Don’t Make This Mistake with CEO’s & Top Decision Makers!

Sales Leaders/Sales Reps/ Business Owners… Let’s preface this big mistake that salespeople make with a few common sense facts.  

First of all, CEO’s and TOP DECISION MAKERS are busy!  

They are the highest-ranking executives in a company. Their responsibilities include making major corporate decisions, managing overall operations and resources of the company, and serve as the public face of the board and the company to the public. They are busy people and cannot possibly be talking to reps all day. Secondly, they have mid-management people in place for a reason. And finally, they deal only, only high-level decisions. 

I talk to CEO’s & TOP DECISION MAKERS all the time, who express their absolute annoyance at Sales Reps who neglect to go through the ranks of mid-management and think it is okay to skip to the top and head straight to them. Do not make this mistake. Instead, be respectful. Earn your way to the top. 

If your product offering and value proposition are worthy, you will get to the CEO, but create relationships and earn the respect you need along the way.

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