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Catapult Your ‘Consultative Selling’ Calls From Okay to Outstanding!

By Jethro October 13, 2022

SALES LEADERS/SALES REPS /BUSINESS OWNERS: When it comes to selling, there is a hierarchy of sales called effectiveness. They are ranked according to their effectiveness in moving the sale forward. There are five levels of selling.  

The 4th out of the 5 Levels is Consultative Selling. During the ’90s, this was all anyone talked about. Still very important,  

81% said buyers were more likely to make a purchase if the sales experience was consultative. (HUBSPOT)

Because A CONSULTATIVE seller is really good at:

  • …active listening and asking quality questions.. 
  • they uncover & develop the buyers’ needs- clearly identifying the buyers’ pain point or problem.
  • It is based on approach. They focus on the client’s needs first and seek product or service solutions based on the clients’ needs versus pushing products or services from the company to fill the prospects’ needs. 
  • Educate the customer to make educated decisions.

But IF YOU WANT TO CATAPULT YOUR CONSULTATIVE SALES CALLS FROM OKAY TO OUTSTANDING and take your consultative calls to the next level…

  1. Talk about BENEFITS, not just ‘features’ (what it is) versus benefits (what it does). You are not proving value. You are failing to provide ‘what is in it for the customer.   
  2. Delve deeper to uncover the ‘Deeper emotional need’. People buy on emotion and justify with logic. You need to find out what is going to motivate the PURCHASER!! 
  3. Do not make assumptions. Do not assume this is all the customer will buy. Be strategic in selling. 11-30% of a company’s revenue comes from upselling. Upselling includes offering promotions, recommending related or complementary products/services, bundles, and email follow-up.

For more simple STRATEGIC SELLING STRATEGIES & PROCESSES to improve your team’s effectiveness, productivity, reliability, and revenue-generating capability with clients… reach out.

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