales Slump?

By Jethro October 12, 2017

Are you in a sales slump??? It is far to easy to fall into the ‘comfort zone’. Whether you are starting out as a Sales Rep, a seasoned Veteran, a Sales Manager or organizational Leader, and your sales are lagging ….you may want to focus on getting back to the basics of ASKING QUESTIONS!!

Customer Service workshop AlbertaAVOID THE PRODUCT DUMP!!
Too often I see people do the dreaded PRODUCT DUMP. What’s that you say?? That is going in to see a client, saying hello and then rambling on and on about how great their product is and all the wonderful things it can do. STOP!!! If you have ever been on the other side of you will know how excruciating this experience is!

Take the time to ask questions instead! Yes, as Dale Carnegie followers know, getting people to talk about themselves is the #1 way to build rapport. And rapport is important, because asking questions that dig deep will help you get to where you want to be …faster.

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Have a list of carefully planned questions in mind. Target the questions so that they can help you to identify:

What is important to them?

It could be price, it could be quality, it could be the competition has a better product or service. If you don’t ask, you will not know.

What are their top 3 issues?

Yes, it is thought provoking and gets the client talking, but more importantly, asking for three improves your odds for providing solutions. It is also a great barometer for identifying their overall business needs!

Have there been any recent changes in their business?

This is always a big one. Changes could come in the form of ‘spending freeze’ from head office, right through to ‘we have switched to your competitor’. Remember change happens all the time!

Account Managers who call on clients weekly, should ask this question regularly.

What has been working for them and what hasn’t?

Do not make the assumption that you know the answer to this question. Let them give you this critical information so you can improve their customer experience.

How can you get more of their business?

Typically, sales people don’t ask this very important question. And surprisingly, when you ask this question, your customers will often be completely straight forward. What a great advantage!

So make those questions count! Ask ‘thought provoking questions’ that will help you better meet their specific needs, allow you to provide solutions to their biggest pain points, strengthen your rapport, and most of all, help you to increase sales and improve that slump!

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