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Do you have price peddlers on your team?

By Jethro October 6, 2022

SALES LEADERS/SALESPEOPLE: Do you have Price Peddlers on your team? 

They are the ones who are the first to drop their price and give discounts. 60% of sales calls are ineffective. There is a hierarchy amongst sales calls, and the ‘price peddler’ is near the bottom. 

Yes – dangerous in today’s day and age because today’s selling isn’t about achieving the highest sales. It is about achieving the highest sales MARGINS – profitability – the difference between what the product sells for minus the cost of the product. 

If discounts are given, it eats into that margin, reducing the product’s profitability. And it is profit that turns into the cash flow that pays for the organization’s operational expenses. So, discounting a product has a much farther reach than salespeople realize. It is bad for business.

And what is even worse is when that salesperson or your company gets a reputation for dropping their price. Purchasers know they can squeeze a little – they become Sharks – and the Price Peddlers cave in – becoming Guppies. They get eaten alive every time!    

Reach out to find out how we can help your team create strategic and effective sales calls that promote value, problem-solving, and move the sale forward, without discounting, every time!


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