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Fear of Cold Calling..Don’t Let It Stop You!

By Jethro December 14, 2017

FEAR… Don’t Let it STOP You!!  Here’s how…

How many times have you said in your mind I need to grow my business… my income/my bonus is directly related to my sales… I need to get out there are make some cold calls – but you don’t?

Or what about driving by a place and you know you should stop and go introduce yourself because you know it could potentially be a good lead or potential new customers – but you don’t?

Or you have a pile of potential leads on your desk, that just sit there.  It is a gold mine of potential business – yet we ignore it.

“In sales, we should constantly be cultivating new business.  There is no excuse for not making cold calls, stopping our cars to call on that business that we know we should, or making a concerted effort to follow up on leads.  So why do we let FEAR and PROCRASTINATING stop us from achieving phenomenal success and fulfilling all our dreams???

Well, typically it is because of fear.  As sales people there are 2 things that will often hold us back and derail our business.  One is procrastination, and the other is FEAR.  But let’s face it… they are part of the same.  FEAR stops us from making cold calls, knocking on the door, getting out of our car, or following up on the leads.  While procrastination, the act of delaying or postponing, helps us waster our day doing ‘less important’ things.

99% of adults experience both the fear of failure and rejection.  I can assure you that every successful sales person has struggled with fear.

Every SUCCESSFUL sales person STARTED HERE… They faced FEAR… they overcame.

STORY:  My first job was selling Time Clocks to business who needed their staff to punch in and record the time they were working. A one-time sale, I needed to cold call to create a business.  The company put me in a ‘draw’… I would get a base salary but needed to make it up the following month. I was stifled by fear.  I had made a few calls, but I couldn’t handle the rejection.  It was awful!!  My confidence was at an all-time low.  I felt like a failure.   My ‘draw’ debt was growing daily. And overall I felt like a gigantic ‘failure’!   Oh yes and then the irony of it all…. Here I was selling Time Equipment to companies to ensure their employees were being timed accountable… and here I was sitting at home all day.

It didn’t take long for me to quit and move on..  why?  Because I feared being found out by my company and my peers, my wonderful boss…. I feared that I would be a disappointment and a failure.   I was a disappointment and a failure… not only to them but to myself.

I was determined to CHANGE!!.

I changed jobs (to the relief of everyone I’m sure!).

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AND I changed my MINDSET – I promised myself…. NO MORE FEAR!!   I would take it on head first.  And it did!

You see I realized that FEARS ARE LEARNED… have you ever noticed children?? They are absolutely fearless!!  It isn’t until we are older that we experience fear.   It is the thoughts we have that create the fears we experience.  If fears are learned… they can be unlearned!  This is how I did it!!


  1. Write down ‘What is the worst that can happen?”

So what if they say NO.  That isn’t the end of the world.

What is the absolute worst that can happen??

You are still going to wake up tomorrow. You still going to be surrounded by family and friends who love you.

You still have a  job.

When someone says ‘NO’ it is only going to have the impact you place on it.

  1. Keep Score.  

You have a 50/50 chance they’ll say yes.

Think of it as a numbers game.

And isn’t it FABULOUS when they say yes!!!

  1. Believe in YOURSELF!… Say “I can do it!!” 

80% of cold calling and overcoming fear is MINDSET!!

Say it and believe it… you will make it happen.

  1. Be Prepared!

Know your product knowledge inside and out!  Be the expert!

Know your strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.

Develop a process and a plan.

  1. Visualize

Visualize the steps you are going to take…

Visualize yourself getting the NO – and how you will handle.

Visualize yourself get the YES and how terrific that will look and feel.

Visualize how you will react and how you will feel when you successfully close that customers

Visualize receiving that paycheque, and what you are going to do with it.

  1. Don’t take it personally!

This is business…they aren’t saying NO to you personally, they are saying NO to what you are offering.

If they are going to be rude about it… that is their issue, not yours.

Hold your head high and be proud that you are accomplishing what needs to be done, and

That you are one step closer to success.5.

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It is the top 10% of sales people, that open 80% of the NEW Accts, and earn the top Incomes within a Sales Organization.  Why?  Because they aren’t afraid to FACE THEIR FEARS, put PROCRASTINATION aside, and make the calls!   CHANGE YOUR MINDSET – YOU CHANGE YOUR RESULTS!

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