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Enhancing Culture

By Jethro August 17, 2017


You probably know about the importance of having a good company culture and work environment. Having a healthy culture and work environment for your team is critical to increasing productivity and improving the bottom line. So, what are some ways you can work on and improve culture?

1. Prioritize the building of your company culture

Great culture doesn’t happen by accident, it takes effort, time and focus. It’s important to put in the work to ensure you create something that fosters your vision, mission, and values. One great way to foster your culture is by training your employees with courses relevant to your workplace.

All courses offered with RAINMAKERS promote and encourage active listening, open communication, positive feedback, a healthy code of conduct, customer satisfaction, accountability, teamwork, creativity, selling responsibility, trust, acknowledgment and positive reinforcement as priority objectives in the course foundation while maintaining the vision and mission objectives of your company.

2. Promote a team atmosphere and improve relationships in the workplace

It’s time to think of your employees as co-workers and important members of your team. A great culture fosters inclusion and helps shift the mentality from people working toward their individual goals to everyone being a unified team instead. People working together in a single direction can make a huge difference in the success of your company. This doesn’t happen naturally but takes some effort and training.

Customized Business Training CanadaOne great way to help improve relationships and reduce toxic workplace behavior is to train employees on the COLOURS personality profiling program. It’s easy to learn and retain and has a high success rate of implementation. It’s an excellent way to promote understanding and tolerance in the workplace. As a fundamental core to all RAINMAKERS training, COLOURS typically becomes a language and a series of new behaviours within each organization we work with.


3. Cultivate great managers and leaders

Managers and leaders will either enhance or detract from the positive culture you are trying to cultivate. Managers should be a focus of training and improvement to make the biggest impact on the rest of your employees. HR Professional magazine states that “a good (or bad) manager affects employee performance and satisfaction, productivity, efficiency, turnover, and the overall health of any organization. If your company is in business to make a profit, it goes without saying that investing in training is a smart move.”

RAINMAKERS believes that leadership is about bringing out the best in others, so our management and leadership courses focus on creating a positive culture where the following attributes and behaviours are encouraged to be modeled:

• Positivity
• setting limits and boundaries for acceptable behavior
• team building based on a clear and consistent set of values, culture, and vision
• fierce, crucial and open conversations
• high emotional intelligence
• authenticity, transparency, and non-ego based decision making
• encouragement, engagement, and empowerment of others

Healthy Company Culture Calgary

In summary, creating a positive and healthy culture takes effort and is the pinnacle of any business.

Happy and engaged employees are more inclined to work with passion and creativity, leading to higher productivity, improved customer service and satisfaction, and increasing profits and bottom line!

If you are looking to create or improve the culture in your organization, please see our course offering list or get in touch with us.

Remember, we personalize all of our training courses for your organization, making sure we help you achieve your specific goals and objectives.

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